Your horoscope for 28 May - 3 June 2018 is FINALLY here

You're gonna need all the help you can get this week, Virgo.

By Jessica Adams
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You will see the Full Moon above the rooftops where you live this week, dazzling you as it appears in the night sky. It is really a spotlight for the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. The Moon is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius too, so it is unlikely that life will seem neat and tidy. There is no bow-tied package here, just something that has to be done as best you can. Actually, Gemini, this week is part of a much bigger story in 2019, which begins in a small but powerful way in early November. By Christmas, you will be welcoming big solutions or astonishing new opportunities with the same person who is at the top of your list now (or a superior substitute). It really depends on your personal life. For example, if you're single it may be that this week's hurdle clears a path to a new relationship in 2019. If your relationship is on the rocks, it may mean one more boulder will actually help you move onto the road you should actually be on. Gemini, partnerships can be profesh, too. If so, the same message applies.


You are ruled by the Moon, Cancer, and when the Sun stands opposite the Moon in your horoscope, it produces mixed feelings, or a situation where two people are obviously polar opposites. Trying to make everything work is extremely difficult on a Full Moon so if you need more time and space this week - especially near Tuesday - you are entitled to ask for it. What you deal with when the Moon is in Sagittarius relates to 2019. Next year you will be delighted to see so much more is possible with your job or degree. There are obvious lifestyle benefits waiting for you next year, too, and one example might be a new job with a gym discount. This might seem a long way off, and that would not be surprising. It's been years since you have found yourself gazing at these kinds of possibilities. But it's worth thinking about 2019, even if you are only halfway through this year. What you grapple with now will help sow the seeds of change later, and that includes any particular questions about your physical condition too.


Leo, this week is really about your higher purpose in life: your ability to guide, lead and help those around you. This may be your best friend, partner or little brother/sister. There might also be deeper questions here, about future date potential or someone's emotional baggage. Essentially you are here to fulfil your mission, in 2019, which is to go to the next level with those who look to you for advice. As you are ruled by the Sun, this week's opposition between the Sun and Moon is unlikely to feel particularly comfortable or easy. Whatever you end up sorting out will pay off in 2019. There is a great quote - 'A perfect woman, nobly planned, to calm, to comfort and command' applies to you very much Leo. Although the role of leader or guide is not straightforward right now, by this time next year you will be in a wonderful new position. None of this could have happened without this week's Full Moon.


Virgo, this week's Full Moon is your stepping stone to a better future in 2019, as next year you will reshuffle your family or home life. A Full Moon is never easy for anybody, as it is the astrological equivalent of a tug-of-war in the skies. You may feel pulled in two different directions when it comes to your home. Another very common outcome is to be quite committed to a particular course of action but yet find other people, or even the world itself, are standing in your way. Your home is a complicated matter, but light will be shed on what it's going to take to help you sort things out later. This, in turn, will actually provide you with the first solid foothold on a new path for 2019, as just before Christmas you will be thrilled to see something much bigger and better is on the way. For now, though, do what you have to do, and say what you have to say. You'll need more time and space to do so.



Libra, the Full Moon in Sagittarius that you'll see on Tuesday-Wednesday is a sure sign that communication needs your widest attention. This goes beyond your phone or Instagram account, and into bigger questions about how effectively you are reaching people, and how you deal with fundamental issues like being heard, read and understood as you wish. We take everyday communication for granted, in a world where everyone is glued to their iPhones, but sometimes it is the aspects of life we never notice, that can end up being the biggest story for us. As you have so much dazzling potential ahead of you next year, treat this week as the launch pad. You may be a fan of the spoken word, rather than the written word. Maybe you are low-tech, rather than high-tech. Everybody has their own preferred way to connect. This week will definitely be challenging. No doubt about it. But from the challenges will come the epic answer you pursue in 2019.


Scorpio, you can't really get away from questions about money on a week like this. The Full Moon which illuminates the sky will also shed light on how you really feel about debt for many people born under your zodiac sign. In other cases there are deeper questions about who and what you value most in your life. The Full Moon itself is about your own income in contrast to the needs and wants of others. This may be your partner or friend. Your way of life involves the most complicated commitments to others in the family circle, or within partnerships, and it always will. It's part of being born with the Sun in Scorpio. The Eighth House of your birth chart is about the tremendous emotional costs, or personal price tags, that surround you. All of this is deeply below the surface most of the time, but every now and again you are faced with quite challenging choices, which make it necessary to examine what is actually there. You will make (or save) quite a lot of money next year, as Jupiter the planet of solutions, breaks through and abundance visits the sign of Sagittarius, which rules your personal finances.


Sagittarius, the Sun in your opposite sign of Gemini is shedding a great deal of light on the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner this week. You might have a rival, enemy or opponent you need to see more clearly. As the Full Moon parks the Sun in Gemini, and the Moon in your own zodiac sign, this week is as much about you as it is about him (or her). In other words, what you are dealing with automatically raises questions about your image. This may be your personal appearance, which seems to be so important in the world of. If this Full Moon is not picking up questions about how you appear online it may be picking up questions about your reputation. 'Single', 'separated', 'in a relationship' or 'it's complication', we are often seen as one half of a whole, with our partner completing the circle. This will be on your mind during this Full Moon. It's time to think about 'Me' as well as 'We' and perhaps 'You versus Me'.


Capricorn, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will fall in your Twelfth House this week, so let's take a closer look at this much-misunderstood part of your horoscope. Essentially, the Twelfth House is ruled by Neptune and associated with Pisces, the fish. The Twelfth House is about what lies below the surface and what takes place in a completely different world. Images of the ocean bed come to mind with the Twelfth House. In your own life, we are talking about your unseen depths, hidden personality traits and subconscious feelings. Anything with the prefix 'sub' is really about the Twelfth House, so this week is about all that you submerge. It is typical of a Full Moon that even those who are close to you will not fully know, see or understand what is actually going on. Just as submarines operate by stealth, there is something almost invisible about the picture now! This is why you have choices to make which may involve guidance from one of your most-trusted friends. It will lead to the most incredible breakthroughs and improvements in 2019, Capricorn, but for now - bide your time - and find some private space.



Aquarius, the path to a bigger, better social life in 2019 is being laid out this week. It may be a zig-zag pathway with plenty of obstacles and detours, but try to get a sense of where it is taking you. Friendships and group commitments are very important to your sense of belonging, and your sense of self. Being part of a group is often how you find your greatest emotional security and satisfaction. Partners and relatives are one thing. Like-minded people in a wider tribe can also be a kind of family though, and they can certainly provide you with a relationship. Aquarius is the sign which values strong and deep friendship more than any other, and now you have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, in the Eleventh House of your chart, you must attend to who (or what) requires special attention. This week is not going to be easy but it will be productive. In 2019 you will join a new group, or relaunch yourself with an old group, which opens up your world of opportunities. By January 2019 you will be able to look back at this week and join the dots. For now, keep drawing.


Your new role or dazzling new project in 2019 has its roots in the week ahead, Pisces. This should make the effort worthwhile, as no matter how you feel by Sunday, what emerges then, will spur you on to bigger and better things next year. In 2019 Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and solutions, will move into your Tenth House of success, achievement and status. The sky is the limit, as they say. Climbing a mountain to reach the peak is a complex business though, and no matter how much you might wish for a faster (or smoother) way to the top it looks as though you will have to start at base camp this week. Next year you will be able to do so much more with an existing project or role. In other cases you may just be yearning for a solution to an ongoing issue with your work or degree. Knowing that progress might be slow can help; there is honestly no rush to the top, so if fancy footwork is required, step up.


The Full Moon spells D-Day for your social media and all forms of important communication, Aries. It's a really good time to look at how well you connect with others, and how watertight your systems are, no matter if you depend on your phone or laptop. June is the time to look at how you use words, ideas and images both online and in the real world. This week will bring it home to you. The bigger picture is actually about a foreign place as from Thursday 8th November you will be given a stunning opportunity to travel, move or invite others from miles away, to play a bigger part in your life. By 2019 you will be on your way, thanks to a big, new, open door which can only appear every 12 years. Even if this week is tricky, later on you will see why it mattered.


You will now be given a chance to look at your personal wealth. This goes beyond the actual dollars into deeper questions about your value system, Taurus. Do you do deals? If so, on what basis? This cycle is so often about the debts you must pay but it can also emerge as an issue about what you will (or will not) sell your soul for. Only you can really put that on the scales and reach a conclusion. It is fair to say that you will save or make a fortune in 2019 anyway, as Jupiter, the planet of sweeping answers and new opportunities, will move into Sagittarius as an early Christmas present, ending your year with quite astonishing upgrades and new possibilities. Of course Jupiter is also a tremendous healer in astrology so no matter how long-standing or deep-rooted particular problems are, there will be a really solid chance to detox.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.