Your horoscope for 26 February-4 March is officially here

This week is all about using those dollars wisely!

By Jessica Adams
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The Full Moon on Friday falls in your zone of former, current and potential partners. Across Thursday to Saturday, you may find yourself feeling quite confused about the kind of relationship you have. We just passed Valentine's Day and maybe that's why you feel so puzzled by the rather odd (but precious) connection you hold in your hands.

You're so far removed from the real world, according to your horoscope, so it's making it even harder to know what to do with this former, current or potential partner of yours. The one that does not tick any boxes except the one marked 'Does not tick boxes.' If you can drag yourself back to the ordinary world and stop being so thorough Pisces, there is a reward waiting. It's a proper place for something precious, peculiar and puzzling—emotionally or sexually. And when you find the right place to put it, even if you have to create it, it's on-going treasure.


Aries, you are carrying too much responsibility at work or home. Or maybe both? Delegate the load and give yourself a break. There are far too many budding projects and plans and it's like lugging round ten laptops. If your body tells you that you're pushing it, listen to your body. When it comes to your living situation, you obviously have some distant goal here. Perhaps renovations or a new place all together? Nothing will fall apart if you take time out to come up with a strategy that's going to work better for you. Reach out to those who can help.


Enjoy your living space this week. We have a dazzling cluster in Leo, the sign which encourages you to be Queen or King of your jungle. The true Taurus needs to remember why they work so hard, no matter if it's professionally, with unpaid work or on home maintenance. Unless you occasionally stop and really savour what you have done, there's not much point.

Have you been working steadily towards renovations, a spruce up, or even a new place? You'll hit a goal now. You also need to remember that your past, present or potential partner is still the gift that goes on giving. It's time to appreciate this again.


If you want a lot of money, then you have to reach for it. You have to make it real. Whatever amount this is, it would put you in control. You obviously have ambitions to fulfil; perhaps a new home, or even a trip to take. Bring this down to earth and make it your total priority. Believe it's true and believe it's yours. You may have to negotiate with the universe, or with other people, but you honestly don't get Pluto patterns like this very often, in the sign of Capricorn. It rules the income streams in your life. Very occasionally, this cycle is about saving a lump sum rather than making it, but even if you save it, you can spend it later.



There is a question this week about how you will use the money available to you. There are also questions about family here. Your ruler the Moon is in Leo, in your cash and assets zone on Tuesday through to Thursday. The Moon will put the 'flow' into cash flow for you, and it does look as if though it's time to think about all of the generations that could be involved in it, whether it be the younger or older people in your life.

You also have major long-term trends in the horoscope zone we associate with legacies, houses that stay within the family or apartments, which matter more because they're in your home town. As always with you, it's not just about the cash you save or make. It has to mean something, in terms of the people involved


The time has come to look across town, across the country, and even across the sea. Close to Tuesday 27th February, you should find yourself optimistic. Even if you've been stuck between a rock and a hard place, your plans have fantastic potential. Not only will this succeed, you will also enjoy a holiday from reality. You are more attached to one project or idea than any other, but don't forget the rest. You need to multi-task. Keep an eye on the groups or crews around you too. You need to know how they're travelling.


When it comes to earning money, you're going to want to make sure you have the right people involved that will help you achieve your financial goals. This may relate to income, assets or possessions. Close to Tuesday, when you have two important asteroids in your zone of legal settlements, legacies, payments, etc., it's time to try and clear things up. There is a fair amount of mystery here.

You do need people who know how to live in the real world, and there is something about the two or three faces you have on the job, which suggests the real world is not their place! I can't tell you if the money will be there for sure, but I can advise you to rethink the plan and maybe the people.


Some rest, repair and recovery is required, you have been through a hell of a lot in recent times. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have been thrown your way too many times. Now, you need to sleep more, meditate or just spend more time alone. Libra, you are in transition now and you need to cross into a new life. Once you are ready to re-emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon, try to see there are some battles you need to leave far behind, near the Full Moon on Friday 2nd March.

What's in store once you do that? Potentially, something wonderful. You have to want it enough to make it real but it's potentially yours to take, and these cycles go on for years, beyond 2023. I love the look of what is possible.



Keep churning this out this week, Scorpio. You do have to think about the future in terms of properties and holidays. Even if you are lost in your own little world this week, escaping into hard work is a profitable thing to do. Close to Tuesday, you should be able to put a rocket under your projects, plans, investments, products or deadlines. I'm not saying it's easy. Yet, lift your head up from the 'other reality' or parallel universe of work long enough to see what you're doing. You've not often been this productive, Scorpio.


Mars, the red planet, is now in Sagittarius, your own sign. Mars is also the old Roman god of war, as I am sure you know. This is a week to slow down and cool down. When things move too fast, it only takes a minute for a mistake to be made, and then you have to pick up the pieces. So, figuring out the difference between smart, necessary action and crazy rushing is important now. You can double that message if there is a chance of real conflict. Do all you can to stop anyone from clashing with yourself or others, so you should take a deep breath.

I think the old saying 'Choose your battles' is good advice now. Halve the speed, step back, figure things out, and come up with a smart strategy. Even if a situation does come up that is apparently urgent and time sensitive, there is such a thing as racing ahead of yourself.


To head off a possible issue before it arises, you'll want to remove all possible sources for a difference of opinion, to say the least. We have Mars, the planet of conflict, tucked away in the background just one sign behind you. Nothing is upfront where anyone can deal with it, it's behind the scenes or hidden. Timing is everything in this situation! It's a really good time to understand what's at stake long-term, and be an active pacifist. I'm not saying 'Make love, not war', but you could certainly stop something before it goes any further. Eyes wide open, all six senses switched on, firm grasp of where things stand – check, check, check. Now act and make sure there is absolutely nothing left for anyone to use in a potential fight.


Money doesn't grow on trees, but it does grow if you can get real about what you have and what you could develop. We have a ton of astrological traffic in Pisces this week, which is the sign associated with daydreams and fantasies. We also associate Pisces with escaping from reality, and not dealing with it. The fact is you will need to use the superb astrological timing now. A little bit of Pisces is nice. You can drift and float with the best of them for a time. Then, in the interests of your own future wealth, there is definitely money to be made or saved that needs to be focused on.

You have an important ambition to fulfil, or perhaps two, by November. Your horoscope suggests you are also completely missing an asset, precious possession or sum of money that's at your feet. Really look at what is there, Aquarius.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.