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Kayla Itsines shares her 7 minute workout with Cosmo

And opens up about her long term goals, everyday life and kicking butt 24/7.

Kayla Itsines, Adelaide born PT turned social media mogul, has amassed a cult following of more than 18 million fans on social media and a combined fortune of $46 million with her business-partner/fiancé Tobi Pearce. To top things off, she was named by Forbes as the 'Most Influential Fitness Identity In The World'.

Now on the cover of Cosmopolitan's 'Influencer Issue', we had a chat with Kayla about her long term goals, everyday life and tips for other aspiring start-up gals.

She also gave us a step-by-step guide to her 7 minute workout (above), and we're abs-olutely ~obsessed~.

On her career ambitions as a child:

“My sister and I used to come up with the silliest job titles when we were younger. There’s a video of me telling my mum I’m going to be a ‘lawnmower and mow people’s lawns’ and she’s like, ‘You go honey, it’s that’s what makes you happy!’ Whatever we wanted to be, they encouraged us.”

On being a real influencer:

“Be authentic and don’t build a business because you want to make money; build a business around something you love and let your passion shine – people will see that. It’s so easy to spot someone who is not authentic and doing it for the wrong reasons.”

On her dedication to her brand:

“I like to be present in my community, I think that’s one of my weaknesses – I’m probably too present, to the point where it’s midnight and I’m still scrolling through someone’s profile. I know everyone in my community.”

To read the rest of Kayla's interview, pick up a copy of Cosmo's September issue (which, btw, comes with a Mark lipstick valued at $19.95), on sale today.

In the meantime, check out her killer workout routine here: