Aquarius horoscope 2018: Your yearly horoscope

From career and love, to self-improvement and more, here's what you need to know for 2018

Your 'need to know' for 2018

A really big year ahead, in fact a GREAT year. Love life booming? CHECK. Werk life moving on and progressing? CHECK. Feeling like life overall is improving and falling into place? CHECK. Ghosts from the past laid to rest? CHECK.

It's a CHECK kind of year for you 😊, so make the most of this energy for getting through what's on your list. I salute you Aquarius- get out there and enjoy it.

Most valuable self improvement (Judgment)

Last year you moved on from quite a lot of stuff and reminded yourself how capable and resilient you are. Your newly formed Self Appreciation Society has had a Board Meeting and voted that 2018 is the time to stop comparing yourself to others, recognise your own unique talents and showcase them. You're ready for a second chance in many areas of life, and you'll appreciate it this time. You're older, wiser and ready to design a lifestyle that fits you like a glove.

Love & relationships (The World)

Travel is strongly indicated this year; either with a current partner (making it a journey of a lifetime; deepening your bond and creating forever memories, or indeed moving to be with somebody), or without a partner (and it's on this journey that you meet a Mega BAE). You finally find what you've been looking for in a romantic partnership. I don't want to over-egg it but, basically, this is a GREAT year for love.

Career enhancers (Knight of Wands)

Itchy feet? Lots going on? People coming and going at werk like yo yo's? Don't let this energy unsettle you; instead, spot openings and opportunities for you in all that hurly burly. I don't think you'll end 2018 in the same place you started it, work-wise, BUT it'll be through your own direct, dynamic and inspired action. Be the doer, not the done to.

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SOURCE: Cosmopolitan UK