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6 Secret Moves Kendall Jenner Uses to Transform Her Body

She looks lean but still does some heavy lifting.

By Elizabeth Narins
kendall jenner's gunnar peterson workout

While Kendall Jenner can't exactly fault her genes for her figure, they're not solely responsible for the shape she showed off at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Kendall worked with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson almost every day leading up to the show, according to the trainer himself, who spoke with Us Weekly. And while he adds that she came to the table with some baseline athleticism, she has these no-joke, go-to moves to credit for her physique, according to Gunnar.

1. Pull-Ups
Mastering a straight-up, body weight pull-ups without any assistance (i.e., the band show below) can take some serious strength and practice. Depending on whether Kendall uses an over- or underhand grip, this move can work the shoulders, back, obliques, biceps, and triceps.

2. Sled Pushing
"Sled pushing" might muster up imagery of Kendall looking something like this:

But sled pushing doesn't actually involve wearing fur or pushing passengers — just iron plates like this:

While nothing feels less productive than pushing heavy things that don't need to be moved back and forth, this move torches the back of your legs, including the calves and hamstrings while also activating the butt and toning the triceps too.

3. Lateral Banded Exercises
Banded exercises — which you can try with a special rubber loop or DIY-style with tights tied at the feet and double looped — can challenge your inner and outer thighs when you position the band right above the knees and move from side to side by creating extra resistance.

4. Very High-Intensity Cardio Intervals
This involves performing challenging moves like burpees in quick succession for short periods of time — the hardest and most masochistic way to torch calories quickly, but hey, to each their own.

5. Squats
Squats sometimes get a bad reputation for bulking up the thighs — a major myth since it's totally possible to build strength without looking any more like The Hulk.

If you need proof, consider that squats are part of Kendall's exercise routine and her legs look like this:

Gunnar didn't specific exactly what kind of squats Kendall performs, and whether she simply relies on her own body weight or holds weights, as pictured:

Weights would make the move a little tougher — particularly if she goes heavy — but any iteration works the butt and thighs.

6. Deadlifts
Deadlifts involve bending forward from the waist to engage the back of the thighs.

They're a go-to move for lifting the butt, which is a very Kardashian move for a Jenner. But makes perfect sense.