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Tammy Hembrow gets real about her tough schedule and collapse at Kylie Jenner’s 21st

She’s back home and speaking out.

By Katie Stow

Tammy Hembrow hit headlines this week after she was supposedly spotted being stretchered out of Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party and driven off to the hospital.

For a while it was unconfirmed whether the girl on the stretcher was Tammy, as Tammy appeared fine in Instagram pictures of her shopping in LA, but the social media star has now come forward to reveal it was her, and to set the story straight about what really happened that night.

She uploaded a video to her YouTube page, revealing to fans that she's overworked and was overly tired that night — running on zero sleep — and that paired with alcohol was a dangerous mix.

Tammy explained that she is kinda mortified about the whole thing, but jetlag and drinking had a huge part to play in the debacle.

Tammy has reassured fans that she's fine now and is back home in Australia with her family, friends and kids — and she was keen to thank all of her "true fans" for being there for her and sending messages of support. In fact, she broke down in tears when thanking her fans, because they mean that much to her.