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Is Meghan Markle's new hairstyle a massive pregnancy clue?

If you want to participate in a fun internet theory, step right this way.

By Emma Baty

Today, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made an appearance at the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University, and on top of looking as great as always, Meghan was sporting something completely new.

Her hair, which she usually wears curly or in a bun, was pin straight, with (it looks like) some v fresh layers. Take a look.

Because I am a journalist and I care about these things, I combed through 60+ pages of the latest pictures of Meghan and found she hasn't worn her hair like this since at least before her wedding to Prince Harry. This is her usual style:

You may be thinking... what's the big deal about this? So the girl changed her hair.... But, there's something important to note here.

When Kate Middleton announced her third pregnancy, one reporter noticed a very subtle pattern.

And the internet latched on, using pictures as evidence. Here's Kate about two months before her most recent pregnancy reveal, looking totally normal.

Then, here she is one month before the reveal, sporting a new chop.

Taking it back a little further, here she was in the summer of 2014 two months before the news of baby Charlotte was announced. Totally normal hair. The signature style.

But here's a photo of her just one month before the Charlotte news hit, and media pointed out that she was "embracing her roots" more than ever.

I mean, it's possible she just skipped a colorist appointment and this was totally unintentional, but it could still be part of a pattern. Here's the most compelling evidence of all. One month before the Prince George news, Kate was wearing her perfectly blown out brown curls as per usual.

But then, only a week or two before they announced the pregnancy, she shocked the world by getting BANGS. BANGS ARE NOT SUBTLE.

People were so preoccupied that the announcement of Prince George's existence on Dec. 3 was a slight shock to the masses.

Technically this is all just a fun internet theory and no one from the palace has confirmed this in regards to Kate or Meghan. It's possible it's a totally coincidental trend. So, Meghan is not pregnant yet, but the haircut and style change is definitely going to keep the internet busy for the foreseeable future.