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The Krispy Kreme Challenge is our kind of extreme sport

HINT: It involves 8 kilometres and 12 doughnuts in 1 hour.

By Erin Cook

These days, it feels like everywhere we turn there's a new fitness challenge popping up. There's at least five people on our floor doing the F45 challenge — and don't even get us started on Tough Mudder, the Sydney Half Marathon or the City to Surf.

While doing five F45 classes a week might tickle some people's fancy, it's not for us. The Krispy Kreme challenge, however, is something we could really get behind.

So, what is this Krispy Kreme Challenge, exactly? (Thank god you asked!) It's an annual event that takes place in February each year in Raleigh, North Carolina. Not only is the Krispy Kreme Challenge a good time, it also raises much needed money for the North Carolina Children's Hospital — last year alone they raised USD $1.3 million.

Participants begin the challenge by running four kilometres from the North Carolina State University to the nearest Krispy Kreme store. Once they arrive at the store, athletes must down no less than 12 OG glazed doughnuts. 12!!!! Then, they finish the challenge by running the four kilometres back to where they started.

Nobody said it was going to be easy…

Over 1,800 runners — sorry, heroes — competed in this year's challenge on February 3. To sign up for the 2019 Krispy Kreme Challenge click here.

Challenge accepted. 👊