Your horoscope for 5-11 March 2018 is officially here

This week is all about taking your big ideas and making them real!

By Jessica Adams
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Healing needs to take place this week. You have the North Node in Leo, in the Sixth House of your horoscope. In plain English, I'm referring to the doctor, dentist, healer, therapist or naturopath. Of course, sometimes the Node can put you in that position. It may be you who is the healer, in which case there is something very special indeed about the person you attend to and the karma that produces.

Normally, though, the patterns we are seeing with the Node are about you asking for help and receiving it. You need sorting out. And there is transformation to be had, if you want transformation. When the time is right, you can also extend healing, help or favours to others.


Sometimes it can be hard to get moving with an idea, project or concept, because of performance anxiety. At the same time, you are impatient by nature. One way through this is to do more research. You can't hang onto this forever or you'll waste the potential, but you also need to find exactly the right home for your brainwave or plan.

We have stunning trends in 2019 which could help your very small plans turn into something quite remarkable, and from that, anything at all could happen. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by the potential, but go online to find out more about suitable environments, the right people/market and the rest. Then you won't waste any time.


Minerva in your zone of success, achievement and ambition is a good sign for the week ahead. She was always the winner in any contest and you are now, just like her, on the winning side. In a world full of ideas, projects, plans and brainwaves, it can be hard to be number one, but there is also a lot to be said for being the right person, at the right time, in the right place. This is also about the group.

We're well into Pisces weather at the moment, and for you, this is about the circle of people around you, or your greater network. Along with the sense of pride and accomplishment, remember it's all about people power, Taurus.


In a week when you have major patterns in Aquarius, which rules beliefs, philosophies, laws, codes and ethics for you, it's time to decide—are you going to lay down the law, or have it laid down for you? There may be some preaching happening, either by you, or to you. It really depends on if everyone is on the same page.

Beyond actual religious labels, there may just be some very old ideas about right or wrong here and only you can figure out, one, how much you truly believe what you pass down, and two, how deeply meaningful and relevant particular proclamations are to your own everyday life. The spiritual or religious side of life is about to have a very 'everyday' impact.



The Pisces weather sweeps through your Ninth House of both physical travel, and travel within the mind. You need to centre yourself, Cancer. You're not grounded. You can't really book your tickets and bags unless you have both feet on the ground. Of course, you may not want to physically move at all. Just make sure you remember you have two, not just one, special plans or qualifications in the works.

You are so entranced by what/who is out there for you in another part of the world that you may not be seeing everything you have to offer. One thing is for sure, though—you need to make a shift one way or the other. Your current location offers you nothing to help this brainwave, so find out where will.


A great idea needs to be planted, but it also needs the right environment. Doing some research on the right organisation, or location, is well worth your time. Like all the fire signs, you have fantastic lust for life. You also know how to use your image to push a concept or plan. You could save yourself a lot of time and trouble by having a plan though.

Hit the internet to pinpoint the best possible home for this high-potential brainwave. You also need to allow enough time in your planning over the next few weeks or months, to properly nurture and feed this. Then, with a little luck, it could grow into something quite remarkable.


So many of the signs are looking at big ideas this week, and also the need to put them in the right place at the right time. Perhaps you are involved with Aries, Leo, Cancer in your work or studies. No matter which signs are connected to this concept or brainwave, you need to make it real. Otherwise it's just a daydream or a notion that goes nowhere. Put it in the wrong place and it's going to fall over. Put it in the right place, and nurture this, and it will grow.

We have some historic cycles coming up in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio in 2018, which are all about the world of communication, connection, ideas, images and words. This could be massive if you get it right. But first, own your ideas and concepts. Believe in them and know you deserve it.


What are you going to do with this very strange relationship you've found yourself in? It's solid gold, but It's also unconventional, and to put it politely, part of the potential issue you may have is you. Don't be fooled into thinking the issue lies with the two of you. It's got just as much to do with your own situation and headspace now because you're really not in the right place to do much with what is on offer.

You're currently going through a Neptune transit of your Sixth House, which can strand you in your own little world. Earth to Libra! You're going to have to find the right place for this peculiar but quite beautiful relationship. So shift your own position to do that. Get back to reality.



The world of the younger generation is calling you. And this could be fantastic. For some Scorpio individuals, the road to a potential pregnancy, or adoption, is close. In other cases, your involvement with the next generation may be through a romance with someone who has a child, or through a job which involves much younger people. You only get Pisces weather like this once a year and it's now inviting you to enter into a different world. And now it's your world. Take the invitation and don't look back.


Slow down, and cool your jets, this week Sagittarius. The planet Mars is operating at full force in your horoscope and you probably need to reduce the speed and heat. Undoubtedly you'll want to attack or defend this week. Or just get stuck into something/someone else. Mars in Sagittarius, your own sign, is semi-sextile (AKA cooperative in close proximity) with Jupiter, your own ruler, on Tuesday. Now, that's pretty personal.

You may have to swing into full emergency SOS action mode in this climate. Nobody is denying that, if it happens. Yet, there are still other ways to proceed. Sagittarius, this applies no matter what you are racing towards. Even if you stop for a minute and come up with a strategy, you could be doing yourself a huge favour. There are so many different ways to accomplish your mission, so forget the idea of 'first thought, best thought.' I suspect you also need to look at a family issue which is in the background. So, can you factor that in too?


Recover, repair and then relaunch yourself. You need to take the time to re-emerge when the time is right, like a butterfly from a chrysalis. I can see the most amazing potential up ahead with the world of the younger generation. The older-younger relationship is showing up as a wish, hope or possibility. I am sure you are familiar with quantum mechanics. Everything is potential until you 'pop' it into becoming real. Well, something like that is going on for you this week.

The most fascinating, colourful, divine story could be yours, at some point in the future. One or more younger faces would be involved, perhaps through paid or unpaid work with the young, or even dating someone with children, or perhaps even birth. You only get one Uranus in Taurus cycle in your life and it's up ahead! First, though, you need to sleep, meditate, or do whatever it takes to restore yourself.


You can be all things to all people and that's magical. You can also perform miracles and that's also pretty astonishing. But you need to think about whether you're more interested in money, projects or relationships. This is the kind of week when you can bring everything together in your life and get a lot of different goals moving at the same time. We have some fascinating patterns in your chart which I honestly don't see very often. We could talk about 'success' but this goes beyond that.

In a way, this week is about creating and invention, but at a level that normally isn't possible. You may be doing this from your desk or your kitchen table, but it's very special. See how far you can take this. See what wonders you can pull off, by this time next week.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.