Your horoscope for 5-11 February 2018 is officially here

Future planning is key this week!

By Jessica Adams
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There are two stories this week. The first concerns a sexual relationship, or the younger generation in general. This is where you slowly start to complete karma from years ago. For that reason, this week may feel a little like Déjà vu. There may even be the return of an old face or name, and this return will see the definite need for some sort of compromise. The power or control needs to be shared. It will take months. Try to move gradually towards a balanced outcome that you and they can live with for many years to come, even if this is the first step on a long journey.

Aries, the second story this week concerns a group. This is a case of pooled resources, or pooled talent. And although you are all extremely different, you are together for much the same reasons. A circle of friends or an organisation you're part of would be a typical example. What you create together now, you can return to, for far more important reasons, from Christmas 2020. I can't emphasise enough how important this collection of people is to your destiny especially from 2023. All the more reason to take advice, enjoy what comes naturally, articulate so clearly what you are thinking and feeling, build the individual friendships and understand that nothing is wasted at the moment. Nothing will be forgotten. Everything counts.


This is the time of year when your career, volunteer work or study presents you with new faces, new systems, obvious gaps (following a departure) or different structures with your co-workers or fellow peers. Your chart shows it. Taurus, the most important changes to your ambitions in the space of 29 years will begin at Christmas 2020, and from 2023, you will utterly transform your place in the scheme of things. That is why this week matters. Not so much in terms of the immediate 'New Year/new roles/new goals' sense. What you are actually being thrown here is the very first ball in a very long game. Beyond the meetings, discussions or e-mails, you actually need to look at your ideas about success and status and dig very deeply for some answers which will still make sense to you in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. Peering into the future like this can help you get the present in proper context.

Also important this week – as you probably know – is your idea of what home should mean. This may be about your home, family, apartment, or home town. You have a whole chain of compromises stretching ahead of you for some months, and although emotions are running high throughout, you also need to come up with a practical arrangement where they and you can share the control. There is no point in making this a power struggle. What would you do about this, if you knew that 2018 was the last year you had to sign off on it? What would you work towards this week, if you knew you were completing old karma?


The long-term future for your plans to travel, move, study, or put something creative into the world, is here. In fact, life beyond 2021, and particularly beyond 2023, is front and centre this week. It would be a mistake to think that this week is just seven days. Your horoscope suggests that your current ideas about packing your bags, shifting locations, dealing more heavily with other countries and cultures, or pursuing particular goals with education or the book world, pull in the future. In fact, you may thank yourself in 2021, 2022, 2023 for all the long-term thinking you did this week. You will be shown a way to protect and guard what matters to you, or who matters to you. Take it.

Gemini, the other story at the moment is about messages and communication. I don't need to tell you that since September last year, you have been making one compromise after another. Either particular people, or the world as a whole, have been making it very clear that power cannot belong solely to one face, and that control has to be shared. After June, this long stretch of hard work will be over.

This week, it matters that you do your best to get things right. I am sure this is all an intensely emotional matter for you or somebody else, but if you can raise your sights high enough, and far enough, to see that you both, or all, must co-create something which works for all the stakeholders, you'll be achieving gold medal karma. In fact, this situation is entirely karmic in nature, reminding you of what went down a few years ago, and will give you a chance for total closure in November.


Cancer, the long-term future of your business interests, living situation and possessions are being created at the moment. This week is not just about the next seven days. It is really like laying the foundations for a completely different era in your money situation, which begins in 2021, 2022 and begins to transform your life from 2023. Of all the 12 signs, you are most likely to engage with cryptocurrency and the new global economy, which will begin with a bang for you in May 2018. Perhaps you are already there. Maybe it is just a point of vague interest at the moment, but the better informed you are this week on this topic, the better off you will be in future.

Bringing your horoscope back down to the basics of money, rent, salary, possessions, let's talk about compromise. Ever since September last year, you have realised that you're going to have to 'trade' over everything you own, earn or owe. You can't control it. At the same time, you can't let people totally control it either! I would describe this as the new Cancerian budget, or new Cancerian economy, and it takes months to figure out. Do stick to your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. As I mentioned, you are laying the foundations of 2021 and beyond this week. You will also find yourself needing to share control of the reigns. You actually have no choice. And you also need closure on what went down karmically (debts or credits with other people, or the universe) some years ago. This goes way beyond the numbers, Cancer, and it stretches into the core values that your lifestyle and security for the future rests on.



Leo, ever since September last year, your image, appearance, or profile has been at the core of questions about control. Do you control 'you' or does someone else? Maybe you feel that the universe is dominating how you are perceived, as well as how you appear. What if I was to tell you that this goes on until June? What if I was also to tell you, that after 2018, the whole question of your look, or your reputation, or your title will never again be drawing such huge amounts of time and energy? At least not until 2026! Perhaps this makes your year easier knowing that you can at least set a deadline and give it your best shot. Try for now, all through November 6th, to try to leave 'Me' in the best possible place. This week is part of that process. Give and take is essential, because you can't be the boss of you strangely enough, but neither can anyone else. This other person, or people, must agree to matters of image or profile, in a way that suits everyone.

The really big part of your prediction I have left until last. It concerns the person on the other end of the scales. Probably your former, current or potential partner. Or potentially, someone who is against you. Did you know that you are setting up the future? Your life in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond will owe a lot to the choices you make about this person now. Take your time and take good advice. Much as you'd like to play it by ear, you could actually use some wisdom and insight. This also applies to feuds. I can see the handy asteroids Minerva and Hygiea in your chart. Please do use this week to get excellent advice, discover answers and make some plans to protect who or what you care about most in the years ahead. This person at the other end of the scales is at the absolute heart of it all, but the issue goes much wider, into how to live a balanced life.


If you are typical of your sign, then your working day, diet, sleep, fitness, health, and your general routine, describes you, more than it does most other human beings. Born with the Sun in Virgo in the Sixth House of service, duty and the body, you tend to stand or fall by all those things. What happens when a whopping nine horoscope factors all pass through this zone of your chart? Essentially, you find that seven days can influence seven years. Let me explain that. From Christmas 2020 you begin a new cycle, of at least seven years, when the shape you are in, the work that you do, the daily life that you lead, becomes all that there is. It's going to transform you, and ultimately, the choices you make you are going to transform your own corner of the world.

This week is about understanding the way your physical condition and physical state absolutely describes what others think you are capable of, and what you know you can actually do. Thus, the discoveries you make this week, the discussions you have, the work you do on yourself all has a greater purpose. Peering into the long-term future is a very smart idea, Virgo. You will also need to look at the naked truth about yourself at the same time. Who are you underneath it all? If you really want to make progress with these questions about duty, service and your physical condition, you'll look at your unconscious mind, your chakra system, your aura and the very core of you, normally hidden from view.


The time has come to talk about young people as a whole. It is also time to look at sexual relationships which may (or may not) end in pregnancy. And sometimes these also lead to stepchildren, or adoption, or the mutual acceptance of nieces, nephews and godchildren. This week you are shaping the long-term future. There is a huge new story regarding the younger generation, the world of young adults and/or sexual relationships from 2020 and from 2023 it transforms you and your life. What about looking at 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond, though? Your astrological chart suggests that this is wise. It is also timely. The choices you make this week will put you on a very particular path, so make sure this path is your chosen one to take you to life beyond 2021.

What else matters now? Well, Libra, quite clearly it's the usual question of groups and communities. Ever since Ceres changed signs last September, you have been asked to strike deals with the universe, or other people. It goes on! You cannot have total, sole control of the group any more than you can pull the strings on a friendship all by yourself. This week, think of how can you plan a strategy until June, when this cycle ends, which will help to give you, and they, a decent amount of shared control.


The big changes to come with your family and living situation from Christmas 2020 begin now. It starts in a small way. Yet, no matter how much you might think this is solely about February 2018, or even 2018, it is not. 2021, 2022, 2023 will be unforgettable for changing everything you currently think you know about your home and family. It's not a bad idea to think that far ahead and to sound out opinions from experts. There are answers this week. There is also a way to protect the future, and it's definitely the future you should be thinking about. This rather intense period in your life is matched by the ongoing questions about control in your career, volunteer work and study.

Ever since last September, you have been dealing with one, or several, stories about power when it comes to the people, groups and organisations in your life. Or, you may have been dealing with the universe itself trying to put you in a position where you feel disempowered or out of control. Fear not, Scorpio, this is textbook astrology for the cycle you are in now. It ends in June. Until then, realise that once you reshape your ambition or position, it will no longer be such a big deal. In fact, from November 2018 it really be an issue as it has been for years. All the more reason to get things right. You'll need the mother of all compromises when it comes to other people, big organisations or just the universe, and you'll need to leave all this in good shape by November.



Dealing with communication in general is a full-time task at the moment. In fact, the seeds are being sown for the future here, with a whole new era for you with your methods of communication from Christmas 2020. Let's start at the very beginning, though, and address the issue of a particular plan, project, or idea you have. You have a couple of very wise strategies open to you this week, and if you want to secure the future of the outcome, or just protect it against factors which may affect it, you're in a good place to do so.

I do realise that ever since September, the whole business of travelling, moving, learning, mentoring, and taking on projects has challenged you. It might help to know the challenges stop in June, and until then, it's basically a slow compromise either with other people, organisations or the universe itself. Is it worth it? Yes. You absolutely have to leave these plans in the best possible shape by November, so if you have to spend now through June negotiating how to do so, then you should do so. Emotions may have run high, or still be running high, but there is a win-win outcome up ahead if you can put feelings aside and be practical your plans.


It's unusual to see not just one, but a grand total of 11 horoscope factors passing through your money zones. This is where you repay a debt, sell your place or possession, invest in a new income stream, and the rest. You've obviously been grappling with questions about control since last September, either because of one specific issue where power had a price tag (or lack of power), or maybe because of rolling issues. In any case, Capricorn, you are now firmly on the road to a new era with your finances. In fact, it begins at Christmas 2020, and will unfold for many years. You are actually setting that up now. This is like the first few bricks in a new structure which will add layers beyond 2023. You want to make sure you are getting the foundations right, which is why February is so important.

This week is also important once you reach Christmas 2020, when you'll realise how much you were putting in place right now. Eyeing your chart, I would say you have the most to gain from looking back a few years and figuring out why a certain pattern is repeating, and what you can learn from it. There are also one or two people in your life who have tremendous wisdom and insight. You can protect the future now, so get to it!


Aquarius, let's talk about your former, current or potential partner. And let's also talk about your rival or enemy. I realise you may be wondering when the compromises will end. You must feel as if you are constantly doing deals either with this person, or maybe a third party, or perhaps the universe as a whole. Actually, you don't have to wait that long. After June, the strong emotions will no longer be there, no matter if it's you who has been feeling all the feels, or the other person, and that will come as a relief. Until then, you do have to keep your gaze steady and remember how gifted you are at keeping feelings at arm's length when you have to. You function very well in and around groups for this reason — you know how to keep it uncomplicated, so apply this to whatever your current situation may be.

Beyond June itself, which is the last month you will have to strike so many psychological or emotional bargains, you can look forward to November as the final sign-off of a long period in which the past has continually come back to haunt you. This may literally be a particular year or two, which has come rocketing back to remind you of particular memories. In other cases, it may be that you are seeing familiar patterns and themes from years before. In any case, just having that memory or experience helps you now.

What else is going on this week? Well, a tremendous amount when it comes to your image, title, reputation and role. There is no way you can't think about it, Aquarius! And you may have no idea about this yet, but from Christmas 2020, into 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyondm your reputation and look has been so important. So powerful. So potent. To say this period in your life is a relaunch does not do it justice. What you get down to this week helps send you there. So make even the small choices carefully.


The really obvious thing to other people in your life this week is both your workload and your physical state. I am sure you will be pleased to know you are about halfway through a cycle of compromises and forced adjustments. You've been dealing with people politics at work, at home, or your place of study. Or perhaps it's been bigger than just one person, and involves a big organisation or department. Along with that, your own body has forced you to think about give and take. Pisces, I said these were the obvious things about the week and so they are.

Yet far more important this week is the naked truth about yourself, the person you are when you are at your most exposed. Beyond that, there are even deeper questions about your soul. Perhaps you have a super close person you can trust with these matters, although it's more likely that you don't. Yet, you do have some long-term choices to make, Pisces, because from Christmas 2020, it's this mysterious, unfathomable part of yourself which is front-and-centre. Maybe you already have an inkling of that. Maybe that is yet to come, but it is important that you know there are one or two useful solutions for you this week regarding this fundamentally mysterious part of yourself and your life.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.