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Sydney woman discovers terrifying tattoo-ink-filled lump under her armpit

Prepare to vom.

tattoo ink lump

WARNING: This post contains graphic content that might be distressing for some readers!

In today’s gross-but-important-to-know news, a poor 30-year-old woman has found a mahoosive lump under her armpit, which doctors almost misdiagnosed as lymphoma before they discovered the lump was actually a giant mass of tattoo ink-filled lymph nodes.

Docs claim that 99 times out of 100, this sort of case would be lymphoma — so they were super shocked when they found out that this lump was caused by the patient’s tattoo, which she got 15 years ago.

…And you will be super shocked when you see the picture of her lump:

Source: [CNN](
Source: CNN

Luckily, when the doctors extracted this alien-looking thing, there were no cancerous cells found. PHEW! Instead, what they think happened, was that this lady has a hypersensitivity to tattoo ink, which meant when she got her tatt, her immune cells reacted to the foreign ink, and slowly pulled some over to her lymph nodes over the 15 years.

Though that image still kinda makes us want to hurl, it’s great to hear that this lady is gonna be A-Okay as this lump, and the removal process, should have no long-lasting effects.

BUT, let this be a lesson to all future tattoo-getters, that you really need to do you research before you go under the needle. Make sure you use a reputable tattoo artist, and check with your doctor beforehand to see whether you are a suitable skin-candidate for a tatt. Because you sure as hell don’t want one of these growing in your pit!