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Fun fact: Turns out taking a vacay can make you happier than getting engaged

Permission to treat yo'self, granted.

By Natasha Harding

When people talk about the happiest day of their lives there are a few occasions which almost always make the list: the day they got engaged, their wedding and when they had their first bub.

Now, if you’re like me and haven’t done any of the above, you might be thinking some of the best days of your lives are still ahead of you or actually might never happen– which TBH is a kinda depressing thought.

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Buuuuut there’s finally some good news for those rocking that single life and even the gals who just had a slightly shitty wedding day.

Turns out the clichés are still important life events but are often overrated on the happiness scale.

A survey conducted by on 17,000 people found that there was one thing which outranked all three life events and we’re all ears.

Cue the drumroll.

The thing which topped the happiness chart was a good ol’ holiday.

That’s right, a whopping 77 percent of peeps said a getaway was their main reason for being happy, proving what we’ve always suspected: that life doesn’t get better than chillaxing poolside with a granita in one hand and your fave book in the other.

But wait, there’s more.

45 percent felt more satisfied with some quality ~ReLaXaTiOn~ time than when their bae put a ring on it and almost 50 percent said it outshone their actual wedding day. Shocker, huh?

In fact, we love our sacred R&R so damn much that 29 percent said they would opt for a cheeky getaway over the happiness which comes from the birth of their first kiddo.

If that’s not enough #justification for you to go and treat yo’self to a cheeky getaway we don’t know what is.

Alas, if the festive season has left you wayyy too broke to go and book a long weekend up the coast don’t despair. Apparently 72 percent of peeps reported that just looking as travel websites gave them a boost.

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So go forth, save all those Insta-worthy holiday destinations to your bookmarks bar, sit back and watch the happiness roll in.