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Lena Dunham and her cellulite celebrate their first photoshop-free magazine cover

Thanks for letting my cellulite do the damn thing.

By Sammy Stewart

Lena Dunham has had her fair share of magazine covers, but sadly most of the time she's left feeling pretty crap about herself thanks to a little thing called 'photoshop.'

For example, when she was on the cover of Tentaciones, Lena had to take to instagram to point out that the girl on the cover wasn't really her.

Currently on the cover of Glamour magazine's February issue with her Girls co-stars, Lena stands front and center wearing a pair of short-shorts and for the first time, she didn't have to post a negative lengthy Insta-essay about body image.

Instead, Lena acknowledges that she's not your regular ~Hollywood~ type of gal and praises the publication for "letting my cellulite do the damn thing."

We are so here for Lena- cellulite and all.

Here's to society NOT messing with women's bodies!