Your horoscope for 20th- 26th March

Looks like it's gonna be one HELLUVA week.

By Jessica Adams


Aries, very close to Monday 20th March you will see why your own flickering internet image has become a way of escaping from the real world. In other words, you are dancing in the Arena of Me, and it has nothing to do with what is ordinary, real or normal - which is why it's so fascinating. It's also a revolution and that might explain the lack of certainty or stability regarding yourself, near Thursday 23rd March. By Saturday you are also beginning to see why nothing is going to happen quickly or easily. A woman, or a female-influenced organisation, is playing its part - but playing its part backwards. By Sunday you have a choice. You can either start the 'Me' revolution or you can go along with whatever is sweeping you along. The only issue is timing, as it may be as late as May or June that you're still spinning your wheels.


What you hear, read or discuss this week is behind closed doors. It's in a vault. It may even be a conversation with yourself, about your own unconscious mind (for example, if you are analysing your dreams, or seeing a therapist). If you have a professional involvement with classified information, that is way up on the scale at the moment. Then, there are the secrets you cover up, even from your best friend! Taurus, it really depends on what you are doing with your life, but a radical change is in the air. This cycle is associated with saying 'No!' to something, or someone, and what results from that fearless 'No!' is usually freedom. By rights, this little process should take you 2-3 weeks at the most, but because your ruling planet Venus is retrograde, it's going to take you through April, into May and possibly as late as June to wrap things up. There is a reasonable amount of rumble in your jungle at the moment and you may need to be alone to cope with it. You may need more time and space to absorb and process the enormity of what is going on, because heaven knows, it can't be shared.


Between now and your birthday, you will either break away from your social circle or find yourself at the centre of changes, as others go their own way and do their own thing. It's very hard to keep everything the same, as you will see near Sunday 26th March. Of course, this has been happening for years. The remodelled, reshaped nature of your social network is proof of that. However, you have also been experimenting with what happens when you are swept along by people power, and that's been exhilarating. There is a tremendous amount of chopping and changing showing up in your chart, for weeks. There is also precious little stability or peace. It may feel as if you are spinning around in the middle of an electrical storm. What is happening is simple. Old patterns are being broken up so that new things can form. Perhaps this is a dramatically altered version of the old group. Maybe you want to break completely away from what/who is there and pursue the Shock of the New. Independence, space and freedom are tempting, but give it time. The revolution will be on rewind until May or even June, and with Venus Retrograde it looks as though a woman is very much changed. Keep breathing, take each moment as it comes and learn to adapt, adapt, adapt. If ever there was a time to be flexible, it's now.


Cancer, you have a whopping stellium in your Tenth House of success, achievement, status and ambition this week. A stellium is a cluster of heavenly bodies, all in one place, and it can feel intense. You are now on the road to change, and it may take longer than you expect. Despite what you hear or read close to Sunday, this is not the whole story. In fact, the story will be held up, alter its narrative and even be edited out of all recognition, by June. A typical example would be hearing that you must seek pastures new in your profession - sure, but allow several weeks, and be extremely flexible and adaptable, as what is 'gospel' initially may not be. Another example might be a decision to leave one aspect of your working life behind, and pursue something completely different. Again, it's going to take time and it may not be all you are told, initially.


Leo, this week is unusually important in your year as a whole. In fact, the next few weeks will change your life. You will experience not only the Sun and Venus, but a whole host of horoscope factors, passing through just one zone of your chart. That zone is set aside for communication, travel and beliefs. Perhaps you need more time than usual, just to process and absorb what is going on. That may explain why it's going to take so many weeks - this is not a quick or straightforward process of change. In fact, with Mercury Retrograde Shadow fast approaching, it would be wise to allow for delays, reversals or alterations to your plans. Standard advice applies. Check the fine print on the details and have Plans B and C up your sleeve. This is a very good time (until June) to rehearse. Not such a good time to launch or begin, unless you actually enjoy going back and forth.


Virgo, as your ruling planet Mercury is about to turn Shadow Retrograde, you will be more personally affected by the standstills and delays to come, which will affect your finances. Great change takes time to absorb. Yet, your shock-absorbers over the last few years have been well and truly over-used, as you have had to deal with one upheaval after another. What is about to happen, between now and June, will actually force you to slow down. Why? Because Mercury Retrograde stretches out the process of change, so the revolution will be on rewind. For practical reasons you may want to read the fine print on paperwork, and get everything in writing, before checking it. We also have Venus appearing to go backwards in the finance zone of your chart, so a woman or female-dominated situation may also hold you up, or shift around. What is different about this cycle is the potential to make or save a small fortune. In fact, with a couple of real solutions or opportunities around this week - it is time to raise your sights, and lift your game.


This week is all about your relationship with your former, current or potential partner (and that feud). I am not sure if your story at the moment is about your arch enemy, rival or opponent. What I do know is that it has a lot to teach you. The truth is, nobody wins their liberty without the world turning upside-down. Libra, it takes great insight, maturity, wisdom and perception to stand back from a situation involving one particular man (or woman) and see that you are also being set free. This is also going to take time. It will take weeks and weeks of delays, reversals or standstills. Yet - it's coming.


Scorpio, the life-changing horoscope patterns that unfold between now and June, involve your routine and what you can (or cannot) do with your life. Thus, it is a time to look at the details regarding your work life. You also need to look more closely at your lifestyle choices. We are about to see a tremendous amount of delay, reversal and change so what you would normally assume is a 2-3 week process could engage you until early June. It takes tremendous insight to understand what is going on, during a cycle like this - and perhaps ruthless honesty about your life. It all comes back to the idea of serving, though, or doing your duty. What is about to happen, and go on happening, will confront you on that matter. Uranus transits like the one you are experiencing, always set you free. It is not uncommon to be unaware of just how confined or restricted you were - and it takes huge wisdom to understand how and why you are being liberated.


For the past few years , you have been both rejecting - and rejected. This has utterly changed the way you deal with loved ones. It has also reshaped your relationship with the dating and romantic world. The 'rejection dance' so typical of this cycle has also altered the way you see much younger people, those who are your junior, with whom you have such an influential relationship. Sagittarius, this long-running cycle is about hearing 'No' from other people (I am sure you have not forgotten) but also saying a firm and decisive 'No' to anything/anybody which seems out-dated to you. Your solar chart, which is decided by your Sun Sign, clearly shows that now through June, you are either going to hear 'No' or say 'No' one more time. It's going to be quite a long conversation with yourself, though, as the details are going to change, stall or even possibly reverse.


The short-term story with your living situation is part of something more important. In fact, it's life-changing, over a number of years, and as this cycle will only end in May 2018, you may have to see late March-June in context. Basically what's been happening (and is still happening) is the end of the known world, and the start of the new world, which offers all the freedom anyone could want, to become genuinely independent. As you have seen for yourself since 2011, none of this is ever possible until the old world is turned upside-down and that is very hard for the true Capricorn, who never puts a foot wrong, takes her/his time and prefers to deal with the known world, not the unknown one! Putting the past in context with the present can be enormously reassuring for you, though, as it gives you a sense of going somewhere. So - none of what is happening, especially near Sunday 26th March - is random. It may feel like an electrical storm that rolls in from nowhere, but it's actually part of long-term climate change in your horoscope, and that change is there to set you and other people free. You will not see your life or home the same way again.


This week is a personal one for you. This is going to be about the people involved, and the relationships involved, with your creative side, as much as the message you want to put across. In fact, one rather complicated relationship will twist and turn for weeks, perhaps as late as June. Mercury is also fast approaching retrograde shadow, so you would be wise to get everything in writing, check the fine print, then save a couple of copies. Without a doubt, check your messages and inboxes between now and May, as this cycle is notorious for malfunctions. Don't be paranoid, just be sensibly aware. Communication is affected by Mercury Retrograde and it's pretty close now. Beyond these short-term issues in 2017, though, the larger message is far more important and that will stay with you forever. Nothing matters as much as freedom of speech. To be genuinely independent, you have to be set free to say/write/sing your own truth.


Can you look at ideas, or attitudes, and cost them? That's a good question this week, with all its emphasis on your finances. Security often costs you, your freedom. You can be enormously secure behind walled gates but you are not free. Wealth can cost you your integrity. You can become rich but only by unfairly exploiting other people. I don't really need to go on, Pisces, because you figured this out years ago, when you made your first big stand. Are you ready to make another one? Perhaps. Or maybe it will be made for you. It's certainly time to do a new costing. That old cliché, 'You can't take it with you, when you're gone' has done the rounds, for a reason. It's true. This week, with so much action in your Second House of values, you may want to look at what you possess, in terms of your soul stuff. This is what you will take with you, after you pass over. All other assets will be left to people in your will, or simply fall apart, over the course of time. What you have in your 'account' is basically what money cannot, and never will, purchase. So - even though March-June appears to be about the apartment, the business interests or whatever - it's actually about you doing an honest costing. Life will also do an honest costing with you.

Source: Jessica Adams.

Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.