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This woman ‘upcycled’ her labia and turned it into a necklace


By Erin Cook

Warning: Graphic content ahead. You’re about to see an actual woman’s labia, ‘upcyled’ into a necklace, so please ensure you’re mentally prepared.

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Here at Cosmo, we’ve recently discovered that you can turn anything into a necklace — diamonds, healing crystals, shark teeth, labias

U.K.-based fitness blogger Tracy Kiss recently underwent labiaplasty surgery on the advice of her doctor, after it was found she had a cyst caused by excess labia tissue. Until this point, she’d been in constant pain, as her labia protruded from her body. Speaking to Teen Vogue, Tracy said:

So, Tracy was pretty stoked to have the surgery and sit easy — possibly for the first time in her life. She didn’t have to go under for the procedure, so she spent the time chatting away to her surgeon: "I casually asked if I could keep my labia as a trophy of finally being pain-free."

After taking her labia home in a jar, she kind of forgot about it for a while. "I left them on a French dresser for the best part of a year and they turned grey and curly, so I decided to look into a long-term way to preserve them," she explained to Teen Vogue.

Her solution? To turn her labia into a necklace.

Now, her labia is glittery and preserved and can sit around her neck as a constant reminder not to suffer in silence.

If you think Tracy’s labia necklace is weird — that’s cool. However, she’s not here for trolls (and neither are we.) "I know it's not every day you research methods to preserve body parts, but once the shock factor is out of the way, it's pretty empowering and uplifting," she said. "I've had so many young women contact me saying they're living with the same pain I'd always faced and how it's a relief to know there is treatment available."

Watch the full video about Tracy’s labia pendant below.