Your horoscope for 12-18 March 2018 is officially here

This is the week for action people!

By Jessica Adams


The situation with the group, network or team is moving this week. Things are starting to happen as Mars, the action planet, changes signs. There is a really interesting question in your horoscope now about people either being separate from each other, or merging. It's very Pisces to feel at home with 'we are all one' and 'we're all in this together' and you tend to relish this kind of escape from the real world. You are, after all, ruled by Neptune, the planet of no boundaries. This means everyone is united, often in the same psychic space or by the same unspoken kind of understanding.

What happens this week could be pretty amazing, spiritually uplifting and very true to who you are. You are actually far more spiritual than most people really understand, no matter if you pin it to a religion or not. Please reach for what is possible and make it real. It is coming directly out of this group and yet, it could remain pure potential – something in your imagination, or an intuitive guess – unless you actualise it.


It's time to look at the family tree. When we talk about legacies on this current cycle (in Scorpio) it can be about a home, money, assets or precious possessions. However, it can also be about the legacy you gain in other ways, for example, the strong influence of a relative, perhaps, on your personality and destiny.

This week is an amazing turning point in your life in relation to people who have passed to spirit. This may take you back one, two or three generations. I am a medium as well as an astrologer and I believe that we go on, through different stages of development, after we pass. As Jupiter and Psyche make strong patterns in your chart, this is happening now. Reach out if you wish.


You need a strategy for your money, possessions or assets this week. Something has to be done. You either need to invest, purchase or pay back – but how much and when? Taurus is a fixed sign. You're hard to shift sometimes. I am sure you know that about yourself. There is a big question mark about travel, an apartment or house in the background. There is a fine line between security (hanging on, holding on or hoarding) and having a life, though! And of course, smart investors never ignore the ups and downs of the property market or wider business interests.

Mars is the planet of action and he is now in your zone of finance. He's also in a deadlock. That does not mean you have to be. Outside advice could be useful, or a quick bit of research about what's going on out there in the soon-to-be-crazy world economy.


This week is about a promising idea that could go further, if you look after it. You have actually been here before, Gemini. It's rather like a Merry-Go-Round, and your horse has just stopped. Don't let this idea, brainwave, project or plan stop with you. It has huge potential in the long-term future. How long-term? Try Christmas 2020, 2021 and beyond. From little things, big things grow.

One of the issues now is that you are not seeing straight. Your vision is not clear. Rather than going round in circles, maybe you could try stopping, sorting out your blind spots or tunnel vision and rethinking your strategy. It would be a shame to let this go nowhere. You have the North Node quincunx Neptune for the first time in years.



Cancer, there is no doubting the group behind you. These people have your back. My only concern is that you are not seeing these people as individuals. In fact, one of them may depart at any time. Uranus, the planet of radical change, revolution and upheaval will enter your Eleventh House of groups, in May. That's not far away. How stable is this table? Well, forget the current warm feel-good factors from Cupido. This round table is far more shaky than it first appears. That's why you need to figure out each and every person here, on his or her own merits.

You also need to be aware of the hive mind as a whole. What is the hive thinking? Your. Mind. Will. Be. Blown. By. May. Know who's got your back now in depth and detail.


This could be exciting, liberating even. Leo, you need to take this idea, project, plan or brainwave and do something with it! If you actually act on it and look after it properly, it will grow. For years. This could literally take off in 2018 and still be producing the most fascinating and amazing results beyond 2020. I am not sure why you are hesitating. Maybe you have writer's block. Maybe you're not confident for other reasons – this may not be about writing at all, but rather more about your education, resources or qualifications.

One thing you may want to figure out is the match between your image and this concept. You've rarely been as strongly Leo as you are now, with the North Node and Ceres in your sign. You're the Queen. You're the King. Figure out that in the context of this.


Healing is a two-way street. The doctor, therapist or healer role returns this week. And the person in need of a cure is also obviously transformed as a resuly. If you are typical of your Virgo Sun, then you understand both sides. This week could change everything. The issue may be conventional medicine, or something alternative – like Reiki.

We have patterns in your Sixth House, which shows the aspect of pure duty or service involved. Just doing someone a service can be enough. Again, you understand this. If you are cured now you will be forever grateful. And if you're playing nurse, doctor or psychologist then you will have someone who never forgets.


You only get one Mars in Sagittarius cycle in your zone of ideas, brainwaves, qualifications, plans, concepts and projects every two years. Even more importantly, you only get one very lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle every 12 years. It starts at the end of 2018. If you stop daydreaming, or treating this as just 'possible' and make it real, you will gain.

In fact, this could be huge. You would see why halfway through next year when you realise how one sturdy idea can produce so much more in your life. The question is where does this belong? You need to figure that out first. Do some research, because this can't keep floating in your mind forever. You have to find the right environment, because if you get that right, you'll get everything else right too, and you can nurture this and feed it.



It's time to become the Renaissance Woman. You can make some remarkable things happen this week if you multi-task. Turn your hand to everything. Relationships. Ideas. Money. Be prepared to chop and change, and axe anything or anybody which isn't going to help the whole picture.

You have major astrological action in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and university life. You also have the Node – showing past life experience, karma and earned instincts – in your success zone. So you've done some or all of this before, if you're open to that idea. No wonder it feels so natural.

You are also a channel for something greater than yourself at the moment. A lightning rod. All things are possible. This is a really powerful week if you're prepared to accept you're a magician.


Capricorn is the sign which rules your money, precious possessions, interests or assets. It's an earth sign – grounded and practical! You now need to take a deep breath and get real about what you own, or what you have earned. There is much to be done. In fact, you need to spend wisely and invest carefully so that you can sort out a situation which has grown up around you. It's a bit of a mess to be honest.

Rather than spend the whole week fondly imagining what you could shop for, or gain from interest rates, or invest in, try to bring everything back to the present. We're in Pisces season at the moment and it can make us rather vague or dreamy. There is obviously a question about a house or apartment in the background but you're really not going to get any closer to an answer unless you have a plan. Maybe some outside advice would help?


You are a practical earth sign – grounded and down-to-earth as well. Nothing is too high for you to climb. Capricorn, you have two or three ambitions at the moment, to say the least. You also have a superb idea, qualification, concept, plan or brainwave. Why are you admiring it and doing nothing about it? Perhaps it's stage fright or writer's block. Maybe it's denial! There is a lot of distraction going on here, and some daydreaming.

It's fine up to a point, because you need to get motivated and visualising an outcome can help you. I am slightly concerned that you are wasting precious time, though. This could be really big. It could grow and produce all kinds of spin-offs. Yet, you need to take it somewhere else where that can actually happen. Different place, different prospects.

The New Moon is on Saturday in your zone of communication, education, paperwork and plans. Ignore all those hippy astrologers telling you to wish on it naked, while lighting pink candles and thinking positive thoughts into a crystal. You are not a unicorn you are a mountain goat. Make it happen, baby, but you need to shift it somewhere else – your current work or home location isn't right.


The money-go-round is substantial this week but because so many people are involved – most likely the family or household – so you need to organise things. We're in Pisces weather now, which can be muddled and sometimes messy. It can also manifest in people not actually doing anything realistic or not super practical about the cash. This may be assets too, or just precious possessions. Sometimes it's just money saved. You probably need to read hearts and minds a lot more than you're doing, so you can see where each of the stakeholders is coming from. That will help. But most of all, given the apartment or house situation in the background, there has to be clarification and something concrete.

It could be really great! I'm thinking the New Moon in Pisces across Friday-Sunday will nail it for you. That's a new beginning so make it lucrative and make it fair shares – on whatever level people need it, because sometimes the issue is not the security, wealth or lifestyle, it's the values that go beyond money.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.