Just so you know, Cancer season is about to fck with your mood

You’re probably going to shed a few tears between now and July 22. Pass the tissues pls.

By Erin Cook

As far as astrology is concerned, we used to think that being in-tune with the universe meant checking your star sign once a month — bonus points if you checked in weekly.

Turns out, there's a lot more to it than that.

In addition to horoscopes, there are a whole host of other astrological phenomenon at play; we're talking about mercury retrograde, winter solstice, mars retrograde, astro twins, etc.

This round? Cancer season.

When is Cancer season?

It's ~happening~ right now! If you're feeling a little wobbly between June 21 and July 22, Cancer season could be to blame.

How will Cancer season affect my mood?

During this astro-season, your emotions are likely to fluctuate without notice. As Amelia Quint, astrologer and founder of The Midheaven, explained to Hello Giggles:

"The biggest thing here is that Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, and like water, it needs the right container or else the emotions just spill out everywhere. For best results, give yourself plenty of space to feel whatever it is you need to feel, and don't be afraid to share where you're at emotionally!"

We're all likely to feel more sensitive than usual. However, if you're a Cancer, you're going to feel a lot more sensitive. (Sorry.) Might be a good idea to carry a pack of tissues in your handbag; Cancer season is also known as 'emo season', thanks to its ability to bring emotions to the surface — i.e. tears.

On the flip side, you're also going to feel up! Did you know that Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs? To put it simply, they love love. According to Astrostyle, "Cancer season turns our attention away from the buzz of the local scene and reminds us that home is indeed where the heart is."

How to survive cancer season

1. Use this time to nurture yourself. Permission to treat yourself granted. Do a face mask! Buy yourself flowers! Cancel your plans! Cancer season is a time to stay home and look after number one. (That's you, BTW.)

2. Don't fight your feelings. During Cancer season, you're going to feel things whether you like it or not. The best approach? Let it happen! You're going to be up one moment, down the next. Acknowledge your feelings and let them happen.

3. Listen. Good news: we're all in this together. Seeing as your friends and family will be in the throws of Cancer season with you, why don't we all sit down for a cup of tea and a natter? Listening and nurturing are top-notch Cancerian traits.

As The Astrotwins, Talia And Ophira Edut explained to ELLE, Cancer season is a time to catch up with your loved ones for a good ol' heart to heart:

"No matter your gender, you can find solace in communing with, understanding and nurturing people. But keep it casual under this comfort-loving water sign vibe. A 'come as you are' barbecue, picnic or potluck dinner would be ideal since Cancer season is the perfect time to gather for a shared meal. Give a little 'mama love' to friends-in-need and, never let yourself get too hungry, too lonely or too tired."