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Robyn Lawley talks about the scary seizure that left her with heavy facial scarring

The model endured a horrific accident.

By Susannah Guthrie
robyn lawley

Model and December 2017 COSMOPOLITAN cover star Robyn Lawley has shared the details of a horrible fall that left her with severe facial scarring alongside some very brave and honest photos of her injured face.

The mother-of-one took to Instagram to tell her followers she had suffered a major seizure as a result of her ongoing battle with lupus and autoimmune polyglandular syndrome (APS), both nasty diseases with no known cures.

During the seizure, the 29-year-old said she fell over 7-feet (approximately 2.1 metres) and landed on her face. If you're flinching while reading this, you're not alone.

Robyn, who has a daughter named Ripley, shared a photo of her original facial injuries, plus a photo of her post-recovery, to Instagram and relayed the whole story to her fans.

She said:

Robyn explained that with fashion week coming up she needed to make note of her 'Harry Potter' scars because she didn't want to have to hide them behind makeup.

The swimsuit model also kindly told her followers they could message her any time with questions about lupus and APS.

"To anyone that's going through something I'm sorry for the pain you have to endure," she said. A true angel on earth.