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Ignore Kim Kardashian, 'cos scientists are saying you shouldn’t eat your placenta

Just in case you were planning on it…

kim kardashian placenta

Though Kim Kardashian West is the oracle we turn to for a lot of advice — contouring, selfies and how to ugly cry — one thing we shouldn’t rely on her (or any of the Kardashian fam) is medical advice. Sure, it’s interesting to watch Kourtney yank her baby out of her vagina during birth, and Khloé has some hella good fitness tips, but please don’t follow their lead when it comes to actual health.

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One thing that old mate Kimmy K and her big sis Kourtney, have promoted before is eating your own placenta. They plugged it on the show and on social media, harping on about the benefits and bonding and the naturalness of it all, and TBH, we lapped it up. Kim had hers freeze-dried into little capsules so that she could take them on the daily. This was Kim on the subject:

Other celebs, like January Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow have also advocated the munching of your own baby-brewing sack, highlighting that humans are the only mammals that don’t do this so it must be good for you, right?

However, actual scientists have now done actual research into the effects of eating your own placenta and have reached the firm conclusion that there are ZERO POSITIVES to doing it. And, in fact, it may have negative side effects on your little bub if it’s not prepared in the right way — with one mother discovering that she passed on an infection to her newborn through the placenta capsules. Yikes!

The only recorded success was that of an emotional improvement, but the researchers reached the conclusion that that may be caused purely by the placebo effect.

So, follow in Kim’s footsteps in every other way — copy her fashion, buzz your baby curls, marry a rapper, but PLEASE don’t listen to her on this topic.