Your horoscope for 2-8 April 2018 is officially here

This week is all about leaving that horrible Pisces weather behind!

By Jessica Adams
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You need a strategy, Aries. I am sure you will feel like charging in to 'fight the good fight' this week. You are the sign we associate with rushing and pushing - being where the action is - being first to lead the charge. This is fine, except Mercury Retrograde also happens to be in Aries.

I understand that this is very much a matter of image for you. It might be about your reputation, personal appearance, or title. Thus, it is very close to who you are, which might explain why you are acting on 'first thought, best thought.' Try not to do that. It's really not the best use of your considerable energy. Or your time! Slow down just long enough to take a few deep breaths and see if there isn't another, more ingenious way, to do just that. Whatever/whomever you are declaring war on, will also have an aftermath.

Aries, you are very good at living in the moment and acting for the moment, but you absolutely must see what the repercussions will be this week. I know there are issues here, perhaps about losing face, or being the person you know yourself to be and that others expect you to be.


It can feel lovely to know that people have your back. All these people around you are solid gold. Yet, there is also a blind spot here. We are still experiencing a fair bit of Pisces weather, and this sign is associated with people who do not see what they urgently need to see. You can't really just make assumptions about these people. They should really be treated as individuals in their own right, not as part of a wall of faces.

This brings me to Facebook, which might be the issue for you now for obvious reasons. One of the strange consequences of social media has been the way we are encouraged to amass larger and larger groups of 'friends' (I use the italics advisedly) as some kind of counting exercise or numbers game. These are people first, and digits a very far second, and if anyone forgets that this week, there could be trouble.

There is already one person here in your circle who could so easily be on the way out. And when that happens, it will affect everybody in turn. Rather than dwell happily in your own little world, do try to shake yourself out of it and wake up to the fact that each and every one of these people is a precious individual in his or her own right, and even though it's going to take time, you need to stop assuming or cruising, and start looking and listening.


Blind spots are common when we go through the last of the Pisces weather. You have a blind spot about people who are very precious. You are not seeing their true value. Nor are you appreciating a rather special new connection, friendship or relationship which is being offered to you. In fact, you seem so unimpressed with its potential, you are prepared to let it vanish in a puff of smoke.

Gemini, this would be a shame. Whenever there seems to be a lack of grounding in your life - to the point where you are not really tethered to planet earth, or the real world - the cycle of Neptune is usually at fault, somewhere. That is very much the case now. It doesn't take much to fix. It really begins with the knowledge that it's not them, it's you! In other words, if you sort yourself out, then you will be in the right frame of mind to actually appreciate who and what is on offer, and make it part of your world.

The more time and space you can find to work on your own thoughts and feelings this week, the better. Your emotions are locked inside your body at the moment, and yoga is one way of releasing and healing. There is the most fantastic potential all around you, but until you feel sufficiently energetic, appreciative, open and enthusiastic, nothing is going to happen.


A trip away, or something more ambitious, is on the cards right now. Perhaps you need to emigrate? Cancer, your own personal birth chart will tell the story. You are up for a change in location now, no matter if you are thinking about a holiday or a property move. We are seeing the last of the Pisces weather in your chart, which is all about places and people which are foreign to you. Where you choose is actually less important than the process of departure and release. By that, I mean you are sailing into such unknown territory, or such uncharted waters, that there are no guarantees anyway.

Cancer, it's the gesture of leaving particular places, people, situations or events behind which matters now. You really need it. You have been through some very tough Capricorn weather considering this sign is opposite to your own. You can either spend a great deal of time trying to do repair work, or you can reach for what looks like an escape.

The Pisces weather you are seeing the end of now is all about escaping from reality. It's actually about a vacation or a holiday from 'that' and quite frankly, you need it. One other point. There is a group, or a circle of friends, close by. It's extremely important. Don't lose sight of these people. It might be rather refreshing to dip into that. It may be comforting to remember it's there for you.



If you want a large amount of money then you have to make it real, Leo. We are at the end of the Pisces weather, which can be rather foggy and misty. Of course, the fog or mist you experience this week has nothing to do with the actual weather, but everything to do with your state of mind.

There is potential for you to make or save a small fortune, Leo, but you need to act on it. If you do nothing, it will not necessarily be there for you next week. What could you do with the money? Considering the zodiac sign of Pisces rules the Eighth House of your horoscope, which we associate with income, business deals, and home expenses, this money could be spend on a holiday, a home, or even your long held ambitions.


You need to move or travel this week, Virgo. Mayve try a trip to another town on the weekend? I expect you are feeling quite disenchanted at the moment, as you have been dealing with a ton of Pisces weather. As Pisces is the sign opposite Virgo, you have been dealing with who/what is against you. Now, there is a chance to find somewhere else far away from all that you have been through.

You may be ready for a property relocation, holiday or even a move overseas. Whatever your situation, we have quite a lot of action in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus this week, which is really encouraging. These two signs are about the mental shift that happens when you make a geographical shift. The trick is to really use the mental shift. Don't expect the new place to do the work for you. If you don't use the journey to heal yourself emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, then remember you'll still have to unpack yourself at the other end.

Yet, Virgo, if you are on the way to somewhere else — and you are prepared to do the work on your attitude, expectations and energy levels — the future looks very bright. Take a deep breath and do this thing.


We are into Aries weather now, so you are dealing with questions about attack and defence. Issuesabout how tough to be, and how hard and fast to push. Aries is the ram in the great zodiac, as I am sure you know. This is a really good week to ask yourself where it gets you, and where it gets other people, as well. The fact is, as much as need to fight the good fight, or defend what matters, there is also a time for strategy as well.

You, and the people around you, are locked into a pattern. It's quite an old pattern. It can be useful to realise that it takes two to tango! In other words, you are reacting to him/her/them, but in the same nano-second, this is exactly what others are doing with you. Libra is the sign which rules the scales, and it always changes your life when you can cross over to the other side of the scales to see how life looks and feels from the other person's point of view.

If ever there was a week to plot, plan and calculate, this is it. Just thinking your way through this, perhaps breaking up old ideas or set ways of solving things, could achieve so much. This is way better than operating on auto-pilot. Assuming the usual position is okay, but there are more creative, thoughtful and rewarding ways to protect what matters, or to be a warrior on the side of all that is good.


You have been propelled into something new, but also something old, with your career or education. You've done this before, Scorpio. For all that, it is exciting, and if you are prepared to look at side-projects, life could become even more exciting still. Look beyond 2019. Eventually, the planet Neptune will cross this area of your chart, many years from now, so what you are creating or producing now, for a late 2018 or 2019 outcome, will be something you can return to over the long-term. That makes it all the more important that you get it right.

This, in turn, means understanding that success is about doing your duty. About performing a service for others, and perfecting the details of your particular craft, skill or talent. You are now at a logical end point for the journey you have been on since 2011. Strands of your previous roles, jobs, or professional paths are being woven into something that makes perfect sense, given where you have come from. The trick this week is to keep weaving the strands in a way that will stand you in good stead after 2019 too.



Without a doubt, the Aries weather we are seeing now is one of the big stories in your life. It really demands focus on your role as leader, mentor or guide to much younger people. You may also have a job which involves the generation born after your own, or even generations following that. Steering, setting an example, and laying the foundations for others to come after you, is Aries weather in your chart. You have to teach by showing others what to do and how to do it.

Sagittarius, this is part of a story which began in 2011 which is now drawing to a close. In fact, by the end of this year, or perhaps 2019, you will see that nothing you learned or experienced in the last seven years was accidental. It was all taking you to this point. What you must now do is understand that a really successful outcome by 2019 could trigger other, new stories in your life that develop many years from now.

Your challenge this week, should you accept it, is to innovate, invent and discover. To make this unique. Original.


For the last seven years, you have separated yourself from the old way of seeing both your home and your home town. What used to make sense to you has been replaced by one experiment after another, Capricorn. You have no doubt been rejected by those who dislike change, or do not want to join in with the experiment.

You are now at a point where you can break new ground one more time. This is not just about 2018 or 2019, though. It is about the long-term future, because if you manage to excel in terms of houses, apartments, relatives, flatmates, community and/or country, then what you accomplish could end up taking you in vast and fascinating new directions for many years to come. I don't think any of this was on your list for 2018, but Uranus in Aries has changed things in the blink of an eye, as he always does, and now you have an intriguing challenge.

On the plus side, you have been down this road before. You are not exactly an absolute beginner in terms of the family, the property, or the issues about your home town. What is interesting about April is the chance to take a different or new angle. In fact, Capricorn, you're going to have to! Rather than feel as if you have L plates on, try to remember how uniquely qualified you are. And I mean that. You have already taken this path in life and made it your very own, even when others did not understand it. So...continue!


Aquarius, you need to be proactive about earning money, or saving it, this week. A large lump sum is on offer, but if you just keep on daydreaming, wishing or twiddling your thumbs, you will miss your moment. It might help to step back and see the situation from an investor's point of view. Or a buyer's!

Money makes the world go around and one person, or a group of people, want to join in a new cycle of growth with you. Just because you have other things to do, or don't care that much about business, it's not an excuse to do nothing. You have to try, at least, and try as often as it takes. On a strange level, you also have to believe you are worth it. Or, that your wares, talents, assets are worth it.

There is an ambition you could fulfil or a short trip you could take, if this all came to pass soon. Beyond that, let's just say you only get Pisces weather like this once a year in the Second House of your chart, during which you can rent out your home, cut deals and strike bargains. Seriously, Aquarius, you are being handed something on a plate.


Out of the blue, an exciting option has come your way which could change your money, home or investment situation. It is not what you would have chosen or planned, but it's also the gateway to so much more. Stay on this path, even if it takes you in weird and wonderful new directions. You will need to be at your innovative, inventive best. Even though you have been down a similar road before in the past, you will still need to make it up as you go along.

This is not short-term either. In fact, if you can excel at the art of wealth creation or wealth preservation, then April through August could give you what you need to sustain you many years into the future. There are side projects and related breakthroughs ahead if you manage to crack this!

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.