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Especially for you, Libra.

By Jessica Adams
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From Thursday 3rd May when Mercury Retrograde finally ends you will be well and truly in a new phase of your life. This is about a rebirth, no matter if we're talking about your brand, personal appearance, title, role or image. The new question: what can you get away with? Aries, you are also now on the road to the biggest money revolution of your life, which begins with a bang in May and is 'the new normal' by 2019. The thing to remember about the numbers this week, is that you need to be extremely flexible and leave the situation as open as possible, because what goes down near 15th May will throw your prior arrangements and discussions up in the air.


Matters which are classified, confidential - or which you may be in denial about - are still bubbling under. This is down to the Aries weather you are experiencing, which puts a massive focus on everything you cover up (intentionally or not). Now, you are on the road to a major decision, and although it will not be done and dusted until Thursday 3rd May, it will feel very over by then. Until then allow for some back and forth. Taurus, Uranus is about to enter your zodiac sign for probably the first time in your life. Uranus is the planet of revolution and freedom, and he is entering the First House of your chart, which rules your image, role, profile and reputation. Try to keep an open mind about what is going on this week.


Gemini, we have major movement in the zone of your chart which rules your social life. This is ongoing, because great changes take time. Essentially, the instability and uncertainty of the last few years is drawing to a close, and by 15th May you will know why. If you have been up and down with a particular friend, or just lacked a stable social circle, you will notice a change of climate. You have learned so much about what it means to be a friend - or have a friend - and also, the tremendous impact that people power can have, within a particular club, team, community and the rest.



How will you deal with your career when the drama of the last seven years actually stops? Everything has felt so new and different that you may have forgotten what 'normal' is actually like. Uranus is slowly moving out of your Tenth House of ambition, and Chiron is moving in. We're still in an odd phase of the year when nothing can really be called final until May 3rd, but until then you have a lot to think about. The real change will not come until 15th May, and that coincides with something else involving a group. This group involves one or two good friends, but you may prefer to reserve judgement as what shocks you so much, 2-3 weeks from now, is going to alter everything.


It won't be until May 3rd that you can have the final conversation about a matter which is so crucial to your plans to travel plans. At the moment you are still dealing with Mercury Retrograde, so stay flexible, keep moving and keep your diary open. Quite a lot is going down here. As for your work like Leo, from mid-May unprecedented changes are coming and unlike anything else you've ever seen. Stay open.


Virgo, an entirely new relationship with a foreign part of the world is coming your way. In fact, what happens when Uranus changes signs in the middle of May will radically alter your life. The situation is built up in stages, partly by what goes down this week. Even then, you won't know what's going to happen or how it will happen. The seeds will be sown, but the actual plant is likely to spring up, in 2-3 weeks from now. Over the next few years you may move, emigrate or develop a close relationship with a place you have previously never really considered.



Your leading question is no doubt about your love life. You are moving through a highly-charged time. Nothing is finished or final about the conversations you are having until 3rd May when Mercury Retrograde ends. Something momentous is happening though. You are preparing for the end of the revolution and the start of a new phase in your life when you will no longer be so rejected or rejecting. The end of the revolution (which began some six or seven years ago) arrives on May 15th. By 2019, after a few stops and starts, you can say it's over for good. Whatever goes down, now through May, is going to radically change your legacy to him, her or them - or theirs to you.


You are now almost at the end of an unforgettable period for your career. You have until 3rd May to add some final touched as nothing is final just yet. From 15th May, you'll embark on a completely different phase of your life, where the constant churning stops. This has been an incredible period in your life, but you have had absolutely no certainty or stability, as everything about your job has been a work in progress. The really big story, however, is about your former, current or potential partner. Proceed with an open mind and flexible approach. From May 15th it's time for shocks and although you may think where all this is going, you really don't. Not yet.


For the last few years, you've been the captain of your own ship, and you've been able to find out who you really are and what you want. Sagittarius, you are now ending this cycle and it will take until 3rd May for the final details to settle. From 15th May it will be clear to you that the constant need to invent, innovate and 'make it up as you go along' is no longer required. In fact, from 2019, that part of it all is over. This week also brings an intense focus on work and study. There will be all kinds of plots and plans, but leave things wide open if you can, as in 2/3 weeks from now a lightning bolt will come that will alter the lot.



You will finally be able to make a decision about your home in the first week of May. But you won't have the full and final story about the new direction for quite some time. Still, change is coming, and you'll be settled in your new life by December. If there is anything about yourself or your life now which prevents you from being as genuinely free as you should - especially in relation to your love life - within weeks, there will be no barriers.


Aquarius, this week is really about two things. The most important issue is your home situation. Although you are on the trail of what looks like the usual yearly decisions (housemates, leases etc.), April is actually about so much more. In fact, you are liable to see things change in the blink of an eye in May, when your ruler Uranus changes signs to this same part of your chart. You are about to see a great deal that is new, different and quite unexpected. Freedom - room to move (perhaps literally) - will become a tremendous concern for you and the sense of possibility will be very fresh, within weeks. Perhaps it's best not to lock too much in until you at least know the situation (around May 15th).


Pisces, this is a really big Mercury Retrograde in your career and finance zone. It doesn't stop until around 3rd May so keep on making allowances for a situation where normal transmission will be resumed as soon as possible. Mercury is about life admin. The fact that this planet has been wobbling around for weeks is taking its toll, yet you have to see it through, as very great shifts in the heavens are taking place which will make 2018 and 2019 the years you finally start to lock things in. Right now, you are also on the trail of fresh possibilities. This is normal, at this time of year, as April-May always brings questions like this - but 2018 will be different. Why? May will show you, exactly.