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Turns out you’re 60% more likely to die early if you work in an office

F*cking great.

By Natasha Harding

In case you thought waking up early in the morning and leaving your cosy bed to go sit behind a computer all day wasn’t shitty enough, turns out that those of us who do are precisely 60% more likely to die early. Grrrrrreat.

A study from Cambridge University found that one in six premature deaths, caused by heart disease, stokes, cancer or type 2 diabetes, was correlated with sitting at a desk all day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a small study either (looking at over 1 million adults), meaning that the results are pretty trustworthy.

TBF, you’ve probably guessed it: the whole thing comes down to exercise, or lack thereof. Sitting on your tush from 9-5 ain’t no way to get fit and no matter how many times you try to sit on a precarious yoga ball, it’s not as helpful as going for a good ol’ fashion stroll.

To help reduce the statistic, and increase your chances of living to be the oldest person in EVER, it’s super important to make sure you squeeze in one hour of exercise a day. ICYMI, that’s code for treating yo’self to that exxy barre class pass that you’ve been trying to resist.

Alternatively, if you’ve ever considered starting your own business which involves just playing with puppies outside all day, every day, you should definitely quit your job RN and do it ‘cause puppies are pure happiness. And for the health shiz too.

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