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The supermodel workout

Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, Anne V – exercise that’s good enough for them, is good enough for us.

Justin Gelband is affectionately known as ‘the model whisperer’. He trains Victoria’s Secret Angels, Sports Illustrated cover girls, and all manner of good looking ladies in between.

The personal trainer has just teamed up with health coach Vanessa Packer on his first proper workout space (previously visiting celeb clients at home or setting up shop in blink-and-you’ll-miss-them rentals). Their ModelFIT workout space – formerly the home of Terry Richardson’s debauched in-studio antics – is light, airy and New York chic, with nutritional counselling, model-worthy gym sessions and the nicest gym locker room you’ve ever seen.

So naturally, long-limbed beauties flock to it like, well… models to a green juice bar. Wanna know Gelbrand’s secret? “Little ones”.

During any one of his intimate classes, you’ll hear him telling his adidas by Stella McCartney clad protégés to “take it easy” or “slow down”. But before you start thinking, “Hey, this sounds like a workout I can get amongst!”, be warned – those aforementioned little ones are tiny movements targeted at lengthening and strengthening muscles. And they hurt.

“It forces you to slow down and really think about how to move and where to feel the muscles working,” Packer tells NY Mag’s The Cut.

The three class types on offer are Sculpt, Combo (which is Sculpt combined with cardio) and Boxing. They sound like regular gym classes, and although the difference is minute, the pay-off is major.

Like a leg lift which in ModelFIT world is done in slow-motion, on a step, with a weight tied to your ankle, repeated fifteen times.

Personal trainer Amanda Clout, from Health Kick Fitness tells Cosmo, “You can’t argue that these slow moves are great for lengthening and toning muscles (like yoga does), but solely focusing on this method of training and avoiding intense, powerful workouts means you reduce the muscles fibres ability to tear.”

“Tears in muscle fibres are what builds muscles and makes you stronger. It all comes down to achieving balance in your workout.”

Safe to say this is not your average workout, but if you’ve pinned a photo of Karlie Kloss onto your wall for inspo it might be the one for you…