Your horoscope for 15-21 January 2018 is here and it sounds ~steamy~

A 'sextile' is here and here's everything you need to know.

By Jessica Adams
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You will be looking very deeply at the pros and cons of a major promise involving the finances this week, with more to come by February. You can't leave this for much longer and some kind of firm 'yes' or 'no', will be required. Of course commitments have their good and bad points. You do need to go on a fact-finding mission here, not only with direct questions, but the back story too. You could actually go into March having made a significant decision that would affect the whole year. Because the Node is involved, there also is karma with the person/organisation involved. Since December The Capricorn Effect has taken hold and you are now well up to speed with the way it's going to be with 'Me' in 2018. Facts are facts. You can't really avoid these issues about your identity. The key is to find the approach that makes you feel most secure and comfortable. Security is terribly important to you, Capricorn, as you need to find a firm footing that will help you stand on solid ground. Those 'Me' issues have been teaching you so much for the last eight or nine years. Now there is even more to learn. It may feel personal to you, but others have been there before you – reach out.


Not just one, but two options for your appearance or identify have appeared since December. You may even have a third option here too. The Universe is stacking up the choices and the irony is, you could take none of them and even go looking for a fourth! It's been a very long time since you had this kind of activity in your own sign, and some key asteroids are in there. It may feel as if this is all happening at once, after months of disappointment or just zero action. This is quite true. Your chart has turned that way. So – if you want a fuller, more interesting, more substantial life in 2018 you will say 'yes' to someone or something, by February. It's not a perfect option at all, and you can see the potential pitfalls, but you might just go for it. A classic example is a new job which gives you a new profile and new title. You're going to have a new beginning this week. It's really important, too, because it influences 2018 and maybe even 2019, 2020. If you need to get it out of your head, write it down then shred it. You're really under the radar at the moment, because of this and it's private.


With so much activity in Aquarius, one sign behind you, there is a great deal happening in secret or even on an unconscious level, which means your dreams could be speaking quite loudly to you. The Twelfth House of your chart, ruled by Neptune (your own ruler) is now loaded. By February you will need to make a decision about what you have been covering up or ignoring, as it is out of your conscious mind. Sometimes we call this the house of everything psychological and confidential matters. You may decide to walk right away from the major promise now hovering. If you say 'yes', though, it will change your year. We also have a New Moon, meaning a new beginning, in your house of friendship. Try to avoid interpreting what goes down as a test of your power. It's really not. The fact is, you can find empowerment through the group as a whole, or through the act of friendship. The trick with this cycle is to harness collective energy and ability.


Jupiter in Scorpio continues to show you solutions or opportunities, where your finances are concerned. You only get this cycle once every 12 years so make the most of it. Very close to Wednesday you will also see a new beginning in your career – or where your unpaid work is concerned. This is the result of a deep change in the balance of power, which you have been aware of all month. This week is also very much about the circle of friends, or social group, you are involved with. Commitment, karma and the protection of the future are all themes. There may literally be an engagement or wedding here, or the commitment may be symbolic, so your friendships and team involvements pose a question, or pop a question in some way. The karma may be clear to you; this is either a variation on a theme you know from years ago, or there is a sense of past life memory filtering through. What you begin this week with this friend or this network of people, will very much set up February and you'll need to weigh up all the pros and cons.



Taurus, we have three stories this week. One is overseas or travel matters. Another is about your former, current or potential partner. The third story is about your status and success. What you will notice most about those who come from different places is the challenge. The challenge brings a reward and that is to feel in charge of your own life. The Jupiter-Pluto sextile this week is unusual and this is a pretty unusual time, when you are figuring out how to play the politics involved. Your success this week is related to the travel element, but in any case, the time has come to look at the pros and cons of a big decision. This is the time of year when people start new projects, hire, fire, resign or reshuffle so perhaps it is really not that surprising. At the same time, any situation where you or others must commit to a new situation requires a fairly thoughtful process of engagement, so although February is calling you already, time must be taken to make the right choice. Finally, Taurus, on a related theme, you really do need to go back to the person you have singled out (or once did) as your other half. There is a huge, open door here for the second time in a few weeks.


Gemini, so far January has been all about money. We all know what it can do for your lifestyle, but what about power and control, either for yourself or others? This week is likely to show you in no uncertain terms just how potent a row of numbers can be. As ever, the message is to run your own life and be the boss of your own self, and that takes self-control. The second horoscope pattern this week is also familiar–you are in front of an open door that leads to a genuine solution or tempting opportunity, relating to your daily life. This would make everything better and perhaps so much bigger, so don't wait to be invited twice. It may not come again. The final pattern in your chart this week involves foreign people or places. Nobody would expect any commitment to be rushed at the moment. In fact, there is a great deal to be done in terms of protecting the future. One can always say 'No' and this may be true for you or someone else. A 'yes' seems more likely, if only because certain promises and pledges do bring advantages too.


As you have known since just before Christmas, January was always going to be about the man (or woman) in your life. In any case, Pluto's sextile to Jupiter this week is powerful stuff. You have reached one of those particular moments in a relationship where you have to run your own life to cope with a situation which is bigger than both of you. Sometimes bigger changes affecting a partner can come on this cycle too – take your time. Feeling in charge and being in charge will make a difference, and this applies no matter how potent the other person seems to be. You hold a fantastic set of cards there, and this will make this rather complicated game much easier to play. Cancer, there is also a story about your finances emerging now. The crucial asteroid Juno is involved so there is clearly some kind of commitment here. As with any commitment, there are pros and cons. Turning these over, or watching someone else do this, is a big part of this week.


This week we find Venus and Bacchus all entering your opposite sign of Aquarius. The time has come to focus hard on your former, current or potential partner. There is a big story going on here. Venus herself is the goddess of desire, lust, jealousy, seduction and sex who is often given over to 'love' even though she has nothing at all to do with deep soul connection. The Sun turns a spotlight on the whole lot, and Bacchus is – of course – the asteroid we associate with pleasure and hedonism. So what does it all mean? February is certainly going to be interesting, given what January has begun. The other key factors this week are the ongoing question of your own power and control in a highly political work, study or housework situation. This has been building for three weeks and the fact is, you can't answer the questions about control unless you also figure out how your own physical condition and mental state is playing its part. There is also a substantial opportunity or solution which would make such a welcome difference to your home or family and I don't think you'll need asking twice.



This week is a real clincher in terms of the path you have been on since New Year's Eve, specifically with lovers. Maybe it's about a new partner but the situation is intensely personal to you. The point is, this involves some deep questions about how powerful you feel in the world and how much control you want. It also touches on those issues for a key person. The Jupiter-Pluto sextile this week puts the tin lid on it and we could say it's about the relationship but actually it's about your power. Now is the time is right for a choice either way and heaven knows you have had enough weeks of intensity to justify some kind of epic final decision. You now have to play it your way, after some eight or nine years of various life-changing experiences. You're learning a lot about the people in your life now too ahead of February, which is the most important month of all, particularly in your career. This week is about nailing down how your paid or unpaid work is going to serve you this year, and what it's going to depend on.


Juno in Aquarius is a hovering commitment choice for you and the world of lovers. Juno was Jupiter's wife and of course she's all about the pros and cons of big promises. This area of your life is opening up in January and by February you will have chosen to say 'yes', or 'no'. The South Node (karma) is in Aquarius right now, so along with these issues about who/what to commit to, this week you also have a fair amount of past life stuff to wade through. This cycle is affecting you Libra, and it might only be with a lover, you have a few weeks to figure out just how much of a commitment, if any, feels right. The other major story now is your home life. We have a New Moon on Wednesday which shows you a new beginning. It's political, because it's about power or control. Keep an eye on that, because you really don't want to write something in stone that has future issues written into it as well.


Your ruler Pluto is at large now, so you have to address the question of your 'voice' across all social media. But no matter if it's the technology or people, you have to figure out a new way forward. Pluto transits tend to bring a change in the balance of power–the order of things–and that's exactly what's happening this week. Finding your own chair in the game of musical chairs is always interesting. We now have new realities that were not there before. December changed things and now you're very aware of it–which means, a strategy is required. This may just be a bridge strategy or perhaps you have some overall plan for 2018 in mind, but do as much research and talking as you can. The other major deal this week is the Aquarius stellium, involving many asteroids. This is about your home life. It's colourful, it's complicated and it requires a commitment. You'll know by February if this is right for you or not, but it's rather like investing in some aspect of bricks and mortar – or your people/place. Then again you may decide not to commit at all!


Sagittarius, since December you've been aware of a project or plan moving up the radar. The person/situation which was on the margins in 2016 or 2017 has come forward and you have a choice to make, the sooner the better. At the same time, another entirely different proposal or individual is pushing forward and again–you feel as if some kind of commitment has to be made. All of this is correct and actually, you have some gaps in your life to fill, so think about how you're going to do that. You can say no to either or both, and go into March with nothing there–but in many ways that would be a waste as this line-up in your horoscope is quite engaging, challenging and appealing. You'll need to move fairly quickly on this so ask a few questions of yourself and others. We also have a major New Moon in your finances zone. That's a new beginning. It also involves big questions about who/what is in control. You? Him? Her? Them? Pluto always asks you to accept a change in the balance of power and that is certainly happening here, but you also need to use your own willpower to feel more empowered.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.