Your horoscope for 26 March-1 April is officially here

This week is going to be a productive one, y’all!

By Jessica Adams
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There's nothing like a Full Moon to bring you to a major decision about your former, current or potential lover. Feeling chained, or trapped, is no way to live your lives. You may be on the brink of an important sexual experience, or even the ending of a relationship.

We have a Full Moon this weekend which will ring the changes. Independence and sweet liberty are very precious things and the time has come to discover who or what is preventing you both from escaping something which is frankly unhealthy.


Powerful patterns in Capricorn suggest you will be moving or travelling this week. Exploring or adventuring. You need to listen to that small, still voice of caution inside yourself, though. On the other hand, others may be sounding some kind of caution. I don't want to be a bore, but you really should listen to that.

Your situation is not as secure as you might hope and although one has to admire your spirit of daring, it is also true that you could be on truly shaky ground given that Uranus is moving into Taurus very soon. Do some homework. Find out what you risk and then think about another way to hang onto the sense of freedom and exploration without losing your footing.


The Full Moon in Libra falls in a horoscope zone which rules deep feelings, strong emotions and powerful heart connections. Of course, you have to make something like this real, Gemini. You can't really have anything until you believe in it, know you deserve it, trust it – and do the work to acquire it.

This may be a relationship, an emotional bond between adult and child, or even a religious experience or spiritual rebirth. Look to the group as well. That friendship group, team or other network may have so much to offer you.


Not feeling at home in your own home probably means you're not feeling at home in your physical home (AKA your headspace). The Full Moon cuts across the horoscope zone which rules your house or apartment. The irony is it's actually a thing of great comfort and joy. Yet, no doubt because of the cycles you are having, you don't seem to have a sanctuary here as you should be.

Try mindfulness, meditation, relaxation techniques, Reiki, or anything else that will get you back into step with your place. Sleep issues? There are answers for that, Cancer, and an hour on YouTube could be useful.



You have to spend money to make money. You seem to be blind to what could result from an investment, this week. There is a house or apartment question in the background. There is also a rather muddled and messy situation which has grown all around you which desperately needs sorting out.

Rather than ignore that, or be in denial about the property issue, the time has come to wake up. Yes, there is a sum of money saved or earned here. But it's not actually achieving anything for you. If ever there was a week to be practical and proactive, this is it.


Here comes the Aries weather, and of course it involves Uranus, the planet of radical change. Uranus is associated with lightning bolts – and also bolts from the blue. This cycle is really about your decision to change, and how radical you wish to be. Given what is going on this week, do you want to go back and start again, recreating or reinventing things? Your other choice is to walk right away.

You are an earth sign and you like to be 'earthed' or grounded, with security and a predictable life. That is usually fine but sometimes you have to really question what security represents to you and if it's actually what you want and need. The Full Moon will do all that and more this week. You have a couple of different potential futures and the path you choose is so important.


Cupido enters Gemini on Saturday 31st March. In plain English, that means passion, desire and your Lust for Life goes into your sphere of communication. If you're not really into the web, this may be about spoken word, old-fashioned paper and pen and the rest. Cupido is important to you, because he is the son of Venus and she rules you!

You're going to have to plant this concept, idea or plan pretty quickly, Libra. Time is of the essence. Find the right environment as fast as you can – this brainwave, course or qualification of yours needs to grow somewhere nourishing with the right support.


So much is possible with the world of the younger generation. You may have a close younger person in your life, you may not, but there is rich potential waiting. First of all, you need to rest, recuperate, recover and repair. This may be physical for some Scorpio people as your Sixth House of surgery and doctors is pretty busy in 2018. In other cases, the restoration period is about your heart and soul. Your spirit.

You have been going through a fair bit of challenging astro-weather recently and you need to be reborn. That takes time and space. The reward, when you are ready, is reconnecting with the world of the young. Maybe tapping the world of love and sex so that the potential of a baby becomes possible. Perhaps paid or unpaid efforts involving younger people will find their way into your life? You have to make it so.



You would gain a lot from remembering the pregnancy that did happen – or did not happen. You may be a parent now, with a child's baby years behind you. Maybe you have an old relationship or marriage tucked away in the past where a pregnancy did not go to term or remained a wish that never came true.

Sometimes the issue is more complicated on this Aries weather cycle. In any case, Sagittarius, you would feel more whole; more complete; more together if you faced what is there. There is an emotional disconnect about the past, in terms of the younger generation, showing in your horoscope, for whatever reason. Getting your energy together in this way can help you deal more completely with a family tree issue as well. That needs sorting out!


This is a week for ideas, for new concepts, for brainwaves and plans. We have a rush of fresh Aries weather blowing into the world and your horoscope is affected. Unless you do something with this idea of yours, Capricorn, it's not going to last very long! It may feel as if it's not quite real, but it could become a practical, useful and rewarding part of your life if you reached for it.

Trust it and believe in it. Own it and plant it. You just need to find the right environment and people to support what is there. I suspect there is a story about a house or apartment hovering in the background.


You have taken on too much and now you need to delegate, ditch or rethink. Part of this is Jupiter, planet of abundant potential, in your zone of career, volunteer work and education. You can't really see things take off and serve you though while you're bent double with all the commitments.

There is a major, major development waiting in the second half of 2018 or 2019 with a house or apartment and I expect that's in the background of all this. Yet, for the moment, you really have to figure out the plan in terms of time and energy. We're moving into Aries weather, and that rules the efficient management of concepts, projects and goals.


The time is right to export your plans, ideas or concepts. For some of you, depending on your personal birth chart, there may even be a total relocation. Look out of town or across the world. You also need to multi-task here because there is more than one promising plan. You may be involved with another Pisces, Libra or Capricorn this week – these signs are also considering really important new brainwaves.

Rather than being stuck, though, there is a good case for researching, sifting, sorting and then deciding. If you leave it too late, there is no guarantee that the environment will be right for what you have in mind.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.