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This Reddit user got rid of her stretch marks in two weeks and the internet is losing it

The before and after picture, tho. 😱

Stretch marks are just a part of life — and even though pretty much everyone has them somewhere on their body, we still complain about their existence. There's nothing wrong or harmful about stretch marks, however, that doesn't stop many of us searching high and low to find a useful solution to make them disappear.

So, when one woman on Reddit claimed to have faded her stretch marks within the time frame of two weeks, the internet rightfully lost their minds — and before you think "there's no way that's possible", there's pictures to prove it.

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"Before & After – Only used dermaroller on left thigh" read the post, next to a photo of the woman's thighs. You can clearly see from the picture that one of the Reddit user's thighs has stretchmarks, and one does not.

Derma-rollers are small handheld devices that roll across your skin. The head is covered with tiny needles that pierce the skin, without any trauma, to boost collagen and speed up cell turnover. Although many people swear by this treatment to help remove acne scars and hyperpigmentation, it is rare to see such a drastic change only after a few weeks.

"I've only done two sessions with a 1.5mm roller and thought I couldn't see any improvement until I saw this angle," she wrote. The Reddit user than added that she only waited two weeks before commencing her second treatment, however, just be careful before undertaking the practice yourself – you should wait at least six weeks between rolls to prevent any skin damage.

If you want to test out a derma-roller though, make sure to do some research or seek professional advice beforehand. Always make sure your device and skin are thoroughly sterilised before usage, and choose the correct needle size.

Most importantly, BE PATIENT! It's unlikely you're going to see results after two weeks, but if you're still not happy with the way stretch marks look on your body, derma-rolling could be a good option to try.

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