Your horoscope for 27 November-3 December is officially here

The end of this year is gonna be VERY eventful....

By Jessica Adams
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This is an unusual week. The Sun is in Sagittarius, your own zodiac sign. So is Saturn and Mercury Retrograde. No wonder the focus is on you! It may take until 10th January for the last piece of the jigsaw to be put into the puzzle, but matters of image, reputation and personal appearance will not be as leaden as they have been, this last year. As they say about Saturn transits, you either no longer care, or the issue disappears. Perhaps you can sense that this week. Maybe it will be news to you, yet your horoscope suggests as you go through January 2018, one ‘Me’ issue will no longer push your buttons. Getting there is a stretch. There is no way around it, Sagittarius, December as a whole – and particularly this week – will ask a lot of you. Yet, it has to be said, when you relaunch at your next birthday in 2018, it will all start to fall into place.


Your ruling planet Saturn is joined by the Sun and Mercury Retrograde this week. The Sun will illuminate, highlight and expose whatever is hidden about yourself and your life. There is a definite chance that it could go beyond that – so that you might want to check that your most personal affairs are in order. The secret, sensitive stuff that is normally hidden away. Goodness knows, we all have our nooks and crannies, but at the moment yours are particularly important. Saturn, your ruler, is associated with difficulty and karma. I am sure you can attest to that, given everything you have been through this last year or two. Now, the Sun will show you exactly what is there – what must be dealt with. If you feel a sense of finality about this, it is not only because we are at the end of the year. By 10th January everything about this will be either gone for good, or no longer an issue.


You have very good reasons to be privately fed up with other people in the group, the circle or the community. So much for friendship, perhaps. Or – so much for the hive mind, or tribal loyalties. The last couple of years has shown you the disadvantages of hitching your star to one big chain of group wagons. Now, you can see things coming to a head. This is as it should be. We have a decisive Full Moon to end the week and to virtually end the year. Just remember there is a lot of talking to be done, but it may be on rewind, or pause, more often than you would like. Your story will be unique, yet the principle is the same. You have come to a point in the year when you must either change your attitude or change the situation. This is going to take time. Allow for the journey to be circular at times, or even paused – yet know that it has an end.


The year ends with Saturn, the planet of learning experiences and difficulties, making a last stand in your Tenth House. This is where we find your personal Everest. It is often professional or academic in nature, but it can also describe unpaid work. Here, too, we find the pinnacle of your social status or rank. This may be about your class, popularity or ‘clout’ (to quote an internet buzzword). Saturn can be pretty joyless. You can find tremendous success on this cycle and it still brings that heavy, weighty, leaden feeling. It’s rather like having a smash hit, then finding your contract obliges you to come up with that ‘difficult second album.’ This cycle is also notorious for coinciding with spells of unemployment, which can also feel weighty. From 10th January, whatever you have been dealing with, a rather muddled paper trail or line of discussion will resolve. From that point too any circular thinking around your career, university degree or unpaid work will end. This week, things come to a head. That is fine, and it is part of the process before the ultimate sign-off, but make allowances for changes, delays or even U-turns along the way, past Christmas.



You have to look at the long-term impact of what would be so easy to say, or do, where difficult people or organisations are concerned. You have every right to be frustrated, but the fact is, the long-term picture would be affected if you just gave in to your instincts. There is no doubt that a couple of individuals or groups have behaved very poorly. Try to think about 2018 rather than about the end of 2017. The core of something really great is under construction – with results from 8th November 2018 into 2019. Lessons learned now about foreign places and people will pay off with wonderful results. For now, you are dealing with Saturn and Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon too! One step at a time, every day, and understand that some steps may take you sideways and backwards, yet from January 2018 you will finally know exactly where all the jigsaw pieces have fallen.


Having done all the right things, for a very long time, where your finances are concerned you have been greeted with nothing but disappointing behaviour or lacklustre situations for about two years now. The situation is coming to a head, partly because it’s the end of the year – but also because of a rather interesting offer or option which emerged in the first fortnight of November. You’re really playing the long game here, and so you may find it easier to project forward and come up with a long-term strategy. Alternatively, a bit of sideways thinking could help. Ask yourself what you want and deserve and figure out if there is another way to get it. As for the rest, try a minimum-energy fix.


You can’t really have Saturn in Sagittarius for 2016, 2017 and have an easy run with partners. This also applies to former/potential partners too. This area of your chart is about enemies or opponents as well, which you may know. The fact is, you should be an optimist about it. Why not? A conversation or option in the last couple of weeks has shown you how very different life could be, a year or two from now. Use your imagination to visualise how many good things could come out of the ultimate destination. That should be a relief and a release for the ‘stuck groove’ thinking which still surrounds a couple of episodes you would rather forget. By Christmas Day, though, you are going to have to take care of the minimum requirements (maybe the absolute minimum) with this person. No more.


Cancer, it has been a frustrating couple of years for you with paid or unpaid work, your daily routine and lifestyle. People have simply not co-operated and on a couple of memorable occasions you’ve met with bad behaviour. What seemed like such a smart move to you, did not compute with someone else in September-November and you have been disappointed. At the same time, you’ve just been thrown a lifeline in terms of your job and what you might not take so seriously in November 2017 could turn out to mean everything by 2019. That’s why it’s worth thinking about the next couple of years, not just the next couple of months. You are ruled by the Moon so this Full Moon, across the weekend, will bring things to a head. What you learn now brings closure by January 10th next year and from November 2018 into 2019, one of your greatest success stories.



There is a pattern to the last couple of years if you care to look and it may have involved your friends and younger family members – mostly millennials. The focus may have been very personal and detailed or much broader in its sweep. In astrology, the pattern intensifies towards the end, then it breaks. The truth is, if you want something of value long-term you’re going to have to work at it. It’s a bore but it’s true. People or organisations have disappointed you – their loss, not yours. Keep moving. In 2019 you could potentially hit such dazzling peaks of happiness with these same faces or issues that you’ll realise why Christmas 2017 really was the time to inhale and give it another shot.


It’s all about your people or your place this week. Mercury, Saturn and the Sun have lined up in your home zone, so before 10th January, when at last everything will be settled, you must make some decisions about your living situation. Normally, Mercury (your ruling planet) would bring straightforward paperwork or discussion, but as this planet appears to be moving backwards, you will be encountering stop-start progress and the possibility of a U-turn. The Full Moon at the end of the week seems likely to bring things to a head, but make allowances for mistakes, changes of mind, technical issues and so on – taking you through December and early January. Do not accept anything or anybody at face-value as the year ends.


Your short-term focus is about communication (be it in person or on social media). The long-term, larger focus is on your ability to connect, effectively and efficiently, and be understood as you wish to be. There is a message that needs to be sold, or news that needs to be relayed, in a very particular way. This week you will find your patience stretched, as we have a Full Moon, Saturn and Mercury Retrograde. This cycle always involves a massive learning experience of 1-2 years which then goes on to form the core of tremendous success 1-2 years later. Thus, remember that the more you learn now, the bigger the pay-off with a hit project, or rewarding course, stretching across 2019.


Scorpio, we have a Full Moon on Saturday which stretches across the money zones of your chart. This is about everything that you earn, own or owe. It goes beyond the actual cash value of what is under discussion, or on the table. The issues now will revolve around your value system. What you will or will not sell your soul for? Who or what you consider to be priceless? Allow weeks for this to resolve. It may be hit by delays, changes or reversals before 10th January. You are signing off from a period of at least two years of enforced learning about the way people really are – and the way life actually is. It has been a let-down but you also have to leave this in a good place, as much as you possibly can. Doing so will enable you to take full advantage of the money to be saved or made, from this time next year, well into 2019.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.