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Twitter just collectively lost its shit over how FIRE Hilary Duff looks right now

She fit AF.

By Erin Cook

To be honest, it's not news to us that Hilary Duff – AKA our April covergirl – has been looking pretty bloody good lately. However, Twitter seems to have just cottoned on.

This is the picture that sparked a thousand Tweets:

Safe to say, Twitter lost it over how great Hils' butt looks.

We're pretty sure she doesn't skip leg day.

How does Hilary keep herself so nice? Well, for most of last year, she was dating personal trainer Jason Walsh so we can only imagine that the pair would hit the gym together.

Recently, Hilary revealed her day on a plate – which you can read here. Despite being super busy with her hit TV series, Younger, she still manages to follow a healthy, balanced diet of fresh foods and the occasional side of fries.