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Kanye West admits he was hooked on opioids after getting liposuction

“I was drugged the fucked up, bro. I was drugged the fucked out.”

Just when you thought Kanye couldn't get more bizarrre, he decides to have a rant about his unexpected drug addiction following his even more unexpected liposuction. Kanye was having an interview in the TMZ newsroom when he began his very loud, very confronting confession about getting hooked on opioids after getting plastic surgery.

From what he said during his impromptu speech, it seems he was only "drugged the fucked out" for a couple of days, the rant has us a little shook about whether or not he's fully recovered from the ordeal.

Kanye explains that he decided to get liposuction because he was sick of being called 'fat', and didn't want the same heat that Rob Kardashian was receiving about his weight gain. But after he had the operation, he became hooked on opioids (which are used for pain relief as they produce morphine-like effects). Here's what the rapper had to say about the debacle:

Kanye seemed spooked by the potential effect these drugs would have on his 'genius' and 'vision', and he decided to use his story as a chance to ~educate~ the TMZ office on how we are actually all "drugged out."

This ending seems somewhat odd, seeing as he was preaching to the TMZ media team…

Following on from this drug-liposuction episode, Kanye continued his interview where he was questioned about his recent Tweets supporting Donald Trump, to which he enthusiastically responded with:

"I just love Trump, he's my boy."

Kanye later went on to make the extremely controversial comment that "Slavery is a choice." As the video of him saying that is currently going viral (and no-doubt a tsunami of Twitter rage will follow), it seems that the rapper seriously pissed off one TMZ worker who bravely stood up to respond to Kanye's question of, "Do you feel that I'm thinking free?" Here's what our new favourite person (named Van Lathan, FYI) clapped back with:

Kanye then walked up to the TMZ worker saying, "I'm sorry I hurt you." To which Van replied with, "You've got to be responsible, bro. Your voice is too big to not be."

Anyone else think Van Lathan needs to run for Presidency now? VAN 2020. Let's make it happen guys.