Your horoscope for 2-8 April 2018 is FINALLY here

Strap yourself in, this week's gonna be INTENSE.

By Jessica Adams
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Take full advantage of the solutions and opportunities which surround money this week. You only get a chance like this once every 12 years, Aries. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and particularly Saturday build the situation nicely. A well-paid promotion, new job or new project will happen for some. Your new girlfriend may offer you her apartment to share, for example (rent-free). Or, you may find a lucrative contract comes your way. On a big business level, your company or shares will benefit from amazing answers or substantial breakthroughs.

Two more things, Aries. Issues about your image, name, profile, appearance or brand will continue to go backwards and forwards until May, so read the fine print and have back-up plans. The more money or time you are spending on yourself, the more important it is to understand that the Mercury Retrograde cycle does not end on Sunday 15th April (despite what some astrologers will tell you) and it may not be until the actual month of May that the whole situation can be called final. I also need to draw your attention to a matter you are hiding, or a matter which is hidden - even from your conscious mind. Whatever you might have assumed was finished, or virtually finished, will be resurrected near Tuesday, so pay attention and make some overdue decisions if you can.


There appears to be a situation which you are either in denial about (you are not facing it and may not even be fully conscious of it) - or you are deliberately concealing from other people. Nothing is fixed, firm, finished or final until May, so if you can avoid adding to the muddle, you may want to stand well back. Mercury Retrograde is at large, and as this planet is about e-mails, text messages, paperwork, phone calls, social media and the rest - you really need to keep an open mind, and a very flexible approach, until the episode has been rewritten once or even twice more - by next month. Taurus, what else is going on this week? Well, there is a potentially life-changing solution or breakthrough involving your partner. We really don't see this kind of opportunity very often, and it will work on whatever level you are ready for.

This cycle is about deep progress, no matter if you are feeling close, or moving apart from each other. If you are single, you can either fix the issue which is preventing you from being in a partnership - or be handed an amazing chance to develop a new relationship with a potential lover. Needless to say, this cycle is also very good for detoxing from love gone wrong - or even reconciling, if that is what your personal chart indicates. Sometimes the partner is not sexual/romantic but purely professional. Again, Taurus, you stand to gain close to Saturday 14th April when the Jupiter-Pluto sextile is exact.


The group that involves you so much at the moment - numbering one or more friends - is taking up a lot of space online, and quite a lot of mental energy on your part. That's fine as far as it goes, but your ruler Mercury is still retrograde, and it will not be until May that you have a final grasp of what is possible. Part of this may be down to computers or other issues (phones can play up too). Some of it may be down to the classic 'Mercury Retrograde speak with forked tongue' issues that can occur, so you need to be aware that the truth is very flexible with this group, or these friends - and that may be you who is not being straight up, too!

Finally, this cycle can bring misunderstanding. The best advice might be, keep an open mind and a very flexible diary with this group. Gemini, there is a fantastic work related opportunity coming up near the weekend. It would have a wonderful impact on your lifestyle and daily routine. A high percentage of people born under your sign will accept new jobs, projects or promotions which bring extra money or other benefits, like discounted gym membership. The time has come to upgrade your 9 to 5 life, and to fix any issues at all which are getting in the way of your mind, body and spirit being in harmony.


The big turning point you have been waiting for with your former, current or potential partner is here, near the weekend, as Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn makes a rare pattern with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, solutions and open doors. The partnership may be sexual (like a marriage) or purely professional (a working double-act). The truth about this cycle is, the more you can use your willpower and self-control to master yourself, as much as the situation, the more potent you actually become. In fact, what happens this week will be genuinely empowering. This applies no matter if you are very close, or miles apart. Sometimes, this cycle is experienced by single people as a twist in the dating tale. It can also be about the psychological shift regarding an ex, that needs to happen, to clear the way for new lovers.



We have a sexy sextile pattern this Saturday which will make a lasting difference to your lifestyle. If you are into your astrology you may have read that a sextile is a 'minor' aspect. Not so. It's as major as anything else in your horoscope and it spells opportunity, growth, expansion, solutions, win-win outcomes, empowerment, control and other good things. A classic outcome of this week's stars might be a new apartment, in a new part of town, near a swimming pool. Another typical outcome might be renovations, which give you far more space and better control over your lifestyle as a whole.

Leo, if ever there was a time to reach for what you want, in terms of the place you rent or own - this is it. You honestly don't see Jupiter making these kinds of sextiles very often, and you really need to get stuck into long overdue improvements. Those of you who work from home will also see the immediate solutions which come when Pluto in your work zone sextiles Jupiter in your home zone. Two more things, before we go, Leo. There is obviously a major focus on travel, or travel in the mind, at the moment. There's a journey going on here, or an intellectual/spiritual journey. A trip or a head trip. Please note that things will continue to go back and forth until May so have Plan B and C and for heaven's sake read the fine print on the ticket or the website. I also need to quickly mention your finances. Keep it real. Keep it clear - but keep it real.


The Jupiter-Pluto sextile coming your way this week is very much about sexual relationships. Virgo, if there have been serious issues surrounding children or young people and you have felt dominated or taken over, this is the week to take back the reins. Jupiter in Scorpio will also do you tremendous favours with the media, the worldwide web, publishing, education and communication in general. Expect a fantastic solution or development by this time next week.


I guess you want to know where it's going to end up with your former, current or potential partner. Maybe your enemy, rival or opponent. You are certainly on the trail of something brand new here, and yet it will take a few weeks to sort out. In the meantime, until Mercury is actually out of shadow (in May) you could gain by playing ping-pong and expecting the ball of endless conversation, texts or e-mails to get stuck or fall off the table every now and then. This will drive you mad if you have just fallen in love with someone new, I am sure, but we can't mess with Mercury Retrograde. You'll have to wait to see what happens and there may be communication glitches on the way. If you want to drive your enemies crazy, though, use astrology (your stealth weapon) and stretch out the paper trail, the discussions or the battles until May, fully anticipating muddle and mess along the way. Bet they didn't see that one coming (you can have the final discussion or signatures later).

Libra, your chemistry with this one particular person could fill a book, never mind a horoscope column, and you'll be rewriting that book for years. Thus, let us leave the loaded subject of one-on-one relationships or feuds, and look at something immediate. Your chart looks huge, towards the weekend. You could save or make a lot of money by this time this week so get your skates on. There is an obvious angle with a house, apartment or property investment. Perhaps, alternatively, with the family or a flat mate. What turns up could put you nicely in control.


Pluto in Capricorn in your words and ideas zone (sometimes images too) gives you the controls back over the way it all works online. Maybe communication at the core level is a concern - in which case, welcome to The Great Leap Forward. Other Scorpio people like you are primarily concerned with podcasting, television, publishing or even the core business of social media. When things move around like this, it can be very empowering. There may be a specific project or plan you are working on, or maybe you're just thinking about communication with the world in general, but the unusual hook-up between Pluto and Jupiter this weekend will resonate all week.

Pluto is very much about the politics of the worldwide web, or the press, or perhaps the politics involved with those who have such a big say over your particular concepts, courses or schedules. So, this goes beyond the actual technology or concept, to the people around the situation. Take that new chair, in this game of musical chairs. Scorpio, it is also time to do whatever you can in terms of your reputation. Everything is in place. You have one or two people to assist. In fact, you're in an enviable position to fix a problem or reach dazzling new heights.



Your ruling planet Jupiter is associated with solutions, breakthroughs, natural good luck, the kindness of fortune and fate - and sweeping answers which benefit everybody in one fell swoop. When we see Jupiter making a rare pattern with Pluto, as he does this week, you need to turn your attention to everything that is below the surface. This may be something you are doing in secret, or behind the scenes. Classified information or confidential activities may be where the good fortune is spreading. Of course, this is all rather mysterious! The best way I can explain this week's developments is this - think of yourself above the watermark, paddling away on the surface.

Down below, where nobody else can fathom what is going on, there is a huge, glittering, sparkling wonder world. That's where you really should be dwelling. And it may be the Occult (which translates as hidden knowledge) or it may be meditation (which can change your life). It may be MI6 or just something you can't even tell your best friend - yet - this is where a massive solution or opportunity is being handed to you on a plate. I also don't need to tell you that when you are handed the controls over a financial, property, business or charity matter - you really need to take them fast.


You have been living with Pluto in Capricorn for about eight years now, so you must be used to the periodic relaunches you go through. Sometimes it's really about your title or role and the way that has reflected on your image. Reputation has been a big change area - you've been judged - up, down and sideways - especially online. Of course, it's all nonsense, and the real you is still the real you, underneath - but you have learned a lot about the way things look, and the way they real are. You have no doubt discovered that looking good online is empowering but it also gives you control. Your name, or the letters after your name, or attachments to your surname, have much the same impact. Once again you have seen all this for yourself since 2008. Now, you are at a real turning point when your image or profile is also on the turn - to your advantage.

Use this week to take control. I can also spy Jupiter in your house of groups and friends. You have so much to gain from a community of people, numbering one or more friends. It may be your social circle and social life. It may be a charity. Perhaps it's some other circle of people, but if you ever needed an epic solution or a glittering opportunity, it's here. The only other point I'd like to quickly make this week is about your house, family, apartment, holiday home, tenant, landlord or similar. Get it in writing and read the fine print as Mercury Retrograde means the chance of rescheduling, reversal or delay is high until May.


You know that, no matter how far you have come in your career over the years - there is always a bigger dream waiting. You are now in the unique position of being able to reach for it, Aquarius, no matter if you are thinking about your own success in life, or a particular kind of status that you want. You will not see a door open like this again for some time. You have been watching the shift around you for several months now, and truly knowing that if you are ever going to do this thing - it has to be 2018. Status is not only about your title, role or professional path. It is also very much about your social status too. Again, there is a door opening here.

Jupiter in Scorpio is going back and forth, so this may not be an immediate outcome (and you can say that again) but you may end up kicking yourself if you don't at least take this chance. This applies to unpaid work or university life as well. If you identify primarily about being a wife/husband/parent, then this week is very much about that! I daresay there is a note of confidentiality or even downright classified information being played, as background music. Something in yourself or your life is a very long way down indeed. It's also powerful. Whatever you are doing alone, unseen, or keeping to yourself is the real story, along with the story that other people can actually see!


It is to that rather interesting circle of people - quite a powerful little community of faces and names - that you must now turn, Pisces. Individual friends within the circle are powerful in their own right, of course, because they have the influence, the clout or the popularity. Beyond that, if you all unite in a common cause, leaning towards a shared goal, anything is possible.

That is one big message to take away from this week, and perhaps next week as well. Having been power-tripped some years ago by friends, or by the group as a whole, you are now in the rather nice position of being able to turn to genuine friends and share some strong intentions and big potential together. You can apply this to your group - whatever it happens to be. Jupiter is also on the move this week, making wonderful patterns in an area of your chart we associate with travel and education. Pisces, you are being thrown a major solution or opportunity here!

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.