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The workout everyone's tweeting about

Cosmo takes a look at Bodyism, the new Aussie fitness craze beloved by celebs...

Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are among the throng of celebrities who worship at the temple of Australian personal trainer James Duigan. His holistic approach to health is simple: a nutrition-packed diet (no counting kilojoules) teamed with an active lifestyle incorporating simple core exercises. So far, so easy – but what’s so different about his fitness philosophy (Duigan calls it Bodyism) that’s had it trending on Twitter?

“Bodyism is famous for creating lean bodies,” says Nathalie Bomgren, Bodyism’s director of operations. “Devotees can achieve a lean, lithe figure in as little as 14 days.” And thanks to Duigan’s simple exercise moves (which take only 15 minutes) and no-nonsense nutrition tips, the method is starting to reach cult status as more and more of us discover it alongside his famous followers.

Anyone who has a consultation with Duigan, usually at his London HQ in Knightsbridge’s Bulgari Hotel, has the same goal, says Bomgren.

“Almost every woman who comes to us, famous or not, wants to tone up, lift their bum, shape their tummy. They don’t want a sixpack or to look muscly – they want to look effortlessly trim,” she reveals.

However, you don’t have to be a supermodel to train the Bodyism way. “While Elle Macpherson is a great role model, it’s not realistic to aim for her figure if you’re 160cm,” says Bomgren. “But it is possible to make the best of the body you have. And it all starts with the workout. Each circuit only lasts about 15 minutes, so you can easily do them at home,” she adds. “Our approach means the workouts fit effortlessly into your life, and you never have an excuse to skip a session.”

You can buy into the Bodyism way of life through Duigan’s cookbooks and nutritional supplements, but it’s the workout that gets the most results.

This easy-to-follow, six-move circuit, exclusively developed for us by Duigan’s team of Bodyism experts, and demonstrated here by the organisation’s Tegan Haining, focuses on getting fit – fast – by lengthening the appearance of your limbs and targeting your key muscles. “Do this workout four times a week and you’ll notice a measurable difference within just a fortnight,” says Bomgren.

The 15-minute workout. The food rules

“There’s no point following the workout if you don’t team it with the right nutritional approach,” says Bomgren. Here’s how:

Eat clean and lean meals. If you really want to be healthy, you need to avoid all artificial foods. Stick to fresh and organic foods. Sugars from carbs makes your body cling to fat, so it’s essential you cut down on them.

Embrace the good fat. Eating good fats will actually help you tackle body fat, and it
can also improve your metabolic rate. Ditch anything labelled “fat free” – it’s often pumped with sugar.

Drink up. Aim for two litres of water each day, and include some healing green tea, too. And drink as many caffeine-free herbal teas as you like.