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Khloé Kardashian's Protein World campaign has sparked mass outrage

People aren't finding it very empowering.

Khloé Kardashian's Protein World campaign has come under scrutiny, with people accusing the star of promoting an unhealthy body image.

Currently situated in London's Underground, the campaign features Khloé in a white leotard and leg warmers with the tagline: "Can you keep up with a Kardashian?"

The campaign is part of the company's 30-day weight-loss challenge, and has been accused by local commuters of promoting an unrealistic body image - not what the public want to see on their way to work.

Green Assembly member Caroline Russell explained to the The Standard that she had been receiving complaints over the billboard: "People taking the Tube should not have to be bombarded with adverts that imply their bodies aren’t good enough."

"I am urging the Mayor to look again at these adverts that challenge young people to ‘keep up’ with reality stars known for idealised and unrealistic body shapes. He needs to enforce his own guidelines and live up to his manifesto promise to Londoners."

A spokesperson for the Mayer has since defended their decision to allow the advert, explaining that "this advert was closely reviewed and deemed to comply with the advertising policy that bans adverts that could pressurise people to conform to unhealthy or unrealistic body images."

This isn't the first time Protein World have come under fire for body shaming. In 2015 the company's controversial 'Are You Beach Body Ready?’ advert caused widespread outrage. Back then the company remained unapologetic for their advertising, so we're assuming no apology will be forthcoming this time round.