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Turns out, there’s a reason why you have weird dreams during your period

Because our bodies will never be done torturing us during that time of the month…

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Periods bring all sorts of BS into our lives: a constant feeling of exhaustion, a week-long stint of feeling 'fat', and not to mention some pretty whack stuff coming out of our hoo-hahs.

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As if that wasn't enough, many gals experience some pretty weird dreams before, or during, their periods.

According to Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim from the London Sleep Center, there's a reason why this happens. Speaking to Broadly, he explained that dreams typically occur in the REM stage of sleep. For those who aren't down with the sleep lingo, the 'rapid eye movement', or REM stage of sleep occurs about 90 minutes after you go to sleep, and is the time when your brain is most active while you snooze.

"Women report more sleep disturbances in the time just before and during their monthly menstrual periods," said Dr. Ebrahim to Broadly, "If you wake from REM sleep, you tend to remember your dreams more."


And of course, hormones are also one of the main players in this sitch. "In the luteal phase — the week before your period starts — there's less REM sleep," Ebrahim said to Broadly. "The theory behind this is that the higher the amount of progesterone, the lower the amount of REM sleep."

So basically, in the stage of sleep when your brain is going nuts with all kinds of cray thoughts, you're also the most likely to wake up from your slumber and remember all the weird sh*t you just dreamt about.

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Not to mention the fact that the emotional rollercoaster you unwillingly take a ride on each month is most likely feeding into your weird and intense period dreams.

Thanks period, you're a real gem…