This week is all about getting prepped for the new year!

By Jessica Adams
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It would appear that you have to wind up the year with something to say - maybe your definitive statement - through the worldwide web, multimedia, your course and so on. Perhaps you are even further ahead than that and are actually planning your big new push for early 2018. It's almost impossible to sit on your hands and remain silent during this kind of cycle, which is urging you to connect and communicate and make sure that you are both heard and read. It's very important that you find the words or images to express what you feel so certain about - or perhaps so tied to, in your very soul. Some Sagittarians are more comfortable with public speaking, or teaching, which its own kind of connection. Others are happier with a second language. Some of you, naturally, talk or write for a living, as this is the sign we associate with education, publishing and academia. There is an almighty promise hovering now. You have to make it or take it. The promise may not be straightforward, as there are pros and cons, but one way or another, you must decide.


You're at that time of year when you have to make a decision about the house, land or apartment situation for next year (or the yacht) and get real about debts and income. This is normal on a calendar level because the end of a year is when people are laid off; when they resign; when they are promoted with more pay; when bonuses appear. You are actually on course for several weeks of sifting and sorting and as Uranus (freedom, space, radical change) is still in your property zone, maybe you are ready for that kind of shift next year. Whatever you feel about where you live, or where you could live in 2018, it's pretty clear that a gigantic commitment - something your bank or accountant will take an interest in - is looming after this week. You also have karma to work through. You owe, or are owed. This goes back years, perhaps, or lifetimes. If you feel there is way more to this than the price tag or the value of the property/possessions/business assets suggests - you may be correct. There could be a soul tag, or a spiritual value, along with what is actually on paper now.


A tremendous focus on your profile, brand, reputation or personal appearance always comes when we see a lot of asteroids in Aquarius and these are hovering ahead of a relaunch, rebirth or renaissance in February, quite close to your birthday. There may be a new title, a new look or some other change - maybe you intend to alter the way you are using social media. We have Juno, a symbol of commitment, entering your zodiac sign. Thus, there has to be a meaningful promise to yourself - about yourself - and not the real you, but the version of yourself the world sees. Of course any big promise has a down side and upside. You have to figure out if this is worth it for you. If you say 'No' that's quite a big deal as it takes you on a very different path by your birthday. We also have a horoscope symbol in Aquarius now which is all about returns, renaissance, resurrection and reincarnation. There is some aspect of the old you which is coming back. It may be a former wardrobe or a former tag attached to your reputation. This was never over, and it still isn't!


Pisces, in astrology you are ruled by the planet Neptune, associated with the ocean, and in turn Neptune rules the Twelfth House of the chart, which rules everything which lies beneath the surface. I am sure you can see aspects of this in yourself, your life and your history, as Pisceans can be remarkably private, to the point of being downright mysterious. Alternatively, you may be quite upfront and open, yet keep a big part of yourself and your world very firmly secret. This week I am referring to this side of your sign's nature, because we have a cluster of asteroids in the Twelfth House, so much of this 'buried' or hidden side of yourself or your world will be front and centre. You are going to have to make decisions about this. It may be classified information or even a skeleton rattling around in the closet, from years ago. There will be a pathway to February from what you discuss with yourself this week and a choice will have to be made. Alternatively, there is no great secret or confidential concern, yet there is a tremendous focus on meditation, Tarot, mediumship, dreams, solitude, therapy, psychology and so on. All the stuff we do not see about people, normally. Finally, this cycle can coincide with uncredited, unrecognised efforts as you nobly operate behind the scenes leaving others to be the name or face. Again, you can expect quite a lot of hopping around, in terms of the choices you are making, with one final 'Yes' or 'No' with great importance by February 2018.



Where to next with your friends and the group as a whole? You may not know this is karmic. There are shared debts and credits going back a few years, decades or centuries. What changes this week is the mood. We already have a minor miracle in motion because someone/something is coming back from the brink. There is also tremendous hope for the future (quite rightly). What is new, is the forthcoming commitment. It's part of a continuing story until February next year. Just as we 'marry' people we can also wed ourselves to friends or whole circles of people. This may be about to happen to you, or those you know, in your network. This goes beyond mere socialising, or some kind of team effort. It feels complicated, and intense, and interesting - and it is! You may as well dive into it, Aries.


We have a lot of traffic in your sector of career, unpaid work, achievement, status, ambition and university life this week. It feels like someone is about to pick up the snow globe of your life and shake it up. Why? Two big asteroids are about to come in, and there's an awful lot to sort out anyway, because you knew your boss, colleague or employee in a previous incarnation and you two have serious karma to collect or repay. In fact, it may be from this lifetime, just a few years ago. You may feel as if you have to make it up to someone. Maybe you feel you have to make it up to the universe. It can go the other way as well. You feel righteous. Entitled. Deserving and - 'owed' by a person, organisation or the world in general! Taurus, this does have an end point around Saint Valentine's Day. Until then this is a truly fascinating, challenging and rewarding episode in your life, which feels so distinct from everything else.


You are now writing a story about foreign people and places, publishing, education, academia or the worldwide web. You have written it before, not literally but symbolically. However, this is striking you, the particular trip, move, foreign connection, book, course or internet issue has been with you at least once and maybe many times, in terms of its basic theme, challenge and reward. This may be why you are rolling your eyes and thinking 'Here we go again' as it is finally clear to you that dealing with visa and passport questions one more time reconnects you to prior migrations or journeys. This is a busy, busy part of your chart now but the karma element comes from the transiting South Node. Beyond that, this is a process and it ends in February, with a new beginning. It's the kind of new beginning where you walk towards something/someone quite adamantly, or you walk away from them towards someone/something else!


As always, your life comes down to values at the moment. If you are avoiding tax, and it's legal, but you know it is wrong (greed!) then now through February is a time of reckoning. In fact, you may decide to stay put and do what you've always done - yet December, January, February will not leave you alone in terms of the choices you make. This also applies to the emotional currency of money - if you feel you should be doing more/giving more/repaying more on a non-cash level, then now through February is your time of reckoning, no matter if the issue is business, the house, the apartment or the possessions. You have a ton of asteroids in your chart now, and they lead you to an eclipse in February which will direct you one way or another and also influence the rest of 2018. This is also the time of year when Cancerians like yourself accept settlements, bonuses, redundancy packages, promotion pay rises and so on. You can also reach the end of the line with jobs which force you to think about salary versus 'What it's actually worth' in terms of peace of mind, freedom, integrity and yes - sanity. All this is just a random grab-bag of examples (you will have your own) of what a stellium in Aquarius can do. Choices wait. There's a real mood change by the weekend - an atmospheric shift - which will make your choices easier!



We now have a ton of horoscope action in the zone that rules your former, current or potential partner. Also your enemy, rival or opponent. As you might expect, this makes December-February action-packed, in terms of the head miles you have to do. Also the heart rotations. This week will raise the issue of marriage for an unusually high number of Leo people as Juno goes into your Seventh House of engagements. Around St. Valentine's Day may be the next big step - in terms of yes or no. Even if you're not really in the white cake zone, there is still some kind of fated yes or no, near February 14th, thanks to that eclipse. In other cases, Leo, you have a conflict or contest going on and this week is key. I would say the whole mood is about to change, actually, and instead of you, he or she merely going through the motions, it feels as if there has to be a commitment. I am tempted to say it is like the ancient act of throwing down the gauntlet, or perhaps setting the date for a contest. Leo, be it love or war, there is karma here. You two owe each other, here. You owe each other from a few years ago, or from lifetimes ago. You both consented to this too!


Even without astrology, you know this is classically the time of year when employers or colleagues are reshuffled, promoted, lose their jobs or quit. Work as a whole is an evolving, shifting, restless area for you, now through February. The astrological reason is a ton of factors in Aquarius, the sign which rules your paid or unpaid work. The common-sense reason is it's the end of the year. Yet - beyond that, the arrival of Juno (commitment) in your job, university, housework, chores, service and duty zone is big. There is clearly a moment of truth waiting in the weeks to come, and you or someone else will have to take a very deep breath and say a very big 'Yes' (or even more seriously, decline). There is a fair amount of karma in the mix, so you and others have past life debts and credits to pay, or there may be karma from the last few years (even going back to the New Millennium). The feeling of 'revisit, recycle, repay, reclaim' is pretty common when the Node goes through this zone of your chart, and it truly is - joined by some major asteroids. That is why, no matter what is going down with your work ethic, you've seen it before. Sound familiar?


It is the right time to look more closely at the world of lovers, children or younger people as a whole. Your Fifth House describes courtship, romance and the 'dynasty' of your heirs and spares, but sometimes your junior kingdom. Aesculapia, the South Node and Ops are already in this zone of your chart and this week Juno and Hygiea will join them. That's a busy climate to take you out of 2017, but the biggest decisions may not come until February, when the Sun also arrives in your Fifth House. For now, there is a fair amount of emotional housekeeping to achieve, and perhaps some practical choices about a situation which is karmic in nature. By that I mean you knew each other before. You have debts and credits in this life, but others as well. This may be the classic 'recognition' pattern we often see with parents and babies, who feel these old souls are strangely familiar, even at birth. The wheel of karma may take you back a few years, or a few centuries, but if you feel as if something needs to be settled, repaid, given or claimed - you are probably right. A commitment is looming. A choice is waiting. It will alter 2018.


And so, we come to the end of the year, which is traditionally a time for family reunions, as it is Christmas. There are other reasons for relatives to return as holidays from work or vacations from college roll around as the year ends. In your astrological chart there is a huge focus on the family tree, home, your home town, homeland, household and so on. This time of year also brings classic property questions about tenancies ending/starting, holiday accommodation and year-end decisions to buy, sell or move. However, you are affected, and this is all leading somewhere, as February suggests a moment of final truth. A family event or decision may be pending from this week forward, for example, or it may be a couple of months before you see the conclusion of what is a core idea about your house or apartment this week. The arrival of the powerful little asteroid Juno suggests a commitment is looming. No commitment is ever perfect, and this one has pros and cons, but it won't go away. Did you know that you are now fulfilling karma with a flatmate, close relative, tenant, landlord, builder or live-in lodger? The wheel turns. If a situation feels familiar or somehow loaded, in a way that goes beyond the actual agreement or arrangement - that's because it is! Finally, Scorpio, if this week is purely about your village, city or town (perhaps your country and sense of nationhood) this is clearly a massive issue that goes way beyond your own front door. What you pursue, now through February, will change everything for a long time.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.