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Lisa Wilkinson is a fitness machine, can do a 5 MINUTE plank

So, THIS is how the presenter works out?

By Erin Cook

This just in: Lisa Wilkinson is officially fit AF.

Sure, we’ve always known that the Today show presenter looked fit, but thanks to her most recent Instagram post, we know just how strong she really is.

Over the weekend, Wilkinson joined her husband Pete at the gym and proceeded to attempt a 5 MINUTE plank.

Ever the overachiever, she completed the challenge… before collapsing onto a blue mat.


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Recently, the 56-year-old’s partner Peter FitzSimons released a new book, The Great Aussie Bloke Slim-Down, detailing the secrets to his 40kg slim down. According to FitzSimons, ditching alcohol and sugar helped him shed the extra weight. Obviously, exercise has played a part in his amazing transformation too.

Is anyone else feeling tired and sore from just thinking about planking for that long? We need to lie down.

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