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WTF is a Kangatarian? ‘Love Island’ lingo is already in full swing…

Justin, you okay hun?

By Katie Stow

In case you missed it, Love Island Australia kicked off last night and BOY has it gathered some ~interesting~ characters together. We were introduced (via Sophie Monk) to five ladies and five blokes who have signed themselves up for a cheeky holiday to Spain, where they get to live it up and get down and dirty with whoever they couple up with.

Last night's episode saw the 10 contestants split into five couples during an odd matching ceremony. After the formalities the contestants were allowed to explore the villa and start to get to know one another before nightfall where they would then be sharing a bed with this random person they just met.

During the cosy getting-to-know-you phase one of the couples, Millie and Justin (AKA the dog walker and male model), cuddled up by the pool for a deep, gripping conversation. They kicked off the chat by talking about what they do for a living, which is when Millie revealed that she works with animals. Justin responded by asking if she was a vegetarian because of her love for puppers and floofers and all things cuddly. Millie informed Justin that she was in fact a pescatarian, to which Justin empathasized with, saying, "Awww, I used to be a kangatarian."

Wait. A… what?!

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Justin went on to define his own invented term, saying that it meant he only ate kangaroo and fish. Obviously.

To win over the animal lover's heart, he followed up with a statement that he felt okay to eat kangaroo because "kangaroos aren't farmed." To which Millie unethusatically responded with, "That's nice…." You can watch the whole thing awkwardly unfold, here:

So there you have it, one episode deep and we're already forming a whole new language.

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