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Love fitness? Love TV? Then say hello to your new favourite show

‘Margot vs Lily’ is like Netflix and Nike had a baby.

By Cosmo Sponsor

Props to Nike for solving the age old dilemma of wanting to get fit while also wanting to slob out on the sofa and watch TV for the foreseeable – because now you can do both at once!

From the creative team behind Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Tricia Brock, a director of Girls and The Walking Dead, comes ‘Margot vs Lily’ – an OG show series for you to devour.

Here’s the jist… the story follows two sisters living in NYC. Lily: perfectionist, #fitspo, no mates. And Margot: Fun AF, all over the place, never worked out a day in her life. The two bet each other that Lily can't make three real friends, and Margot can't start her own succesful fitness channel and gain over 1,000 subscribers.

Prepare to be inspired to work out by Lily and inspired to go out by Margot. So basically, what more could you want to get out of a show?

If you’re not obsessed already, you can catch up at and there’ll be new eps comin’ atcha every Tuesday until March 22. Plus catch the Margot and Lily VLOGS! Or you can catch the latest (episode 4) above.

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