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Dan from ‘Gossip Girl’ is a full-blown psychopath in this new Netflix series

See what Gossip Girl did next…

After finding out that Dan Humphries was Gossip Girl riiiiight at the end of the series, we have had this odd little urge to know what the fuck Dan has been up to. Well, now we may have some answers. Kinda, sorta, ish…

Penn Badgley is starring in a new Netflix series called YOU where he plays a genuine stalker-psychopath — which we really feel like is just the natural step up from the creepy ways of Gossip Girl. If you think about it, the blog was essentially a weird stalker feed about high school girls and their relationships, which is pervy AF. Time to stop re-watching old episodes now…

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But back to YOU. The show is based on Caroline Kepnes' best-selling novel of the same name, and is essentially a 21st century love story about an obsessive, yet brilliant, twentysomething who uses the hyper connectivity of today's technology to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him.

…In other words, he stalks the shit out of her online profiles in order to infiltrate her life, and then IRL stalks her — becoming her creepy AF boyfriend.

While the female lead (played by Elizabeth Lail) seems to fall for Joe's tricks, her cautious friend (played by Shay Mitchell) is pretty suss about her bestie's new love interest. While we'd normally be thrilled that our mates were looking out for us like this, it seems to put Shay's character in a scary position — with the trailer indicating that Joe tries to murder her get her out of the way.

Joe says, "Can we get real for a second? You have questionable taste in friends. But I'm going to help you get the life you deserve." Before a flurry of creepy-ass shots of Penn Badgley following Shay Mitchell around, before eerily saying, "How exactly do you get rid of a body?"

The series seems to be a bit of a wake-up call about how much you share on social media. Because Joe simply uses the world wide web to gather super intimate of details about this girl, and uses that intel to get close to her — giving us instant regrets for linking our Instagram handle to our Tinder profiles.

Still before we change our ways, it's probably best (for ~research~ purposes) to watch these series first — to fully freak us own into being a bit more private online.

You can watch the full, creepy trailer, here: