Sagittarians, this is the week to show the world the real you!

By Jessica Adams
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To live with Saturn in your own zodiac sign for over two years, is sometimes described as living with shackles on, or perhaps a very tight wetsuit! Saturn in Sagittarius has been stuck in your First House of image, reputation, personal appearance, branding and profile. There is commonly some anxiety about the way one looks or appears to the world, and of course, on the internet, nothing is ever really erased. Some Sagittarians have found themselves in uniform since 2016. Others have been watching their weight, or trying to monitor how they are seen on Facebook or LinkedIn, which is rather like the Myth of Sisyphus. How has Saturn in Sagittarius manifested for you? The outlook now is both going to come as a relief and a release, because from December 20th your (late) birthday present is the end of the cycle. Just be aware that business cards, eponymous websites, job titles and even monogrammed objects may be affected by Mercury Retrograde, so double-check details.


Capricorn, your ruling planet Saturn has been one sign behind you for 2-3 years and in that time, anything behind the scenes, or behind closed doors, has been very difficult for you to manage. This is the cycle when people suffer quite alone with anxiety about secrets they must necessarily hide. Perhaps this rings bells with you. Sometimes the issue is being behind the scenes because one has no choice – there may have been a period of solitude for other reasons. The other 11 signs also have Saturn somewhere in their chart, so everyone is stretched in a particular way by this cycle, but for you it has been doubly difficult because there are some things you cannot even explain to your best friend – or a therapist. Everything comes to an end in astrology and you will be ‘let go’ by this cycle on 20th December. Time will heal and your situation will look extremely different in the years ahead. For now, bear in mind that a matter which is below the surface, submerged or buried in some way is not resolved and you need to allow until 10th January for final details.


It has been a real test of strength for you to maintain your relationship with a particular group of people over the last 2-3 years. Perhaps you are one of the many Facebook escapees who has decided to make 2018 the year they make a run for it! Social media, your social life, formal ‘societies’ of people like football teams or trade unions are other examples of where you might have found life very heavy going. Some Aquarians avoid groups like the plague and fulfil their Sun Sign destinies by entering into complicated friendships with people which are every bit as demanding and heavy as a marriage. Perhaps you are one of these people, born in January or February, who have found one particular friend an extremely heavy burden to carry. Aquarius, however this cycle has manifested, it ends on December 20th. The ultimate clearing-up process will take another three weeks, though, as what is currently in motion with the group, or your friend, is very unlikely to stick, at least not without changes; delays.


For 2-3 years, your Tenth House of ambition, success and status has been occupied by Saturn, the planet we associate with learning experiences and lead weights. During 2016 or 2017 you seem to have taken on the most demanding projects as a result no matter if you have been struggling with a serious deadline, or just extremely serious subject matter. Saturn is a symbol of experience, gathered the hard way. Saturn is also the student of life who ultimately becomes the teacher for others. No matter how difficult the last 2-3 years have been, you have earned your stripes and in fact, the awards, promotion, prestigious role, breakthrough or hit of 2019 will owe a great deal to the hard graft of the last couple of years. It is worth remembering this as you plough towards January. One matter which is crucial to your mission or position next year will either be held up, change shape or even throw a U-turn. Try to keep the conversation flexible and open until January 10th.



It will not be until January 9th to 10th that you’ll finally see the last details of a matter involving books, travel, foreigners, education, university or the worldwide web finalised. All these big-picture subjects are in a state of flux at the moment, and it would be wise not to place too much trust in what you hear or read, near Wednesday 6th December. On the bright side, current brick walls and waiting games will vanish when Saturn changes signs on Wednesday 20th December. This has been a very tough couple of years if your career or personal life has directly involved publishing, airlines, academia, the internet or the global picture. You will climb down from this, for good, in around ten days – but do allow until the second week of January for one situation which is unravelling to correct itself. Flying, now? Double-check.


You are born under the same Sun Sign as Bono and Her Majesty the Queen, who both found their private tax affairs made uncomfortably public in November. Your concerns now may be tax, rising debt or even the heavy burden of excessive wealth! Saturn, the planet which has been tracking your every move for over two years, is associated with lead. Travelling in a lead balloon is one way of describing what you have been through. Fortunately, there is now light at the end of the tunnel, and after a challenging Full Moon on Sunday night, you are going into this new week looking for answers. Just allow for one paper trail to take you back and forth until January 10th. The ‘lead balloon’ feeling will lift on the 20th but you still have some tidying-up to do, Taurus.


This really is a time of reckoning with your former, current or potential partner, Gemini. Alternatively, you are dealing with your arch enemy, rival or opponent. We had a Full Moon on Sunday which can only be described as D-Day and now you must keep pushing forward. The only issue is your ruler Mercury, the planet of communication, information and organisation. Mercury appears to be moving backwards at the moment, or retrograde, so you would be wise to treat current conversations, e-mails or paper trails as a process, not a destination. The process will take you backwards, forwards and sideways before January 10th when at last you can write off this chapter for good and find out where you stand. I know the fear factor for you, he or she has been great, but from the 20th it’s over, forever.


Your Christmas present this year will be the end of a cycle which has affected your lifestyle, daily routine and workload for too long. Work – both paid and unpaid – has been unusually demanding. Employment issues as a whole may have required more staying power than usual. From December 20th the cycle is over, but you will have a hangover effect as late as 10th January because current arrangements are not firm. In fact, one story near Wednesday may change, so don’t accept what you hear or read as gospel. Your career or unpaid role as a whole has been unpredictable for years and 2016, 2017 have really tested you, but life will get better in stages, and in fact from May 2018 you will sample what is to be a far more settled, secure and stable future. For now, treat one discussion as a work in progress.



Leo, over the course of your lifetime you will become well-known for your special relationship with the world of children and young people, as you are the Queen or King to a younger court, no matter if you are a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or not. You may have a professional relationship with the young, like Leo J.K. Rowling, or an unpaid role with a charity, like Leo Princess Anne. Sons and daughters may be small, or all grown up, but the story since 2016 has been one of endless tests and trials, thanks to the 29-year cycle of Saturn. Even a demographic made up of Millennials, or a target-market composed of schoolchildren, will have been tough! You will be amazed at how much easier life feels next year, and yet first you must work your way through a stop-start period, between now and 10th January. Expect changes, delays and even the chance of an outright reversal. This is why Mercury Retrograde is the cycle known as ‘Plan B and C’ and it does help to have them.


The particular burdens of having the family you were born with, or the struggle with your wider ‘family’ (the locals, or your fellow countrymen and countrywomen) may have dogged you for the last two years. Alternatively, it has not been the faces, but the places – particular houses, apartments, local areas or your sense of nationhood as a whole. Saturn cycles tend to thwart the natural progress of life and so for large chunks of 2016 or 2017 you have found yourself well and truly blocked. At last the cycle is breaking and it will do so in two clear stages. The first stage is the end of the problem, or the end of your specific feelings about it. This occurs just a few days shy of Christmas Eve so call it an early present. The second stage will come when your ruler Mercury is finally out of retrograde shadow from 10th January and then at last, all the details which are such a mish-mash now, will come good. Until then please be extremely careful about tenants, mortgages, landlords, property investment, flatmates and the like. Don’t just accept what you read or hear. Double-check.


One of the reasons you will be so successful with your course, project, qualifications, book, film, play, website or other plan from the final quarter of next year, is the long stretch you have completed now. This may not make sense until you are at Christmas 2018, but 2016 and 2017 have given you amazing experience with the world of communication, information, translation, negotiation or publication. I know it has been extremely difficult and the Full Moon last Sunday did not help! However – everything happens for a reason and if you are prepared to breathe a sigh of relief from 20th December (when the cycle ends) and slowly begin to see the point of particular episodes, it will pay off wonderfully by this time next year, with big breakthroughs in 2019. For now, aware that the technology, the equipment, the people (and even you) may not be operating with normal transmission. And if you are asking for a computer or phone for Christmas, remember – it’s Mercury Retrograde. Read the terms and conditions carefully on delivery, exchange and repair.


You have been at a loss to understand how some people, organisations or even whole nations can self-sabotage for so long, and without understanding what they are doing to the normal running of business, cash flow, the money-go-round, the property market and the rest. The answer is Saturn in Sagittarius, which can only occur every three decades. He is now on his way out, but you will have a zig-zag pathway to read between now and January 10th, as what would normally be a quick and straightforward process with the bank (for example) or your paymasters, could take longer than you thought, or meet with changes. Fortunately, the psychological load will lift, as Saturn leaves your finance zone just before Christmas Eve, yet it would be smart to allow for Silly Season mistakes or obstacles to affect taxation, purchases, sales and so on until Mercury Retrograde Shadow ends on January 10th.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.