Your horoscope for 19-25 March 2018 is officially here

This week is all about sorting your thoughts and taking action!

By Jessica Adams
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You can fix up a difficult situation with a smile on your face this week, Aries. Human nature means that people around you will make life complicated for each other. You can be the hero or heroine who cleans things up and prevents any future trouble.

The Sun and Apollo both enter Aries this week — your own zodiac sign. It's time to stand up and be counted. You'll be put in a position where you can show leadership and do what an Aries does best. Act swiftly and make sure that any potential for another conflict is removed. This may be family members, friends or a work situation, but it's time to step up.


Taurus, this is a really good week to get back to your roots. By that, I mean your family tree, history, culture, and background. You seem to be close to that, but not actually doing anything about it. This is a great chance for you to reach back — and reach out — and remember that who you are is where you come from. This will also help you appreciate what you are being given emotionally.

There are a number of solid gold, extremely precious bonds or relationships on offer. To make the most of them, you'll actually have to work on yourself first. Then, you can become the person who makes the most of them, not the person who is disconnected from them. Reconnect with others by reconnecting with your true self.


Your ruler Mercury is standing still. Normally it would be all systems go with a friendship, or a special connection with somebody else in your group.

For a very few Gemini women, what we have here is a problem with travel or communication. This applies no matter if we are talking straight friendship or something more meaningful. You'll have to wait it out. Don't give up on this. The feelings are real! The intention is pure. Yet, this person is trying to connect or cross, to meet you halfway, on the most difficult cycle in the book. So, you may have to take more time and trouble than you normally would.


The people, places or situations most foreign to you are now the focus. This is primarily because someone has been crossing the line and has very little understanding of boundaries. This may have muddled or even messed up your plans for a move, trip, course, or other big-picture idea. Hopefully you have now sorted things out, but if others need to see how they have been way out of line, you may have to actually tell them.

March as a whole is going to be your most challenging month in terms of travel (or travel in the mind) so you may as well take a deep breath, dig in and try to work your way through it. Ultimately, this will of course pay off. At the moment, there are wobbly situations and of course one person or organisation has just waded right in. Enough!



You will gain hugely from a doctor, healer, or medical expert this week. In fact, Leo, it could change your life. There are sound astrological reasons for the fantastic turnaround for your mind, body and spirit this week. On Sunday 25th March, Saturn at 8 Capricorn sextiles Hygiea at 8 Pisces. We get our modern world 'hygiene' from the ancient Roman goddess Hygiea, and the asteroid of that name, makes great patterns in your chart.


If you're a Virgo involved with another Virgo (or even two more Virgo people) then this week is a landmark for your relationship. In most cases, though, we are talking about you and a different sign, and the complicated chemistry. At the moment, you have Pluto (questions about power and control) in your zone of parenthood. This is also where we find the pregnancies that never happened in the past, or the loaded question about the younger generation in your life.

Even if you're in a relationship where the contraception issue is never far behind, you'll be picking up this week's complex patterns. With Apollo (leadership) also in your zone of former, current or potential partners, there is only one thing to do. Lead the way. Set an example. Pull out of this. It will speed up the crucial healing.


You have to life-edit this week. By that, I mean cutting out someone/something that has been keeping you in a state of tension or uncertainty for far too long. There are too many tempting options all around you right now to waste any more time feeling so unsure. Obviously, something or someone has you on the defensive. Yet, you can't really see what is there, unless you make a huge effort to really get rid of your own blind spot.

There is a group or network in your life you could do so much more with. There is a trip to take. An ambition to conquer. In other words, why are you wasting time trying to protect yourself when you are not even very certain about the extent of the issue? Libra, you need to come up with a strategy which will help you to get rid of your blind spot and see clearly at last. Then you properly deal with an issue, if it is there at all.


You can stop a potentially difficult situation in its tracks this week. And if another Scorpio or an Aries is involved, you can double that message. No matter which zodiac signs are involved, you do have a potential issue on your hands. Now, there is even more reason to use quick thinking and a sense of humour to prevent things before they come to pass.

We're currently entering the Aries season, which will be in full swing in April. Aries is a sign which is usually involved in some kind of battle or conflict and you are now in the rather fortunate position of being able to pre-empt a situation. If you left things as they were, April could in fact be quite stormy. Instead, try to slow down, clear your head, think strategically, sharpen your awareness and see the full 360-degree picture. Then you can act, just as quickly as you must, to remove what might be a problem later.



You'll be involved in swings and roundabouts this week, with the world of travel (or travel in the mind) being totally affected. The random quality is part of a life lesson. Nothing is fixed, permanent or stable but you can also keep a philosophical attitude. Every high point with communication, education, academia, and travel will be a low point, sooner or later. We all know that! And every low point, if that is where you land, is a high point on the way up.

I think the phrase 'this too shall pass' will mean a lot to you this week, no matter if you're feeling on top of the world or bottoming out. I do think you need to reach for what seems most real and important to you as well. There is a ton of choice here. Try to narrow it down and make it so. What's the astrology here? Well, Ceres stations direct at 4 Leo in your Ninth House of travel, foreigners, books, websites and big ideas. So that's a huge underscore in your horoscope.


You are heading towards a major new cycle of change involving the world of young people. This may be through your work, volunteering or just through the family. Obviously, your love life and relationships is another angle. It really depends on your personal chart, but from May, the revolution begins. It will go on for years and it will transform your relationship with a much younger generation, who come after you.

Capricorn, this week is the tiniest of new beginnings in that direction. You won't know until you look, but you really do have to uncover what is in your past. It's been buried so long that you've forgotten it's there, but you do need to remember who you once were, and just as importantly, a child who was once a baby, and whose infancy was such a massive part of your own life story. Until you look, see, remember and face all this, you'll never really move forward as you should. But the winds of change are already blowing!


You could have the money and property dream you are currently so excited about, but also quite confused by, if you made it real and became quite clear. You are in an odd cycle when Neptune, the planet of confusion, daydreams, fantasy and delusion is around. He's in your zone of homes, property investment, and money. Neptune can also make you feel spooked. Again, none of this is real! I am sure there are all kinds of fears floating around but you do need to come back down to earth. The whole issue here is that you don't know yourself. You are out of touch with yourself, according to your horoscope. Maybe a good, long, honest conversation with yourself about wealth would help.

Human beings can be awfully conflicted about it. We say we want money but deep down we have mixed feelings. We say we'd love a home, in a particular area, but deep down we just don't believe we can have it. Weirdly, Aquarius, you can 'pop' a few universes into reality and become richer and far better off in terms of your fantasy home — but you'll need to get clear and get real.


We're entering into Aries weather, which is all about your Second House of money, property, precious possessions. This also pulls in the generations, so it's really about you, the older and younger people around. One would expect this to be about the family, of course. However, Pisces, your personal chart will tell the story, as your own unique situation may be not about relatives, but about age gaps brought about through work, friendship situations, or maybe a shared household.

There is an awful lot to sort out there. It is so promising, so richly rewarding in potential, but there needs to be better communication between everybody — Aries can be quite a self-interested sign, oblivious to others. There needs to be less self-involvement and a much stronger relationship between the stakeholders. That's actually where the wealth is.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.