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Steph Claire Smith talks us through her day on a plate

Spoiler: It still includes chocolate!

By Katie Stow

Steph Claire Smith has been #bodygoals for us from the second she rocked up in our Instagram feed. Preaching a hella healthy lifestyle and inspiring us to work out on the daily, Steph has climbed up in the ranks to be the person we wish we lived like.

But if you're sitting in bed in your active wear, not really knowing where to start, we have some stellar advice for you, directly from #bodgod Steph herself.

After co-founding the Keep It Cleaner revolution and pairing up with our food heroes Deliveroo, Steph walked us through her day on a plate and offered some killer food advice — as well as an insight INto her worst dieting experience to date.

Steph, what is your average day on a plate?

Typically, I start my morning with a green protein smoothie and for lunch at the moment I'm obsessed with chicken pho!! My afternoon snack is (without fail) a Keep It Cleaner Choc Hazelnut Bliss Ball.

Dinner for me is a chicken pesto risotto from the Keep It Cleaner girls program, and finally for dessert I love having two pieces of dark chocolate and a peppermint tea.

What’s the one food you would never be able to give up?

This one is easy… Cheese!!! Cheese platters make me so happy, especially when sharing one with a few girlfriends.

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What’s been your worst dieting experience?

Being way too strict to the point of binge eating. I used to be continuously disappointed in myself and it put me in the worst cycle ever. I then adjusted my lifestyle and reintroduced balance into my diet, I was then able to listen to my body and as a result, now I can treat myself without feeling guilty.

The best food advice you’ve ever been given?

Eat to fuel your body with the right nutrients for energy 80 per cent of the time, and treat yourself and eat for taste the other 20 per cent of the time.

Describe your dream meal:

Honey soy chicken wings... and hot chips!