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JoJo’s record label made her lose weight as a teenager using injectable hormones

“I was told that if I didn't look a certain way that they wouldn't put out my music."

By Erin Cook

Remember JoJo and her hit song ‘Leave (Get Out)’? As in, “Get out (leave) right now, It's the end of you and meeeeeee.

Well, JoJo was just 13-years-old when her first single came out. Fast forward 14 years and it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the star. However, JoJo recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the pressure she received from her record label to lose weight.

“I was 18 and I was told that if I didn't look a certain way that they wouldn't put out my music,” JoJo said. “So, my music was already being dangled in front of me and they already were saying that, you know, things weren't gonna happen, so I was like, ‘Oh, if this is gonna make my music come out, then OK.’”

As a result, JoJo restricted her food intake to 500 calories per day and began injecting herself with hormones. "I was on shots," she told ET. "I was injecting myself with this thing from this dietician that makes it so you’re not hungry, and it tricks your body into thinking you're pregnant, so then the food that it would give the baby, it ends up, like, expelling. I wasn't even done growing, necessarily, but because I wanted my career to move forward and I was so scared, I did it."

Eventually, the singer’s mental health suffered and led to a battle with drinking and depression. “It messed with me psychologically because I felt like, 'How can I maintain this?' after I got off of it," she said.

"How could I enjoy food? And it just made me feel like, 'Am I not good enough of a singer? Am I not special enough? Am I not pretty?' It made me question all that."

However, we are happy to hear that things are now on the up (and up and up) for JoJo! She is now signed to a new record label - Atlantic Records - and recently released a new single with Wiz Khalifa, 'F*ck Apologies.'