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Oh boy, this week's gonna be INTENSE.

By Jessica Adams
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Your personal and professional appearance counts for so much. You have been shown this repeatedly for the last eight or nine years. Now, as part of an ongoing cycle in January, you reach a point where the rest of 2018 is pretty much being decided. It may seem odd to the other 11 zodiac signs that so much can hinge on how you present; how you front up to the world. Actually, it's been a huge part of how powerful you do (or do not) feel since 2008, when this cycle began. When you control how you look and appear, you are in control. When factors beyond your control get in the way of that, you can feel utterly disempowered. Astrology is a useful tool for understanding but it can also help you to correct things. Now is the time. In fact, it has seldom been so important to get your social media right. Increasingly in 2018, 2019, 2020 you are going to see just why the superficial aspects of 'Me' matter as much as what goes on, inside you. This is particularly important ahead of next Wednesday, when a whole new ballgame begins for you. You, you, you are actually the whole game at that point, so the more care and thought you can devote to 'Me' matters now, the better off you'll be.


Everybody and everything that counts now is below the surface. It's pretty much unfathomable to most people. This place in your horoscope, the Twelfth House, is ruled by Neptune so we associate it with your hidden depths and unseen world. We associate it with aspects of yourself and your personality which are unseen by other people. So this may be a week for secrets. It may also be a week for any role where you are operating behind the scenes, without any recognition. To say that things are complicated right now is an understatement. Given that this is not a particularly public or 'out there' part of your life it is certainly going to take up huge amounts of time and energy. Yet, Aquarius, it is all worth it. In fact, what you set up now will have an impact for the rest of the year, 2019 and 2020 as well. You would be able to trace so much of what goes down in 2020, back to January 2018. The clue is in the word 'behind' because this week involves any person or situation which is behind the screen and behind the scenes. There is a tonne of other stuff demanding your attention at this part of January. Go behind closed doors and look behind the obvious, public aspects of yourself and your life for the real deal, though. You're approaching a brand-new beginning with this next week and you need to have it oh-so right.


One very useful exercise this week, may be to look at particular friendships, networks or groups in your world since 2008 and find out if you are interpreting genuinely powerful people and organisations correctly. In other words, if you have felt your own control or power in a situation dented by others, it may be that they are actually potent in the first place. Honouring and respecting the groups you're part of, even if you don't want to, could be a helpful little game to play, in a week when Pluto is in charge of your chart. Quite clearly you are having a re-run of something familiar from years past. This time, though, it has more serious implications, because Saturn is around. So, just ahead of next week's new beginning with your friend, or with the circle of people as a whole, you may want to look back at 2008-2017 and see what you learned, as well as what you may have missed. What you are creating with others in January has an impact for the rest of the year, 2019 and 2020 as well. That may be hard to fathom at the moment, but your horoscope says, whatever is planted now, will grow (and grow) for quite some time. Bear that in mind when you deal with the complicated situation this week.


It really is that time of year when reshuffles, promotions, hirings, firings, mergers, closures, launches and the rest have such a sweeping impact on your career. This also applies to unpaid work or your education. Directly, or at a distance, the change in the balance of power happening around you, will have an effect. You should be an old hand at this by now, as for the last eight or nine years, you have seen people losing power and gaining it in a breathtaking way, within your chosen field. We associate Pluto, the planet in charge of your ambitions, with control, so there are significant questions to answer about who holds the reins, who has the controls in the cockpit and so on. Figuring this out will take you some time, because new fears and new realities which emerged at Christmas are ultimately in the background and will not go away. In fact, very close to Saturday 13th January when we see a grand total of four horoscope factors all lining up in your chart, it looks as though the writing is on the wall. It is very important that you clearly articulate what you want and need from the situation, and that you accurately interpret what is being put into words, then.



You are likely to be preoccupied with foreign or regional differences at the moment, and they may specifically involve some kind of publication; academic or education issues; religion; travel. Even if all you are dealing with is another cultural viewpoint, it's pretty hard to get away from these rather intense astrological patterns in your chart, which are all about finding the controls. Whenever Pluto is about, you must always look at your own control (or lack of it) in a situation and how to pull the steering wheel back to your side of the road. There is also the rather interesting question of your own power and how best to handle what is, effectively, the upper hand. To call your situation 'atomic' is accurate as it is so potent. You may find it building and rising this week, to the point where you wonder when things will turn. It will be next week, actually, when your concern with a person, place or group so far away from your own background must come first. Do all the research you can until then and ask yourself why the situation feels so intense.


Gemini, your ruling planet Mercury meets serious Saturn on Saturday and the end of this week, or early next week, puts the numbers in front of your nose, and the questions front and centre. You must devote as much time and energy as possible to your finances. There is something rather new and heavy about the situation, ever since Saturn changed signs just before Christmas. There are also familiar questions about power and how to handle it. The financial, property or company side of your existence is where you have been doing all your learning about the fair use of control, these last eight or nine years. You may have been power-tripped by others. Perhaps you have been put in a position where you realise just how much you could pull others' strings in a situation involving your career and money. All this is typical of the Pluto cycle you have been placed in since 2008 and 'older and wiser' just about sums it up. Still, you have a great deal of thinking and planning to do, ahead of one of the most important New Moons of the year, next Wednesday. This is worth every single moment you can give it, in terms of reading widely, consulting or discussing in detail.


The situation with your former, current or potential partner is now up for inspection and judgement calls by other people, which is useful. There is nothing like having a mirror held up to the two of you. It reveals the very particular chemistry you two share and how to best deal with the new ingredients that fate has just added to the mix! Cancer, if you are more concerned with your arch enemy or rival, then it is this difference, or feud, which will be most visible to others. Again, it is rather handy to have a mirror held up to what is going on. Venus, an ancient symbol of complicated relationships, is very much at large, so what you experience with this crucial man (or woman) is likely to be complex too. You also have something very real and utterly familiar to deal with at the moment. It's called power and after eight or nine years of one particular cycle, you must be very used to weighing up questions about control, in the light of particular relationships or ongoing battles. Your opposite sign of Capricorn emphasises your opposite numbers in life as well as your opponents. Exs and enemies are all ruled by this sign in your chart and it's really no surprise to find yourself staring at an important new beginning, sometime next week. Based on everything you have been through since 2008 you want to do things differently. This is true, but you're also going to need good advice. It's worth looking for it.


You've had about eight or nine years to think about the balance of power between yourselfyou're your lifestyle. There is no other way of describing it; it's all about power and control, if you get down to brass tacks. You have to ask who or what controls you. This month is more serious than usual, because new realities must be taken on board. In fact, everything points to a significant new chapter next week, on the New Moon. There is scope for a great deal of talking and reading over the next couple of weeks and you may as well go for it. You only have one body and this is it. Factor in your mind and spirit as well, though, because this brings in rather loaded questions about work, and daily tasks. Everything is connected and there is no point in isolating any particular body part or issue as if it existed independently of your soul, or your mind. This in turn brings in questions about the service or duty you have to perform, every day of your life, and how you feel about it on a core level. It's really worth angling for some deeper answers at the moment.



We now have long-term patterns which stretch into 2019, 2020 affecting the state of play with lovers in your world. As a result, you may want to pay particular attention to what is being said, or put in writing, at the moment. Next week will bring a new beginning. The New Moon is an ancient symbol of man and woman in union, which may well be the clanging bell you have been expecting. In other cases, the bell tolls rather heavily for other reasons. Whenever we see Pluto and Venus together like this, we see people politics. This is about to unfold in either your family or love life. Just remember; this goes far beyond January. Your chart suggest that one thing will very much lead to another by 2020 so try to start this right.


Your ruling planet Venus joins Mercury, Bacchus, the Sun and Pluto in the same area of your horoscope now. It's complex and intense, and it involves your home. You are proceeding to a New Moon next week, around Wednesday 17th January, when there will be a new beginning. This is the time of year when people move in or out, of course. Sometimes they move out of your life for other reasons – profoundly, so. It is also the time of year when particular relatives or domestic inmates may decide to make life-changing decisions that also affect you. The ongoing issue is about power, if you strip it down. Who or what is in charge of your home, your home life, your sense of place or your people? This all makes for a fairly demanding new year – but the gift you end up with is a strong and certain feeling of empowerment, if you put the effort in. That means self-control and self-belief and you've found it before, with some similar issues, so you may as well take a deep breath and reach for it again.


The time has come to talk of many things. Your ruler Pluto (who is all about control) is making his presence felt in your house of communication. This takes in everything from your chats with mates to the way you portray yourself on social media. The thing is, people do use the web, and communication in general, as a way of testing their power. Do you know a man who ignores your e-mails but then pings you with one of his own, weeks later – one which undermines you in some way, or emphasises that he's in charge? Congratulations, you have Pluto on the line. If anything is clear now, it's that you need an internet strategy for 2018 – at the very least! Actually, next Wednesday's New Moon may emphasise other kinds of communication as well, but a fresh start is a smart idea. There are some tough new realities out there to consider and you're going to need to plot and plan.


This is one of those weeks when the money and work are really about the human factors. The hearts and minds which are involved of whomever you are dealing with. You can't really get away from people politics when Venus is around, because her chief interest is not so much the cash, it's the relationship/s. This month you'll find that extra effort and energy pays off. Not only do you have one of the most important new beginnings of the year, next week – you are also at the very foundations of what is going to become a significant piece of your financial situation, until 2020. No matter if your finances interest you or not, you really do have to angle for the best advice you can afford. What is at stake here goes beyond the possessions and 'things'. It stretches into far bigger questions about how secure you feel, and how secure you actually are. Why? Things changed last month. As much as you need to figure out the intricate and complicated human factors this week, you really do need good financial advice.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.