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Help Cosmo put an end to the #bloodyannoying tampon tax for good

Goods and Services Tax? More like Gender Selective Tax.


UPDATE 04/08/18: Treasurer Scott Morrison announced today that the Federal Government now supports removing the GST on tampons and other sanitary products. Calling it "a source of frustration and angst," he went on to suggest the "anomaly" be removed. However, this needs to agreed by all states and territories before it comes into effect.

For 18 years, ever since GST was introduced, Australian women have been paying tax on tampons.

Classified as 'non-essential' luxury goods — umm, you what? — tampons, pads and other sanitary items are eligible for GST, while Viagra, lubricants and other arguably less-essential items are exempt.

So, just to be clear, even though women earn an average of 15.3 per cent less than men, they're expected to pay an additional $1,000 in tax over the course of their lifetime because... biology.

More than just unfair and #bloodyannoying, the tampon tax is ultimately legalised discrimination against women.

Cosmopolitan, along with other leading women's magazines including ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR, Woman's Day, Good Health, The Australian Women's Weekly and The Quick Flick are joining together to launch the No Gender Selective Tax campaign (see what we did there?) with one united aim: To get rid of the tampon tax for good.

Help us action the change by signing the petition below. Your voice counts and will help send our politicians a clear message that a tax on women is unacceptable.

In the UK, campaigners successfully got their equivalent of the GST — the VAT (Value Added Tax) — reduced from 20 per cent to five per cent in 2001. While it's not zero, it does show the power of protest to make a difference — so what are you waiting for? Sign today and spread the word.

Ever since the introduction of GST, women have been paying tax on tampons. Now Australia's leading magazine brands have united behind the push to end what is essentially a tax on being a woman. Sign the petition below if you agree the Gender Selective Tax should be removed.

Bauer Media would like to acknowledge transgender, intersex or non-binary individuals who are also in need of sanitary products. Our use of pronouns and terminology is in no way meant to exclude these individuals.