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A body-positive blogger is recreating Meghan Markle’s looks and we are HERE FOR IT

Mimicking Markle.

It seems that everyone right now is trying to sartorially replicate the royals. Whether it's Kate Middleton's red dress that she stepped out in to present baby Louis to the world, or any Australian designer that Meghan Markle steps out in, people around the world want to copy it asap.

Whilst we're more likely to add to our ever-growing royal fashion wish list, one blogger is replicating Markle's style like a pro. Katie Sturino, known to her 142k followers as @the12ishstyle, has made a habit out of mimicking Markle, and a handful of other celebrities too.

Sturino uses her blog to #SupersizeTheLook, allowing her followers to see what celebrity style looks like on a size 12(ish) frame, by matching the outfit and mirroring the original paparazzi shot. And the results? Phenomenal.

Whilst we're a massive fan of Sturino and her talent at #SupersizingLooks, some followers have decided to fat-shame Sturino instead. The body-positive blogger shared some shocking comments on her Instagram grid, highlighting just how foul people can be.

One comment read, "If you fat people want to copy Meghan, then why not lose weight instead of copying her clothes."

With Sturino being the champion that she is, she's soldiered on with her #SupersizeTheLook series and is now tackling celebrities beyond the palace walls — nailing both Chrissy Teigen and Beyoncé. She's just showing off now!

We're definitely turning post notifications on for this gal.