Your horoscope for 19th-25th June has arrived

Cancer babies, this week is about YOU.



Between now and September, you will renovate or move - and consider the idea of reshuffling your family or household. Welcome to the new Cancer cycle which begins very quickly this week, as you see the sliver of the New Moon above your house or apartment, in the night sky. It takes time to feel ‘at home’ with what home actually means to you, so despite the sudden way one issue springs to life, give yourself plenty of time to negotiate the details. Certainly by September there will be a new set-up, no matter if this is about your residence, your sense of belonging, or your clan.

Aries, this week ends with a couple of important decisions. One is signalled by Saturn in Sagittarius. You must make a practical decision about education, travel or beliefs. There is no perfect answer because the situation must be managed, rather than sprinkled with fairy dust! Take your time but know that – very soon – things will be in final place.


A particular project, idea or course will take up more time and energy between now and the end of September, resulting in a new deal. It really depends on your personal chart, but as a high percentage of Taurus people have planets in Gemini, the sign which rules the internet, speech and writing – it seems very likely that June-September is a game-changer for you! I expect it will all begin quite suddenly as your horoscope ticks over in a matter of days. By the weekend you have a ‘day one’ feeling in your chart, but do remember you are playing a long game here. In order to allow the process of transformation to be successful – you will need to keep things as calm and cool as possible. Taurus, this week is also about your money – as if you didn’t know. It is about your house, business and so on. To be caught between a rock and a hard place, is quite normal on this cycle. It ends at Christmas. You will gain enormously from the final quarter of next year and by 2019 hard decisions now will be just a memory. Now, get the best advice you can afford.


Gemini, ever since Saturn changed signs in September 2015, you have been forced to learn one lesson after another, regarding those who are on the other end of the scales. This may have been your former, current or potential partner, sexual or professional. Sometimes the scales have been so heavily weighted against you, that you have been trying to bring harmony and symmetry to a feud, or a clearly lopsided legal situation. I mention the scales, because this weekend Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius will remind you not to load anything else onto your end. No more psychological or real burden! Find out what worked for others before you and take a leaf out of their book. Gemini, you also have to deal with questions of image or reputation. Again, the weekend will move things on. Figure out what you can compromise over best, and pursue it. The other story which begins this week concerns your apartment or possessions. It runs until the final week of September and as you will clearly have to divide, add, subtract and draw up a new deal then, you may want to set out on the right foot by keeping things nice and civilised.


All eyes and ears are pointed in your direction between now and September and there will be a relaunch of your name, reputation and/or appearance over the next four months. This new cycle begins quite quickly this week and the New Moon you see building in the sky is your clue. One thing is certain. The whole business of ‘Me’ should be handled as carefully as possible, because otherwise Mars – the planet of heat and speed – could crank things up to the point where a later decision becomes more difficult, in August and September. So, try to keep things on an even keel from the beginning, but do think about how you would ultimately like to look and appear to the world, at the end of September. This is not narcissism, nor is it ego – it is the simple fact that you, your face, your name and all you stand for – is about to become a priority.

This week also sees an opposition across the Sagittarius-Gemini axis of your chart. You know all about the very limited choices you have with your daily workload. Try not to heap any more on your shoulders with the decisions you make. In any case, this cycle ends at Christmas.. Give yourself time and space this weekend, as there is a fair bit of chopping and changing required. This applies no matter if you are seeing a psychologist or involved in clandestine operations.


Everything changes in the blink of an eye. From Wednesday 21st June your ruler the Sun moves into Cancer, the sign which rules your role behind the scenes and also your life below the surface. Cancer rules the Twelfth House of your solar chart, which is associated with the unconscious mind and the spirit, as well as subterfuge. What you hear, read or discuss on 20th, 21st, 22nd June tells you what the story will be. This prompts a new beginning on your life very close to Saturday 24th June. Leo, this new cycle runs until September. There are two other stories this week, both peaking near Sunday 25th June. If you do take anything/anybody on at that point, please make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for. At the same time, the weekend shows you what must be done with a group which involves a friend. Try to park emotions at the door. You must both/all come to a new arrangement where the rights, roles and responsibilities are shared very differently. If this is going to last over the long-term, then it has to be achingly reasonable, at all costs – and practical.


Over the next four months, you will be drawn into an important reorganisation of one or more groups in your life. These may be purely social or rather more formal. You obviously have one or more friendships at stake, as the Eleventh House of your chart rules friends as well as social acquaintances, or those involved in your society, committee and so on. Virgo, it would be so easy for things to become heated, that you may want to be quite watchful from this point on. In fact, what you all come up with in September will ensure that power and control is distributed in a more thoughtful and meaningful way. Together you can do more than you ever could alone, but you may need to be quite mindful of the best path to change, from this week forward. Virgo, we also have a Gemini-Sagittarius opposition ending the week. Lean on what is tried, tested and trusted. It is your best bet. The career or university is less important, long-term, but it does matter – try to play your part in a sweeping change to the rights, roles and responsibilities of all the people involved. It’s over quite soon. Demotions and promotions would be typical. So might a shift in the balance of power.


Very suddenly, the issue becomes your career this week. The Midheaven of your chart is where you try to get to the top, achieving your ambitions or scaling the social heights. Libra, this is going to be a long-running story in your life until September, finishing with a reshuffle or just a new way of sharing rights and responsibilities, at the end of September. The powerful little dwarf planet Ceres is at large then, and it is very common for people or organisations to be ‘dwarfed’ while others are upsized, so in general, from this week forward you are going to see quite a long process of change. Although, with an extremely important meeting, news item or paper trail coming your way, and a fresh start with the New Moon this weekend.

Saturn’s opposition to Ceres on Sunday suggests a reality check about communication on all fronts. Deep change is also required with your travel, foreign or internet agenda and although it will involve time and energy, you will ultimately end up with a new arrangement which lasts. The trick with this one is to use your famous ability to balance the scales, to bring harmony and symmetry to a situation where feelings are raw. The win-win is your speciality, Libra, so go for that trip.


Once you have made a firm, practical choice about your money and possessions– it is there for you to lean on, and live with. In Australia, of course, you will be doing your tax. Scorpio, this cycle ends at Christmas and in fact, you will have stunning opportunities to make or save money from the final quarter of 2018 so please see this as a long-term cycle. What else is going on now? Immense change between this week and the final week of September. You may be looking across the map, or dealing with people from a foreign background. Try to move very slowly and carefully, watching, listening and learning as you go. If you can see this as a long process ending in a new arrangement in September, it will make more sense. I know that when Mars is transiting this zone of your chart it can sometimes feel as if everything has to happen immediately, and action rules the day. Don’t be misled. Actually, Scorpio, the outcome of this is going to change everything, so tiptoe, don’t race.


Once you have finished a chain of important choices about your former, current or potential partner, the deed is done. This also applies to your foe, rival or opponent. It will take a little more time to get there, and I would not be surprised to hear that this weekend is a moment of truth and next week is the final stage. Essentially, Ceres in your opposite sign of Gemini is about a redistribution of passion, power and control. No prizes for guessing who this is about, but if you can avoid adding to the emotion which is already there, your task will be a great deal easier. It needs to be something you can both live with long-term and that is why raw feelings should be parked, if you can possibly do that. The other chart movement this week involves Saturn in Sagittarius, your own sign. Do what you must where your name is concerned and then get on with the rest of your life. All the ‘me’ issues will be a joy in 2019 so never let it be said that your horoscope does not spin around in your favour eventually. From now through the end of September there is a four-month process of transformation. If you don’t already have the best advice you can afford, time to reach out for some.


Very quickly, beginning this week, you start a new cycle when just about everything with your partner will change, over a four-month period. This also applies to your former or potential partner. Capricorn, the Seventh House of your chart also describes enemies, so perhaps this is what you are dealing with. Above all, do not let any heat or urgency enter the room. I know this is a tricky task, given that Mars is right opposite your sign at the moment – yet if you have a strategy and awareness too, everything can be managed. By the final week of September 2017 the last detail will be ironed out between you. This is a change in the balance of power. There will be a forced compromise where you and he, or you and she, must share the turf very differently.

Capricorn, what else is going on this week? Firstly you must make a firm, solid, practical decision about the secret you are hiding. Saturn, your ruler, is at large. This is personal. You’re going to have to come up with a ‘fair shares’ arrangement with your housework, paid work, unpaid work or degree. This is your body, after all. Your lifestyle! So, set aside more time and energy to try and negotiate what works.


Between now and September there could easily be a reshuffle in your work place or chosen profession. Demotions and promotions are very likely, as you begin a slow process of change. Aquarius, this is down to the cluster of heavenly bodies in the sign of Cancer, now sweeping through your Sixth House, which rules duty, your body, and also your mind. This brings me to your food, drink, doctor, trainer, and so on. Again, we have a four month process of change starting this week. Across all these areas of your life try to slow down and cool down, and if others speed up and heat up, have a strategy for that. Mars does not really help Ceres do her job, and that job (by September) is a new lifestyle arrangement.

This weekend reminds you that the only answer with a friend, and a group, is the boring-but-sensible one. There are no easy or fast solutions, just time-worn wisdom to lean on – and that’s the only thing that will really help you here. It also looks as if you wondering when things will be sorted out with a lover. Youth in general belongs to this zone of your chart as much as a crush. The answer to your question is ‘from this weekend’ and in fact, there will be a completely changed outcome very soon.


Between now and the final week of September, Pisces, you will be involved in a long process of change. Don’t bank on things staying the same, though – the future is calling. Once Ceres changes signs, you are on the road to a completely new arrangement by September. Along the way, you are going to find out how power and control work with particular people. Some Pisceans are free from any ties at all and prefer large-scale involvement with youth – if this is the case with you, it may be young adults as a whole who are at the heart of a new deal, by September. Moving along from this story in your chart, Pisces, we come to your career. No surprises here, but your career, or university degree is now throwing you a choice. It’s a no-choice kind of choice! Yet, once you have decided, you have one more river to cross in December and then you can turn your back on this difficult journey. The weekend also brings your attention to a relative, flatmate or politician. The mother of all compromises is about to be parked in your world and it will make a lasting difference to your family and so on.

Source: Jessica Adams.

Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide