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Kilted Yoga is now a thing, and it is booty-ful


kilted yoga

Get ready to lose yourself in the wilds of Scotland, and reconnect with the natural world in the most freeing (and breezy) way, as kilted yoga is now, officially, a thing!

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin — doing yoga in a kilt—so that you can get all free and bare and at one with nature.

Watch the kilted yoga video that got a whopping 43 million views in five days. Trust us, if you watch 'til the end, you’ll know why.

This brain behind this trend is Finlay Wilson, who after recovering from an accident, found yoga was the best way to rebuild his strength. Now a qualified yoga instructor himself, he's decided to bring a modern take to this ancient practice, laying it bare – often quite literally.

And now he has a book out! Called Kilted Yoga — Yoga Laid Bare, it will help to guide you through the fundamentals of yoga with sequences you can do in the highlands.