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Please ignore these vegan bloggers who think that having your period is toxic


By Erin Cook

Often, you can rely on bloggers for all sorts of useful – and sometimes not-so-useful – information. Thanks to beauty vlogger Sukhi Mann, we now know that it’s possible to extract blackheads using a disposable floss pick. And, fitness blogger Sarah Puhto showed us the trickery behind Instagram’s #buttspo trend.

However, there’s a growing number of vegan bloggers claiming that having your period is a sign of toxicity in your body and, TBH, this message is irresponsible.

As Broadly discovered, there's a handful of vegan bloggers, including Freelee the Banana Girl and Miliany Bonet of RawVeganLiving, who consider periods as a sign that toxicity is leaving the body.

In a video that has been viewed nearly 400,000 times, Freelee explains how she stopped getting her period for nine months after switching to an entirely vegan diet – and when it did finally return, her period was much lighter than before. “If it's so unhealthy for me to go through a period of not having my period, then why did I feel so amazing?" she asks viewers. “I still believe that, largely, menstruation is toxicity leaving the body, so a lot of people are having these heavy, heavy periods and painful periods because they have a toxic body or have a toxic diet.”

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Of course, this theory goes against the advice of medical professionals. Dr Jackie Maybin, clinical lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology from the University of Edinburgh told Broadly: “It's difficult to recommend a strict vegan diet without investigating hormone levels and endometrial health in these women. It's likely that the complete absence of periods – amenorrhea – indicates that ovulation is not occurring and could have a significant negative impact on reproductive health.”

Speaking to Cosmo, doctor and health expert Dee Chohan said that while a ‘normal’ period varies from person to person, your own period should settle into its own regular rhythm. To find out what ‘normal’ looks like for you: “Keep a diary so you know your dates and also the heaviness and symptoms.”

Missed periods can happen from time to time, for a myriad of reasons, including stress, being sick and weight loss. If you miss more than one period, it could be a sign of something else – including pregnancy, obviously. “Also, endometriosis can make you miss your period so it’s best to be safe and see your GP to find the cause,” says Dr Dee.

Not sure about you, but we prefer to take our medical advice from doctors, not Freelee the Banana Girl.