Your horoscope for 12-18 February 2018 is officially here

Be wary of this week’s eclipse, it's going to throw some MAJOR shade over the truth!

By Jessica Adams
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You need to figure out if you need to travel or move. This is a really important time for your big ideas, thoughts and plans. Ever since your ruling planet, Mars, changed signs on January 27th, you have been in a situation where the only real option is to reach out to other nationalities, countries and regions. Nothing is really going to grow and prosper where you are, either because the work environment is not suitable, or there is not enough to feed this plan at home. You are in this cycle until Mars leave Sagittarius, the sign of exploration, on March 17th.

As Mars is also your ruling planet, there is a real question here about how much of an action woman, or action man, you actually are. I am sure you know Mars is associated with pushing forward in the world and striking out. What is unusual about your horoscope now is that you are coming out of a long cycle from September 2015 through December 2017 (only recently ended) during which everything seemed to feel so hard. In fact, you have may been temporarily affected by what you endured. Back then, Saturn was in Sagittarius so every time you tried to travel, or travel in the mind, you hit obstacles. Now, things are different. You have a firm grip on your abilities. I do feel you need a bit of R&R to get yourself into a position where you can make the big move, Aries.

You may need to recover, so that you are back to your old, red-blooded self. That's fine, but don't wait too long. I don't think anything is going to thrive and prosper here, unless you are proactive. Do the research and find out exactly where things belong, and perhaps where you belong as well – either temporarily or even permanently. We have an eclipse too, which can always be a blind spot, so make sure you are 'seeing' the second plan, as well as the first one. There are two. You're ignoring or forgetting something else, just as important and you need to release that and transport it too.


This week is really about your ambition, Taurus. There are mountains to climb in the distance and Everests to conquer. It might be the next pinnacle of status or success, but you can't really ignore it. Sometimes you also have to go the long way around, or take your time getting into the right situation, the right frame of mind with the right backing. We have an eclipse this week in the sign of Aquarius which rules the groups in your life. It usually involves friends and acquaintances, and it classically involves Twitter. As you probably know, an eclipse is always a blind spot. You're in the dark about things.

Occasionally there is a cover-up. Things can also happen behind the scenes. I mention this, because Aquarius is the zodiac sign which rules your ambition. You're going to want to be super aware of where people stand within your group and how they feel about that. Of course, an eclipse passes. Once the Moon has changed signs, a new day will dawn. Though we have to allow the world to catch up with itself, so you may want to factor that in. You will know a great deal more about 'the hive' mindset afterwards, and ultimately look at your ambitions again and think about what they will involve.
Rethinking strategy, tactics, approach and weighing up your own commitment is the final story.


Well, it is Valentine's Day, Gemini. But it's only every couple of years that your find yourself so deep in your zone of former, current and potential partners. You two have a decision to make. Stay or go? Closer or further apart? A step forward? A break up? The thing is, you don't really get Mars, the action planet, in your opposite sign of Sagittarius without dealing with the fact that you two are polar opposites. By that, I mean you are different but equal. It's hard to think of a time when you have been more obviously different to each other. Yet, there are some things which are exactly the same. You are both sexual beings and it's time to face some naked truths.

We have some astrological weather in this department also including Proserpina. She's quite a powerful little asteroid and she always brings a situation or person into your life to act as a kind of middle man. It may be a person playing Cupid this week, or someone to give your guidance about your relationship. Proserpina is really active in your horoscope on Monday, the same day as Mars on Monday 12th February, so this kicks in a couple of days before Valentine's Day. The communication is missing. Trying to read his/her mind or just assuming is not a good call. The communication will be a great deal easier after Thursday or Friday when the classic blind spots or missing information you get with an eclipse, is no longer there.

I can't really over-emphasise how important this week is. It could be the beginning of the end, or it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.


We have a lot of action this week in your zone of all things foreign and travel related. Chiron, Ops, Neptune, Diana, Panacea, Aesculapia, Venus and finally your ruler, the Moon, are all in Pisces, which is the inspiring sign which rules your prospects across Europe, the United States and Australasia. Finally, the planet Mercury, ruler of communication, enters Pisces on Sunday 18th February. So if that doesn't leave you with a truckload of choices, I don't know what will. You're clearly going for the big booking, negotiation, or commitment with one eye on March.

I am sure you know Pisces is the sign of the fishes. One swims towards the Northern Hemisphere, one swims towards the Southern Hemisphere. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of the sea. This gives a particularly aquatic feeling to your life this week. You are bobbing around. Pulled this way and that way by the currents.

One thing I would point out is that you have an eclipse to deal with this week. As we all know, eclipses make it hard to see. You don't have 100% vision the way you usually might. Looking at the asteroids in turn, I would say that you are being particularly blind to a single woman who has decided she wants to be free of commitments so she can have her independence and space. That's the asteroid Diana in your chart, and you're missing her completely!



You have to think about your former, current or potential partner on a week like this, Leo, and it is partly because Valentine's Day is here again. Near Valentine's Day itself, Wednesday 14th February, you need to figure out if you're going to make a commitment and fully invest. Yes or no? There is a question here about protecting, preserving and perhaps 'insuring' what or who is so special. I don't use the word karma lightly when I say your situation goes far back in time, perhaps before you were even born. The eclipse on Thursday 15th February suggests you (or the other person) has a blind spot. There is a total inability to see what is there! Again, near Friday 16th February, there is a lingering question about committing. Putting in the time, energy and effort. Crossing the line from inaction to action. And if there was ever a time for a conversation, this week, specifically Saturday, is the perfect opportunity.

I dare say heightened awareness of your own image is a contributing factor near Sunday – you realise how public everything is. You are not just anyone. You are a Leo. The King or Queen. And no matter if you can remember or not, reach out and touch your own past, because you were born to rule over your heirs and spares, no matter what happened in the past.


This is a week to slow down, calm down and make others do the same. Mars in Sagittarius sometimes turns up as a young man in a hurry who wants to explore, experiment and expand, with his particular concept or plan. If you come across someone like this, or you are someone like this, then the time has come to ground, centre and focus. In general, you will be 'go, go, go' this week, and yet there is a fine line between immaculate timing and rushing it. You may want to keep an eye on that. I would say it's high time that a concept, idea or plan was planted. It has tremendous potential. Yet, the question remains – where? This search for the right environment is very important, but there is only so much that can be done on the fly. Research can save a lot of time and energy.

I am also aware of the eclipse you have in Aquarius this week, which rules your work, volunteering and education path. If you are typical of your zodiac sign, this always leads you back to planning, so it's worth remembering all the blind spots that come with an eclipse. It is also typical of an eclipse that one is 'blind' or even somewhat cross-eyed when it comes to proper direction. Again, given that the actual concept or plan is so rich in potential, I think you, or somebody central to the whole deal, needs to find a way to time it right, while also acknowledging that there is precious little clarity here at the moment. This will pass along with the Moon out of Aquarius.


You can't really avoid talking about health, lifestyle, fitness and your physical state when you have a stellium in Pisces like this. If you read your stars regularly, I'm sure you know that Pisces rules how you deal with health issues and how you deal with them. We have a huge amount of the all-important asteroids alongside Neptune and Chiron in Pisces at the moment.

If ever there was a case of 'failure to see' it's this week. We have an eclipse which always obscures what is obvious. Libra, this week is very much about seeing that your head space affects your physical body, as well as learning how it does or does not serve you at the moment. The key is that word 'serve' because you have to drill down very deep to understand what a particular condition is doing for you. This goes way beyond the physical into issues like your state of mind; depression; anxiety. It can go into other mind, body and spirit related areas like 'soldiering on' and being stoic.

You won't this week, but what you can certainly do is get out of your habitual physical state long enough to realise how you might otherwise operate in the world. When I see Chiron, Ops, Neptune, Diana, Panacea, Aesculapia, Venus and the Moon all in your Sixth House of constitution, physical condition and routine, I have to be honest about what might actually be going on.


When we have this much action in the sign of Aquarius, which rules groups, you're not going to get through the week without dealing with the 'hive' mindset. I can see your ambitions and goals in the distance. However, before you even go there, you have to figure out how to make it work with a circle or community of people you are at odds with. I think this really does come back to your particular ideas, concepts, plans, opinions and the rest. This is exactly the same for the others and this may include friends, former friends or even frenemies.

What you are actually going through is the rare cycle of the Nodes in Aquarius (the group) and Leo (leadership). They say, 'heavy is the head that wears the crown.' Well, heavier still, is the head that lost a crown. You really are in that kind of cycle. Now, being a fixed sign, and therefore fixed in your ideas and emotions, I would be astonished if you could just drop everything and make it work with these people. Yet, Aquarius is an intensely idealistic sign and we associate it with barn-raising.

I know that you have an awful lot of healing, repair, rest and recovery to achieve before you can even think about meeting others halfway. And you may decide you are never, ever going to do that. Yet – you cannot get to the achievements without getting past the group. Look again and you will see just how remarkably similar your views and ideas are. Not the same. No, but similar – and isn't that a decent starting point for an attempt at unity?



This seven-day period is about possibly cutting people out, cutting things back, or dropping an axe. This looks like it's a week for chopping and changing. People or situations need to be cut out or at least sliced and diced. The trouble is a total lack of vision! We have an eclipse and it obscures things. What should be bright, clear and complete is darkened, dim and incomplete. You have to wonder if it's the correct week for anyone to decide to 'slice and dice' any situation, given the total lack of clarity.

This blind spot may be true for you. It may be true for another person who is absolutely central to your plans. There is a lot of assumption and guesswork here about the level of threat, or the need to be strong, swift and sturdy. This comes from that eclipse which is basically like operating blindfolded. I realise there may be a reasonable amount of risk here but do all you can to find out what is actually going on! Try to figure this pre-eclipse and then post-eclipse. During the actual eclipse, assume that for all the need to chop and change, when you, he or she cannot see what is actually going on, that is really no time to try and wing it. Unless you are absolutely desperate.


You have a Pisces in your world this week, or at least a Piscean type. What do I mean by that? He or she does not live in the real world. You have a ton of Pisces traffic in your horoscope, so you will be dealing with someone typical of the sign. You have to enter into their world and join in, or forget it. They cannot meet you halfway because they are not realists, nor are they grounded. They do not really want to know what the real world is. Or sometimes you just get flakes. And let me tell you, the term 'flakey' was invented for the person you are around this week. He or she is front and centre. Attention must be paid.

You also need to figure out how to use the situation. Do you want to take a vacation from planet earth? Great, get on board with this person. Are you absolutely stuck in the real world and have no desire or need to take a giant leap into La La Land? That is also fine, but this person still has something that could interest you. I realise it's Valentine's Day. Please if you are single, don't break your own heart by imagining that this personal is actually another earth sign like you, and all ready for a mortgage and a baby. Take him for what he is. Or don't take him at all.


We have this Aquarius-Leo pattern in your horoscope at the moment, and so it's really about the group (Aquarius) and the leader (Leo). This goes into purely social situations in your own life. To date, we have had no action at all with this Leo-Aquarius split in your chart. Now, we have the potential for action. Will it happen? I really don't know. It depends on how much you want to make this real. Because, Aquarius, if you did want to see some massive change with the leading figures in your group, it could really happen. You would just have to bring it into being.

If you want to scatter the group, split the ranks and really see how much unity there is in comparison to how much desire for space and freedom there is, this week could be your moment. You could also seriously shrug this off as mere potential and do other things. One reason I think you might be tempted to convert from imagination into reality is your ambition. One look at your horoscope and you see all kinds of goals, from very high, to medium-achievable. This ambition will be there until November. Right now, as you go into the middle of February, the loaded question of who gets to be the leader of the pack.


Pisces, you need to rest, repair and recover and then you can move on. Some things are just water under the bridge. You are getting close to that point, but you do need to understand how important it is to have time alone. We have a lot of astrological patterns in Aquarius, now, which is one sign behind you. This is associated with your life 'behind the scenes'. It is also associated with the secrets you keep, and your own inner state of mind. There is no way you can go out to dinner and be fully involved, or accept party or other invitations, this week, at least not without somehow faking it. You actually need to go deeply within, so that you can ultimately come out again and sort your emotional life out.

We have an eclipse this week, and an eclipse is always a blind spot. You are honestly not seeing one or two really special and precious relationships in your life. They are solid gold and they are right behind you. One or two people have your back, and you're not even recognizing that! I hope you do. It would help you make better sense of two or three other emotional connections which have fallen by the wayside. You are really responding to your horoscope timing quite sensitively now, which means you won't act until you feel ready. There is no point. You have to feel like your old self before you can deal. Until then, there's no point.

What I would like to point out, apart from the one or two really precious people you're not recognising, is the power of a group. When the time is right, let this group carry you to a better place. To say the future looks full of tremendous possibility is the understatement of the week. There is so very much to explore and experiment with.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.