Your horoscope for 19-25 February 2018 is officially here

The week is all about makin’ it rain!

By Jessica Adams
Millie Mobby Brown Birthday Horoscope Pisces


You will be on the giving or receiving end of money this week, and it will have big consequences for how you feel. You may be donating or paying out. Accepting payment, or taking a donation or handout. You can translate this into spiritual values without even trying, Pisces, because everything has a price and there is always some kind of emotional bargain. What might help to remember is that it's about what is fair. There is a principle of justice here. Maybe you are looking at judges, barristers or lawyers now, in which case, fairness rules. Equally, begging is really not what this is about. On a more practical note, ask yourself how something a bit less dramatic and a bit more balanced for everybody can replace this scenario next time. There is enough to go around.


You don't have all day to figure out what you and your significant other must do about your living situation. Here is an opportunity or solution which won't last forever, so a decision must be made. Your former, current or potential partner is an entirely different breed to you. Figuring out the right path for both of you involves the obvious choice, as well as alternatives which are unexplored. 'The Road Less Travelled' you might say. One thing which may help is a clearer vision of the groups in your life. I am sure you know which circle of people I mean. Get the measure of those people properly and don't assume or guess. Really address who and what is there.


You must make up your mind about your home, money and possession situation this week. As a Taurus you know the value of hanging on and holding on, especially when it comes to your money or your home. It is also rather easy to become stuck and there are new possibilities out there which would add value to life. The kind of value that cannot really be measured in dollars. If someone is hard to budge, I am sure you can relate. How to best negotiate? You cannot rush people, but you need to read hearts and minds to make deals. If it is you who is stuck and can't proceed, make an inventory of your available funds.


A group or circle of people in your life that are very important to you has split. Uranus, Salacia and Ops are in your group and community zone. This means there is potential for a solution if you want it. However, it will take time and hard work for everyone to feel united again. When the past is cut away, people get hurt. When the old is axed to make way for the new, it can take time to heal. There is a major issue here about space!

This is the kind of group where people must figure out how independent each person is allowed to be, without losing the people power that comes when everyone is together. There are goals here. There are ambitions. Everything is possible and I am sure you can see that. Two things will help. One is to recognise that the individual ideas and plans of each person in this group are oh so similar. This is the case even if one person feels separated from the rest. Another is to respect and honour the healing process for one individual. If you don't, someone could walk. And that would be a waste. And it may bring certain risks.



Keep churning out the work and making the money, Cancer. With Mars, planet of energy and action, in your Sixth House of daily grind until Saturday 17th March, you really have to apply yourself to the task at hand. One thing that may motivate you is your thoughts about a home or holiday. The only real caution here is that if you rush things, you'll have to go back and start again. Mars cycles like this can make us impatient to finish, so the money can go into our account. One thing that may also help motivate you? Quiet pride in your profession.


The time has come to figure out the mind, body and spirit connection. Finding a relaxation technique for your body, like yoga, will help to also relax your mind. At the same time, using your willpower to control your thoughts, through mindfulness or cognitive therapy, will make a big difference to how you feel physically. You have a beautiful space to call your own in your home. Enjoy it. The method you master this week will be like a rock you can lean on in years to come. If you are living with depression, anxiety or insomnia, try to find the single technique that really works for you.


Is this you or someone else Virgo? The outcome is important in either case. A large sum of money can be invested, saved, wasted, hoarded or donated. This money may present as an asset, a valuable share, or a precious project. Sometimes glittering possessions turn up on a week like this. You have important patterns in Aries, which rules your Eighth House of finance, security, lifestyle and profit.

Uranus, Salacia and Ops are here, so let's look at them in turn. Uranus raises questions about freedom. Nobody wants to be tied down by money. What price tag can you or someone else hang on space and independence? What does it cost? There is always the suggestion with Uranus that one could do something quite radical with the cash. Salacia suggests daydreaming, non-reality, a holiday from the real world. Both feet are off the ground. That's fine as far as it goes, but let's now turn to Ops, who arrives on Saturday. She is the mother of sensible, down-to-earth, practical solutions with real long-term benefits. Ops is your friend! Now, strike a deal.


If you are facing a legal decision this week, then justice will be done. If you step back from the situation once a judgement has been made, you will see that it was strictly equal. Even if there is no barrister, judge, lawyer or jury in your life, a situation where issues about fairness or equality dominate will be finalised. Once again, if you can step back from the outcome you will see that there is symmetry.

We currently have Uranus, Salacia and Ops in your opposite sign. Opposites can be at odds with each other, or widely apart, but open to negotiation. Your personal birth chart will tell you what kind of battle this is. Sometimes the issue is just with your partner and the principles of fairness within a relationship. The arrival of Ops in your opposite sign of Aries on Saturday suggests an important turning point is on the way. You are well-known for walking the path of fairness, justice and equality. Now, you can. Both sides have to agree. It's even.



The money, precious possession or valuable asset in question this week is enough to make a difference to the long-term future if it is used wisely. The question will be where to put it and how to spend it. I would suggest that there is something already growing which you could make more of. But you have put it to the back of your mind. There is real business, work or property potential here if you do the research. You obviously need the ideal climate and timing if you're going to take a little and watch it turn into a lot.

How soon could the rewards come? We're talking 2019. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves into Sagittarius, the sign which rules your returns and profits, that year. At the moment, Mars, the planet of action, is in Sagittarius, which might explain why you feel you need to do something before it all burns a hole in your pocket. It may seem as if you have larger and more serious, weighty issues to deal with now, that could possibly be offset by a relatively small amount. Don't be fooled. This could grow very quickly. Any homework you can do will be worth it.


Taking a practical and down-to-earth approach to money, the precious possession or the valuable asset now is a good idea. Rather than daydreaming about what you could do with it, try to move your gaze away from this and towards the immediate, obvious priority. With sensible Saturn in your finance, property and business zone at the moment, you have to do what is necessary. That may not be particularly inspiring but it will make a hell of a difference to how secure (or even wealthy) you are over the long-term. You're in a cycle when Jupiter could return a decent profit or outcome in 2020.

Beyond that, you need to look at what/who urgently needs attention to the point where it's sticking out like a sore thumb. Put this to work and do all the boring jobs required. You won't regret it afterwards. And then, you can turn your attention to the family tree and to your ambitions.


Capricorn, this is a milestone week for your health and wellbeing, if you want it to be that is. This may involve a group in your life. Clubs, teams, associations and all circles are bringing very good news for you at the moment. You have fortunate Jupiter in this zone of your chart for the first time in 12 years. But even if you keep the excellent social, friendship and community side of your life separate from your body, your body would still love a solution.

This is the week to see a doctor, surgeon, healer or someone similar. It's the week to have a session with a fitness instructor, Pilates teacher or naturopath. I can see lucky old Jupiter moving into your body zone in November. That might seem a long way off, but good things start early, and with Mars also in your body zone now, the time has definitely come. Update yourself on treatments, therapies, discoveries and the latest theories in health and medicine. What condition is your condition in? Open up to who and what can make a difference.


Don't daydream for too long about the money, the precious possession or the asset. Life has a way of rolling on and sometimes you can miss what's good when remaining too distracted by the dollars or a valuable item. You need to get your feet on the ground. We have Neptune, that great symbol of swimming, diving, surfing and treading water, in your cash zone, so it's no wonder you appear to be floating. It can be nice to float but you need good advice and a few useful updates. There's the upkeep of the things you love, for a start. There is also an ambition there, and what an ambition. When the time is right, find the experienced expert you trust for a discussion about how to spend it or save it. The future depends on it.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.